You Can Now Apply For Schengen Visa With Longer Validity And Multiple Entries!

Good news for all the Indian nationals! You can now apply for a Schengen visa with a longer validity and multiple entries with the new visa “Cascade” regime. The European Commission has introduced a special regime where the visa will have a validity of two years after having used two visas within the past three years lawfully. This update in the rules happened on 18th April, 2024 with the aim to strengthen relations between the European Union and India.

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The Schengen visa is for those travelers that want access to the 29 European countries like Germany, Austria, Netherlands, and Germany. Previously the visa allowed a short entry with a maximum stay of 90 days in a 180 day period. With the eased restrictions for Indian nationals, the two year visa will be followed by a five year visa extension if the passport has enough validity. In that time period, Indian tourists can enjoy the same travel rights as compared to a visa free national!