1 Day Walking Tour Of Mumbai: Best Places To Cover

1 Day Walking Tour Of Mumbai: Best Places To Cover 

A one-day walking tour is certainly an intimate way to explore any city. When it comes to walking while enjoying the history and view, the city of Mumbai never disappoints. With its vintage aesthetics, stunning architecture, and beautiful lanes, Mumbai has a lot to offer. 

It is one of India's most walkable cities, which gives you more reason to wake up early and go on a walking tour. If you're curious about what all can be covered in 1 day walking tour of Mumbai, take a walk with us!

Places To Visit On A 1 Day Walking Tour Of Mumbai 

Route: Gateway of India - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya - Kala Ghoda - Flora Fountain - Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station - Marine Drive 

Mumbai Walking Tour Distance: 6 km

Tour Duration: Around 4-5 hours 

Gateway Of India 

When it comes to touring the city of Mumbai, Gateway Of India is the ideal place to start. It's an architectural wonder that has plenty of stunning surroundings and interesting history. The landmark was built in the year 1924 to monumentalize the Bombay visit of King George V and Queen Mary. The Gateway of India is essentially a large arch structured in an Indo-Saracenic style. 

It is the perfect monument to start a walking tour because you will get a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea that looks even more surreal in the morning. If you have the time you can take a short ferry ride. Gateway Of India is a must in almost everyone’s Mumbai itinerary because it successfully shows the spirit of Mumbai and has great places around it. Definitely spend some time strolling around the area. The entire place has great aesthetics so you definitely will get great pictures! Once you are done knowing the history and admiring the beauty, try the street food from the vendors. 

Things to do here: There is no entry fee to go inside the Gateway of India so you should definitely check it out from the inside. If you are a shopping enthusiast or want to take back some souvenirs, Colaba Causeway is close by. Go to the market where you will get affordable clothes and vintage pieces. 

How much time to spend here: 25 Minutes

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Once you've admired the British and colonial architecture of the Gateway of India, your next stop will be the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya museum. You will reach this iconic landmark after walking for just one kilometer. Once you’re here, your time will be filled with exploring the various galleries. The museum used to be a military hospital and now is known for its sculptures and miniature paintings depicting various schools of art.

It is a heritage building and if you are an art enthusiast, you are going to have the time of your life. If you want to go inside the museum, you can do that by simply paying INR 100. You can also get the audio guide for an additional amount as it gives you a better tour of the museum. If you’re a museum fan and wish to explore more of Mumbai’s museums, you can also choose to visit the National Gallery of Modern Art which is a stone’s throw away.

Things to do here: There are plenty of art pieces to admire and appreciate. Once you are done diving into the history, have some food at their cute cafeteria. If you are interested in collecting vintage pieces, you can also check out the museum gift shop.

How much time to spend here: 45 minutes but if you want to explore the museum thoroughly, it can easily take you 2-3 hours.

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Kala Ghoda

Kala Ghoda is probably the best place to get some aesthetic pictures clicked of the city. The whole area is an architectural beauty and from that point onwards, you will witness many popular places such as the David Sassoon Library, Bombay University, and Max Mueller Bhawan to name a few. All of these buildings have significant historical importance and interesting stories. 

Speaking of Kala Ghoda, the place got its name after an equestrian statue of King Edward VII that used to be placed in the center of Esplandale Road. The statue has been long removed but the name still remains. From its architecture to its lanes, Kala Ghoda still has strong colonial influences oozing through its architecture and wide lanes.

Other than the cultural splash you’ll get, Kala Ghoda is especially known for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. The festival takes place every year in the month of February. So, if you are there around that time the entire area is transported into an artist's paradise. During the festival, you will witness craftspersons, performers, and artists from all over the country displaying their art.

Things to do here: Kala Ghoda has plenty of places and fun things to do. You can definitely check out the Jehangir Art Gallery, explore through the many booksellers, and visit designer boutiques and art galleries.

How much time to spend here: 40 Minutes

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Flora Fountain

Now that you have walked through British and regional history, the next place will take you to the Roman influences. Flora Fountain is another landmark in the serene south part of Mumbai. The fountain was built in the year 1864 and is named after the Roman goddess of flowers called Flora. 

It is located at the Hutatma Chowk and is an architectural heritage monument. It was one of the most expensive buildings of that time which was made after spending around INR 47,000. At the crown of the fountain, there is a face of the goddess Flora while the four corners have different statues in each.

There is also a basin below with figures of lion heads and fishes. The fountain brightens up the entire area during the evenings and offers you a spectacular view. The fountain is open 24 hours a day and there is no entry fee so you can visit or walk through it anytime when it’s convenient. 

Things to do here: Other than admiring the intricate architecture and beauty of the fountain, you definitely should check out the huge book market. From old classics to contemporary fictional bestsellers, you can find plenty of gems here. You can also check out Thomas Catherdral which is a 300-year-old church and the Horniman Circle.

How much time to spend here: 30 Minutes

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station

The Bombay local train is undisputedly the heart and soul of Mumbai so you’ve got to see it yourself once you’re here. No, we aren't asking you to take a train back home yet. In case you don't know, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus is unlike any other railway station. It is a historic railway that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

It's honestly like a wonderland where you can still see the Victorian architecture influences. It used to be called Victoria Terminus and was designed by Frederick William Stevens. It is a focal point of South Bombay and almost everything is located in close proximity to CST. You should definitely take some time to admire this point from the CSMT viewing stage.

Things to do here: There are plenty of areas you can check out that are around CST. If you aren't satisfied with your shopping, you can take a stroll through Crawford Market and Fashion street where you can find some of the cheapest items in Mumbai.

How much time to spend here: 20- 30 Minutes

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Marine Drive

Endings are as important as the beginnings and Marine Drive will be the perfect spot to end your beautiful walking tour. The famously loved Marine Drive is a 3-kilometer-long Promenade spread along the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road. There is nothing better than walking across the cinematic beauty of Marine Drive while the wind touches your face. 

Also known as the Queen's Necklace, Marine Drive resembles a string of pearls in a necklace when looked at from a high view at night. There are plenty of rocks on which you can sit and just admire the view. 

Things to do here: Just sit, catch your breath from all the walking and enjoy the majestic Mumbai skyline. Post that you can walk to Chowpatty beach to try some delicious street food. In the end, just enjoy the beach, let the waves chase your feet, and experience what it’s like to fall in love with a city!

How much time to spend here: 30 Minutes (But honestly you can spend hours admiring the view!)

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Here Are A Few Tips For Your Walking Tour Of Mumbai

  • Mumbai is a huge city and a perfect one when it comes to exploring but do not forget to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Avoid planning walking tours during the monsoon, Mumbai rains are beautiful but not the friendliest.
  • You can get in touch with a guide and go with a group, walking tours can definitely be more fun with a group.
  • Keep some cash in hand because local vendors in markets prefer that over online payments.
  • It’s best to take the local train in Mumbai so once you are done with your walking tour, take the local train to get a complete Bombay experience.

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Summing Up

We are pretty certain that we have motivated you enough to take a one-day walking tour of Mumbai. Whenever you visit Mumbai next time or don't know what to do on a weekend, go on a walking tour and we're sure you'll see the City of Dreams in a different light.


Where Can I Walk In Mumbai?

Mumbai is a great city when it comes to walking. Areas like Juhu Beach, Worli Seaface, Bandra Bandstand, and Marine Drive are some of the popular places where you can head out for a stroll. 

Is 1 Day Enough In Mumbai?

Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in India with all of its wonders spread across the entire city. If you think you can cover everything in a day, you are largely mistaken. Though you can definitely cover some popular tourist places in any specific part of the city. 

What Food Is Famous In Mumbai?

Mumbai takes its street food very seriously. Vada pav, samosa pav, maska pav, pav bhaji, pani puri, batata vada, bheja fry, bhelpuri, and bombay sandwich are some of the most famous foods in Mumbai. 

How Long Is A Walking Tour?

A walking tour can be as short as 2 to 3 hours. If you have the stamina and strength, you definitely can go on a 1 day walking tour that can be around 6 to 7 hours.

What Food Is Famous In Mumbai?

Some famous dishes in Mumbai are Batata Vada, Varan Bhaat, Bheja Fry, and the iconic Vada Pav.

What Is The Most Common Language In Mumbai?

Marathi is widely spoken in Mumbai in additon to English, Hindi, and Gujarati.

What Is Mumbai In Simple Words?

Mumbai is one of India's most bustling cities that's filled with historic monuments, vibrant tradtions, and a plethora of job opportunities.

Which Place Is The Heart Of Mumbai?

Nariman Point is considred the heart of Mumbai.