Virgin Beaches In Maharashtra

You may be mesmerized by the virgin beaches in Goa, but have you had a look at the beaches in Maharashtra? Oh, you’re in for a ride if you haven't known that Maharashtra has over 700 kilometers of the Konkan coastline. All these beaches spread all over Maharashtra have something for everyone. With tropical weather, seafood, beautiful sunrise and sunsets, and unending shorelines, Maharashtra has plenty of beaches that you can explore.

While there are so many beaches, not all of them are well-known or popular among tourists. There are some exquisite gems that are yet to be discovered by the tourist crowd. This allows you to explore them and spend some quality time amongst coconut trees, mangroves, soft sounds of the beach waves and sunsets.  And if you’re a water baby, you’re sure to love these virgin beaches in Maharashtra even more. 

Keep reading to know all about the best 6 virgin beaches in Maharashtra that you may be interested to visit.

6 Virgin Beaches In Maharashtra

  1. Bordi Beach, Dahanu
  2. Tarkarli Beach, Malvan
  3. Velas Beach, Ratnagiri
  4. Ganpatipule Beach, Konkan
  5. Shrivardhan, Raigad
  6. Kashid, Alibaug

1. Bordi Beach, Dahanu

Bordi beach is one of the least explored beaches in all of Maharashtra. The beach is dominated by the backdrop of the Sahyadri ranges and is one of the most picturesque beaches in Maharashtra. The predominant Warli tribe and Parsis who inhabit the surrounding areas, usually have some stalls and food corners along the coastline where you can relish some snacks. 

The beach is surrounded by chikoo plantation along with a wide variety of other tall trees that surround all of the coastlines. Because the beach is surrounded by so many trees, it’s listed as a ‘green zone’ and is ecologically fragile. You need to be careful about the trees and plants that grow in the vicinity and not cause any damages when visiting.   

The beach is quiet and usually only visited by the locals in the area. Along the coastline, you’ll find many small trails that you can explore around the beach and have a look at the sunset with a clear view. The clean beach is one of the rare finds that will be worth visiting if you’re looking forward to a beach vacation.

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2. Tarkarli Beach, Malvan

If you move towards the southernmost parts of Maharashtra, you’ll come across Malvan Taluka where a serene white sand beach named Tarkarli is located. It’s a small village aloof from the city buzz amidst a rural setting. You’ll observe that there are small stalls and eateries around the beach that serve some authentic food. You can devour some delicious fish curry and seafood at these stalls and get to know more about the food culture as well. 

Tarkarli is one of the most beautiful crystal clear white sand beaches you’ll come across in Maharashtra. Along with the coconut trees that it is surrounded with, it’s home to some exquisite coral reefs as well. Tarkarli beach is clean, well maintained, and taken care of by the locals. You can also visit the famous Sindhudurg and Padmadurg Forts when you visit the beach. 

Maharashtra’s only scuba diving training center is also located here. Needless to say, the beach is home to many water sports and activities like snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, and banana riding that you can partake in when visiting. If you want to have a relaxed weekend away from the city amongst nature and beach waves, you must visit Tarkarli Beach. 

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Virgin Beaches In Maharashtra

3. Velas Beach, Ratnagiri

The Velas beach in the Ratnagiri district is well known to be home to Olive Ridley Turtles that migrate to the beach each year. The local villages have taken over the conservation project of the Olive Ridley Turtles. They take care of the turtles and their eggs each year until they hatch. You will not be allowed to visit the beach up close during this season as the turtles and their eggs are being preserved during this time. However, there are some reserved places around the beach where you can witness the baby turtles making their way to the water. It’s one of the most marvelous natural processes you’ll witness. 

Tourism is well taken care of by the locals in the area. From food to accommodation, everything is provided by the locals in the area. If you want to spend some extended time at the beach, there are homestay options available that you can try out. It’s one of the most convenient and affordable accommodation options that you’ll come across in the neighborhood. 

This beach is also isolated from the rest of the population and hence, makes for a quiet place to spend a relaxing weekend. It’s a great place to visit for nature enthusiasts as the natural beauty around the area is splendid. The long peaceful vibes you feel with the sunset is the best part of visiting the beach. You’ll truly have a relaxing time here.

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4. Ganpatipule Beach, Konkan

Located alongside the Konkan coastline is a small isolated beach called Ganpatipule that’s well known for its serene and calming vibe. It’s the perfect holiday destination for you and your family if you love spending some relaxed time at the beach. The endless view of the clear blue water and the clean seaside is worth it. You’ll probably want to spend an extended weekend at the beach as it’s one of the cleanest beaches you’ll come across in Maharashtra. 

Alongside the peaceful coastline, Ganpatipule, as the name suggests, is also well known for its 400-year-old Ganesh Temple which is a pilgrim and tourist attraction. Thousands of pilgrims visit the temple to seek blessings from Lord Ganesha. When visiting the beach make sure you visit the temple and soak in the faithful and blissful aura of the temple. 

You’ll have the time of your life if you want to explore this hidden gem of Maharashtra. For all foodies out there, you’ll get to try out some delicious authentic Konkan food here. The sole kadhi and fish fry are a must-try. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you also have some water sports to engage in and trek to the Jaigad Fort when visiting Ganpatipule. You can choose to live in the several resorts that have opened up in recent times near the coastal areas. For quick getaways with friends and/or family, Ganpatipule will totally be worth a visit. 

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Virgin Beaches In Maharashtra

5. Shrivardhan, Raigad

Shrivardhan holds an important place in the history of Maharashtra as it’s the birthplace of Balaji Vishwanath; the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire. The place is also known as the ‘Town of Peshwas’. Other than its rich historical significance, the town is also known for its serene beaches that run along the coastline. The beaches in this area are described as clean, calming, and pristine. 

One of the major reasons why this place has gotten a lot of attention is the gorgeous extended coastline. The tall trees around the seaside provide shade and a beautiful view of the sunrise and sunset. The pleasant weather adds to the charm of the beach and gives it a more relaxing vibe. The beaches here are well maintained with benches, public washrooms, and clean surroundings. You’ll also come across some temples close to the beaches that locals and pilgrims visit very often. 

One thing you’ll observe in Shrivardhan is that most locals have their wadis whereby they grow their own produce and sell them in local markets. The town has plantation farms of betel nuts that have made the surroundings greener and helped the locals sustain farming businesses. Another thing you wouldn’t want to miss out on when visiting Shrivardhan is trying out the local seafood delicacies.

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6. Kashid, Alibaug

Just a few kilometers away from Mumbai is a very beautiful beach that lies off the Alibaug coastline. Known as Kashid, it’s an upcoming beach that has slowly gained a lot of popularity among nature lovers. The white sand, granite cliffs, deep blue water make the beach an eye-pleasing sight to watch. 

The sublime rays of the sunset coupled up with the lush green mountains in the background make this beach a perfect destination for couples. A good retreat time away from the mainland might just be something you need to get away and relax. You can camp here with your friends if you like, and enjoy the barbecue by the sunset. It’s a great place for adventure seekers as you can also find some hiking trails in the area. 

If you’re planning a romantic getaway, Kashid might just be the place you’re looking for. If you do plan on visiting the beach ensure that you get your reservations in advance to avoid any last moment confusion. You may also want to consider taking a trip here during the winters as the weather is pleasant and adds to the whole experience of staying at the beachside. 

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Virgin Beaches In Maharashtra

Summing Up

These are the 6 best virgin beaches in Maharashtra that you must definitely visit for spending a relaxing and quality time with friends and family. All these beaches are the perfect places to help you get away from the busy city life. If calming vibes, clean and clear water, and beautiful sunsets are what you’re looking for, all these 6 virgin beaches in Maharashtra are the perfect destination for your next weekend getaway. So pack your bags and get ready for a lovely beach trip and to soak in some vitamin sea! 


Which Is The Safest Beach In Maharashtra?

If you want to travel solo to one of the many beaches located in Maharashtra, you need to ensure that the beach is safe for you. Some beaches that we recommend are Ganpatipule beach in Konkan, Tarkarli Beach in Malvan, and Velas Beach in Ratnagiri. 

Which Is The Cleanest Beach In Maharashtra?

For a relaxing getaway at a beachy location within Maharashtra, you want the beach to be calm and surrounded by a clean and pleasant environment. Some of the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra according to us are Shrivardhan, Bondi Beach in Dahanu, and Tarkarli Beach in Malvan.

Which Is The Best Beach In Maharashtra?

Maharashtra has many beaches that you may want to visit for a weekend getaway. Some of the best beaches that we recommend you explore are Shrivardhan, Bondi Beach in Dahanu, Velas Beach, Ganpatipule, Kashid, and Tarkarli.

Which Beach Is Clean In Konkan?

Konkan is known for its gorgeous coastlines and some of the cleanest beaches. One such beach that is the cleanest is Ganpatipule. You’ll observe that the beachside is clean and has bins and benches all over. 

Which District In Maharashtra Has The Longest Coastline?

Ratnagiri is considered to be the longest coastal district in Maharashtra. Located along the western coast of India, it has a north-south stretch of over 180 kilometers. Not just in the state, but it’s one of the largest coastal districts in all of India.

What Food Is Famous In Maharashtra?

Maharashtra has an eclectic mix of dishes spread across its cities. Some of the most prominent dishes you'll find here are modak, misal pav, pav bhaji, vada pav, and puran poli.

What Is The Region Of Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is located in the Western region of India.

What Language Is Spoken In Maharashtra?

People in Maharashtra mainly speak Marathi. In addition, Hindi and English are prominent languages spoken in this state as well.