8 Amazing Vineyards In India For The Wine Connoisseurs

8 Amazing Vineyards In India

What do you think of when you hear the word vineyard? Do you imagine the sunny vineyards of Italy or the lush estates of France? Let us redirect you to a more desi dream, the vineyards of India! You’ll find many wineries concentrated in Maharashtra and Karnataka, and some scattered around Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu.

What’s interesting about the wines produced in India are their flavors which are a unique blend of the ripest grapes grown on Indian soil and ingenious wine-making techniques. Go on a tour along the wine map of India and you’ll be intrigued to try something beyond wine and cheese. Like a true wine connoisseur, pair your wine with mutton curry, tandoori lamb, or grilled chicken while you bask in the views of sprawling vineyards. Oh, but to do that you need to know which are the best vineyards in India. Here we are to the rescue!

8 Amazing Vineyards In India

  1. Grover Zampa Vineyards
  2. Sula Vineyards
  3. Soma Vineyards
  4. Four Seasons Vineyards
  5. Fratelli Wines
  6. Nandi Valley Winery
  7. Chateau Indage Vindeyard
  8. Chandon Winery

Grover Zampa Vineyards

You must be wondering why we didn’t start with Sula Vineyards, you’ll soon know why. Let us travel back in time and look at one of the first contemporary wines produced in India. It was from the Grover Zampa Vineyards in the Nandi Hills region of Karnataka. Nandi Hills isn’t the only place where Grover Zampa wines have left their mark, there’s a center in Nashik too.

But it’s the 400-acre estate at the foothills of Nandi Hills that takes the trophy. This is the very vineyard where the first French grape varieties were grown. This vineyard today blesses you with some premium wines like Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Exploring this vineyard is a treat in itself. Drive through the Devanahalli Road in Karnataka while bathing in the views of green hills to reach this vineyard. Then check out the vineyard at your own leisure because there are three wine tasting tours scheduled every day (don’t forget to peep into the winery’s barrel room!).

If you’re looking for something opposite of leisure, there are many trekking trails starting from this vineyard. Hike along any trail with a little cane basket filled with wine and fruits, then have your hilltop picnic between the scenic Nandi Hills. Dreamy right? Thank Mr. Kanwal Grover who left his job back in 1988 to submit to the passion of winemaking and Mr. Georges Vesselle, a world-renowned expert in champagne wines who helped Mr. Grover build this wine empire!

A beautiful vineyard in India

Sula Vineyards

Does this vineyard even need an introduction? Brilliant winemaking paired with some clever marketing has earned Sula Vineyards global recognition. Everyone who’s visited the wine capital of India, Nashik, has been to Sula Vineyards. Its wines are found in the wineshops of every Indian metropolitan and in the list of every hotel’s wine menu. That’s how popular the Sula brand is!

Ever since its foundation in the late 1990s, Sula has grown rapidly and today exports its wines to 30 countries! The presence of Sula Vineyard and other wineries in Nashik has earned Nashik the nickname ‘India’s Napa Valley.’ All of this started when Mr. Rajeev Samant quit his corporate job and founded Sula Vineyards. He named the vineyard after his mother ‘Sulabha’; now you know where the name comes from!

There are so many wine varieties at Sula that you’ll be drunk on choices. Pick the Sula Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon which is aged in French oak barrels for over a year; the Source Cabernet Sauvignon which is enhanced with notes of black fruits or the Sula Sparkling Shiraz which is India’s first and only sparkling shiraz wine, whatever suits your palate.

You also need something to go with the wine right? Head over to the Little Italy restaurant in Sula for some authentic Italian dishes or to the Rasa restaurant to satisfy your desi Indian food cravings. If you’re in Nashik on a longer vacation, check-in at Beyond By or Source By Sula and sip on the views of sprawling vineyards from your room’s balcony.

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Soma Vineyards

Soma Vineyards is one of the best vineyards in India, located near Bangalore. The 80 km ride from Bangalore to Soma Vineyards is scenic because of the rose farms, hills, and small villages you’ll see en route. Step into the vineyard and you’ll be welcomed with breathtaking views and a perfectly chilled glass of wine. The wine tasting tour takes you through the 120-acre vineyard and the barrel room. The guides will exhibit the right way of drinking wine after which you can indulge in a delicious lunch!

This vineyard in Karnataka is the brainchild of an engineer turned wine enthusiast D.N. Raju. As you swirl on your wine, look over a distance to see the Gundamagere Lake, a freshwater pond, and Makali Hills gracing the estate. It’s not just grapes that grow on the soil of this vineyard, there are coconut, palm, custard apple, and neem trees spread across the vineyard. The best part about visiting this vineyard is their limited edition wines found only at this estate! Ask the host about wine pairings and an interesting discussion will follow, you’ll love the snacks served along with the wines and they will be on your mind long after your vineyard trip!

One thing to remember before visiting this vineyard is to book your wine tour in advance since they don’t encourage walk-ins. The less footfall and hustle-bustle of tourists ensure you get to experience the quiet vineyard at your own pace. It’s one of the best vineyards if you want to spend a laid back weekend. Add this off-beat vineyard to your wine tour in India!

Four Seasons Vineyards

Step into a medieval dream by visiting this French-style vineyard estate that’s located 80 km away from Pune. This 50-acre lavish wine estate in India brings to your glasses red, white, and rose wines of the best quality! Visit between January and April to see the wine-making process right from grape to glass. If there are fewer tourists, the host will even let you participate in the cleaning, crushing, and extraction process!

The Four Seasons Winery was established in 2006 which makes it a young brand of Indian wine. Great quality doesn’t stay hidden for long; the red and rose wines from Four Seasons Vineyard have won quite some national and international awards.

The main charm of this vineyard is the palatial property that offers 14 luxurious rooms. There’s also a spa, a part deck, and a restaurant (sounds like a perfect wedding destination, right?) The pool on the estate grounds invites you to for a swim as you occasionally sip on some limited edition wine. The beauty of the vineyard multiplied by the splendid architecture of the chateau attracts many for a pre-wedding shoot.

For those who want to boost their adrenaline, there are bikes available on hire on which you can tour the vast vineyard. When you aren’t exploring the vineyard on a guided tour, check out the wine merchandise store and the wine boutique on the property. Along with the guides, the servers at the vineyard’s restaurant too are knowledgeable about wine and food pairings. The vineyard encourages you to ask your server for suggestions, so go ahead!

Grape Vineyard In India

Fratelli Wines

Fratelli Vineyard which is near Solapur in Maharashtra is right out of a picture book, and as Fratelli Wines itself claims, ‘you’ll visit for the wine and stay for the view’! Fratelli Wines produces one of the best red wines in India, its best-seller being the unmissable Fratelli Sette Reserve Red. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try Fratelli’s late-harvest dessert wine, something for the developed taste.

If you’re wondering where the vineyard gets its name, it’s Italian for ‘brother’. Well, there’s a backstory here, the winery was founded by three sets of brothers from Italy, Delhi, and Solapur. It’s amazing how well the brand has emerged in the Indian wine market ever since its foundation in 2007. The Solapur facility of Fratelli Wines is a 240-acre estate that’s quite impossible to tour in a day. We suggest you stay a night and spoil yourself over a sparkling wine served as a welcome drink and lip-smacking inclusive meals.

Oh, and did we mention they have a premium collection of cheese too? Wine connoisseurs will be elated to know that you can shop for cheese varieties from the Fratelli Wines website. As for the novices out there, there’s an entire detailed fact sheet about wines on the website to check out before you visit the vineyard!

Nandi Valley Winery

The Nandi Valley Winery or the Kinvah Vineyards is known for its traditional wines; this winery is closer to Bangalore city than Soma Vineyard and Grover Zampa Vineyard. Its proximity to the city, engaging activities, and scenic views make this vineyard among the popular tourist places in Karnataka. All the wines here have an edge to them thanks to the  Italian oenologist Luca Patricelli!

Come for an afternoon that thoroughly educates you about wines, right from the history of wine to sipping it right! The three-hour wine tours offered are quite informative and will turn you into a wine lover if you aren’t one already. Get your feet all messy by indulging in a grape-stomping activity or simply dine on delicacies as you take in the views of this sprawling 250-acre vineyard. The number of activities here also keeps kids busy (if you’re planning to visit with tiny tots).

The best time to visit the Nandi Valley Vineyard is over the weekends because the entire place comes alive with a DJ party. Some drool-worthy food, good music, and of course some crisp wine is enough to make your weekend a success. Just remember to book well in advance since the vineyard gets pretty full during the tourist season.

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Chateau Indage Vineyard

The Chateau Indage Vineyard is the 2nd largest vineyard in India with a whopping 2,000-acre land under grape cultivation. Insane right? Now imagine the huge variety of wines that emerge out of the 25 types of grapes grown in this vineyard. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a number, it’s 32, yes 32 varieties of wine to suit every appetite! Apart from the location in the Sahyadri Valley, there are two more facilities in India- one in Nashik and one in Himachal Pradesh.

If exotic wines interest you, you should try the famous French wines of Chateau Indage. If you’re skeptical about getting an entire bottle, go for a wine tour where you get to taste the premium wines by Chateau Indage. The wine tours are only for two hours on weekends, so book your slot in advance and reach on time! After this, indulge in a wine tasting and fine dining experience at the winery’s Ivy Café and Bar.

Go ahead and ask questions to your tour guide about how this winery came into being. You’ll receive some interesting answers about how its founder, Shyamrao Chowgule, founded Chateau Indage in 1982 after two years of research in France. Extend your visit to this vineyard by staying in one of the many cottages that overlook the vineyard. Spend late mornings exploring the sugarcane and sweet corn fields or lazy afternoons sipping on wines at this expansive vineyard in India.

A beautiful Grape Vineyard

Chandon Winery

This winery in Nashik is the sixth Chandon Winery in the world. We know you already have high hopes for the world-renowned Chandon wines and this vineyard in Nashik stays true to its name. You’ll find many popular sparkling wines in this winery, don’t forget to try the three famous variants - Brut, Rosé, and Délice.

This facility of Chandon in India was established in 2016, making it a relatively young player in the game. The challenge of producing sparkling wines in a subtropical climate like India’s was not a cakewalk. You’ll be interested in knowing how Chandon uses locally grown grapes and processes them into crisp fruity sparkling wines. The best thing about this vineyard is that it uses water from groundwater storage and recycles it all. The energy at this facility is generated from the solar installation, three cheers for sustainable wine-making Chandon!

The tasting space and patio overlook the 21-acre vineyard and its manicured grounds. The experience of indulging in sparkling wine against the backdrop of gorgeous scenery is unparalleled. Don’t forget to reserve your winery tour in advance!

Summing Up

Since the last few years, wine tourism has peaked in India. It’s hard to point at what caused this, mass media, movies, or new age influencers. But whatever it is, the new wave of ‘fine wine’ consumption in India has clearly opened us to a new lifestyle of luxury and finesse. Embark on a wine tour and visit these vineyards in India to see what’s the hype all about!


Which Are The Best Vineyards In India?

Grover Zampa, Sula, Soma, Fratelli are some of the best vineyards in India. There are also many small privately-owned vineyards in Maharashtra and Karnataka which you can check out for locally produced wines in India.

Which Wines To Try In India?

Chandon Brut Rosé NV, Zampa Soirée Brut, Charosa Selections Sauvignon Blanc, J’NOON White by Fratelli Vineyards, Chêne Grande Reserve by Grover Zampa, and Reveilo Nero d’Avola are some of the best wines to try in India.

What Is The Legal Age To Drink Wine In India?

The legal age for drinking wine is ideally 21 in India. But check the alcohol laws of your state for more precise legal age information.

When Is The Sula Fest?

Sula Fest usually takes place in February of every year. It’s the grandest musical festival of India and many tourists pour into Nashik to witness the Sula Fest every year.

Where Can I Buy Indian Wines?

You can buy Indian wines from Indian wine shops, or shop directly from a vineyard if you’re looking for premium or limited edition wines in India.

Can I Stay In A Vineyard In India?

Of course, you can! Vineyards in India have some of the best resorts to stay in. Check out Beyond By Sula, Soma Vineyard Resort, Four Seasons Winery, and Alpine Wineries, which are some of the best vineyard resorts in India.

How Many Vineyards Are There In India?

There are about 60 vineyards and wineries in India at the moment with the Chateau Indage Vineyard as the major wine producing company.

Which Part Of India Has The Best Vineyards?

The Nashik region is India's main wine producing region. Following Nashik, the state of Karnataka is the second largest wine producer. These regions produce some of the best wines of India.