Valentine’s Day: How To Spend Your Valentine’s During Covid

Spending Valentine’s In India During Covid

The coronavirus has changed practically every aspect of our lives, enforcing a temporary yet terrifying “new normal”. Despite masks, social distancing and sanitizers, several activities are nearly impossible to do or enjoy. This is where planning those Valentine’s Day dates becomes problematic; catching a movie at the theatre isn’t even fun anymore, and neither is navigating the crowd to find some privacy at your local park. Thankfully, we’ve come to your rescue with our blog on Valentine’s Day: What to do during COVID.

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Young heart or young at heart, everyone can share some precious time with their significant other this Valentine’s.

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Engage In Adventure Activities

Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t get that adrenaline rush! Engaging in adventure activities with your loved one not only helps strengthen your bond, but also creates great memories the two of you can look back on someday. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover another activity you can do together that gets your heart racing! Ideally opt for activities that enable you to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other people, like bungee jumping, rock climbing, kayaking and scuba diving.

adventure activities during covid, Valentine's Day 2021: How To Spend Your Valentines During Covid

There are several locations in India that currently organize adventure activities, the most basic of which is cycling. Head to your nearest national park, rent a cycle for you and your beloved and pedal off into the trees. Just make sure to not exert yourself too much so you can still breathe easily through the mask, or even better, wear a face shield. If you’re around Goa, check out the kayaking at beaches like Palolem Beach or Agonda Beach. There will be an instructor or two on the beach, but once you and your partner are out on the sea, it’ll just be you two and the water for company! Isolation couldn’t get any finer than this. 

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Close by lies Malvan, and since it is close to both Maharashtra and Goa, you can make a weekend trip of it. Malvan is an offbeat location on the coast of Maharashtra, and you can engage in more water sports here. Opt for some over-water fun by riding banana boats and jet skies, or opt for the ultimate underwater experience: scuba diving! Unlike the assumption, you don’t need to swim or have prior experience to go scuba diving. And if you want a truly isolated experience, opt to scuba dive from a private beach. 

While these activities are safe to undertake despite the pandemic, make sure the organizers and instructors follow basic precautions. Opt out of it if things seem fishy or if the people around are too callous. The definite worst way to spend Valentine’s with your Valentine is by catching the virus.

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Visit A Farmstay

It’s been over a year of coping with a devastating pandemic. Despite the slackening of some rules, everyday life can still be difficult to cope with. Tap out of the bogging mundanity for a weekend filled with an authentic, interactive experience. Farmstays are working farms that offer guests the chance to reconnect with nature and themselves by living on the farm. Plus, since most farmstays are located in isolated places anyway, your risk of contracting COVID is automatically lowered.

5 Farmstays To Visit During Covid, Valentine's Day 2021: How To Spend Your Valentines During Covid

The range of activity on the farmstay differs, as do the amenities. Some are idyllic and rustic in every way, while others pamper you with luxury; you can choose what you want according to your budget. You can pick your own vegetables for your meals in some farmstays, while you can go fishing and horse riding on others. Several farmstays are also eco friendly, so you and your beloved can give back to nature this Valentine’s Day. 

Make sure the farmstay you pick is one that has been following COVID safety regulations. Do not hesitate to call the farmstay to have a frank chat with the owner, as safety is your first priority. Also make sure to inquire about which activities remain on offer so you aren’t met with any disappointing surprises once you reach. Lucky for you, we’ve already curated a list of COVID-safe farmstays across the country. 

Go On A Two-Day Trek

Granted, the microscopic virus that has all but overrun the world was nature’s creation. But it is in nature that we can escape the monotony of our lives and truly rejuvenate ourselves. A great way to spend Valentine’s Day is by heading off on a two-day trek the previous weekend. But before you fetch out your walking shoes, make sure you take every precaution so your weekend is enjoyable.

Joining A Group Trip During Covid, Valentine's Day 2021: How To Spend Your Valentines During CovidOpt for a trek that is within the same state and as close to your location as possible. Inter-state travel regulations can change overnight, and you are safer not taking the risk of being stranded while waiting on a COVID test result. Contact the trek organisers to ask them about the COVID safety precautions they are taking, and ensure your accommodation for the night is sanitized. Make sure you carry comfortable masks, plenty of sanitizers, and ideally your own plates and cutlery for your meals.

Several organizers require a small group of four to six people to organize a trek, in which case make sure you rope in one or two other couples from your friend circle. It is much safer to trek with people you are familiar with who have been isolating than with a group of strangers. If possible, look into a customized trek plan just for two people; organisers may plan these to accommodate couples over the weekend of romance. Don’t forget to click that Insta-worthy sunrise photo of the two of you!

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Take A Weekend Trip

Your Valentine’s Day plan needn’t involve Bali or Singapore, but considering the year we’ve had, it should sure be a special plan. Taking a weekend trip to someplace a few hours out is a great way to spend some time together. Mumbai has some great one and two-day trips within proximity, like camping at Alibaug, staying beside a lake at Pawna, spotting fireflies at Bhandardara and catching some fantastic sunrises at Igatpuri. Stay at the Manesar Heritage Village Hotel or visit the heritage village of Kuchesar, both within proximity of Delhi.

bhangarh fort, Valentine's Day 2021: How To Spend Your Valentines During Covid

Pondicherry has its French charm a few hours away from Chennai, and need we even mention desert camping under the stars near Jaipur and Jodhpur? The beauty of India is that it has hidden gems all over, so all it takes for you is to do a little digging. Make sure that COVID regulations are on your list of things to be checked off when deciding where to go.  

Opt For An Exotic Experience 

Are you someone who prefers the mysteriously different to the tried-and-tested? Does the mention of ‘camping’ and ‘trekking’ make your eyes roll? Then make sure you swap sitting at home on Valentine’s Day with one of these fantastic experiences. 

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Armed with professionally-identified disinfectants and frequent temperature checks, Sula Vineyards in Nashik is a great location to indulge yourselves for the weekend. Similarly, breathe in the various scents around you while staying at a spice plantation in Goa. Watch your worries float away while you unwind on a houseboat in Alleppey, or pamper yourselves with luxury in one of the palace-turned-heritage hotels that are dotted across Rajasthan. Nature lovers can book a night at a national park near them to wake up to the sound of wildlife instead of an alarm clock. 

Remember, your Valentine’s Day plan needn’t involve extensive traveling. More often than not, we are surrounded by such experiences but have never opted for them ourselves. The point is to try something new, exciting and different together, even if it lies a few hours away from where you are.

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Inevitably, your Valentine’s Day plan could simply involve snuggling up together with some wine and a rom-com. Given that the threat of the pandemic isn’t behind us yet, it still remains the safest option. But if you’re longing to get away from your all-too-familiar homes and surroundings with your partners, make sure you give one of these plans a try. Above all else, remember to prioritize your safety, and keep maintaining social distancing and self hygiene. We advise making your bookings soon so as to not find everything unavailable the closer you get to Valentine’s Day.


Is Valentine’s Day Always Feb 14?

Yes, Valentine’s Day will always fall on February 14. This is because Pope Gelasius declared this date to be the feast of St. Valentine, celebrated by the Christians. This was way back at the end of the 5th century, and it is still celebrated on that same date today.

Is It Safe To Travel For Valentine’s During Covid?

Travel during the pandemic is never completely safe, and comes with its own risks. If you have plans to travel to celebrate Valentine’s Day, ensure that you follow safety protocols and keep your masks on at all times. Constantly sanitize your hands, and ensure your accommodation is Covid-free.

Who Commercialized Valentine’s Day?

The 18th and 19th centuries began to see the gradual association of the feast of St. Valentine with the notions of love and romance. This happened through literature, poems and songs, and as the trend emerged, people began to capitalize on it. In the 1840s, Esther A. Howland began selling cards meant to give your beloved, called ‘Valentines’, in America in mass quantities. This led to her being called the “Mother of the Valentine”, and soon, more merchandise followed.

What Is Another Name For Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is also known as the feast of St. Valentine, and is actually how the day of romance originated.

When Was Valentine’s Day On A Saturday?

The last time Valentine’s Day was on a Saturday was in 2015. The next year it falls on a Saturday is in 2026, so if the weekend is all the time you have, you might as well start planning now!

Is Valentine’s Day For Married Couples?

Generally, Valentine’s Day is considered a day for lovers, for those in love. But there’s nothing stopping you from expressing your love to anyone, irrespective of the equation you share. You can express your love to friends, parents and partners alike.

What Is The True Meaning Of Valentine’s Day?

The true origin of Valentine’s Day is hazy, and is attributed to the Roman festival of Lupercalia. Held in mid-February, it marked the beginning of spring and traditionally involved rituals of fertility. In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius forbid the celebrations, and instead marked February 14 as the feast of St. Valentine. There were several Christian martyrs named Valentine, so the origins here too are vague.

What Are The 7 Days Of Valentine?

The past decade has evolved to celebrate the week before Valentine’s Day as a sort of precursor to the day that celebrates love and romance. The seven days are rose day. proposal day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, and kiss day. The eighth day is Valentine’s Day.

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day During Covid?

Without a doubt, safety should be a priority when celebrating Valentine’s Day during the Covid pandemic. If you’re making plans, ensure they’re Covid-safe, and that your accommodation has taken precautions to remain clean and sanitized. Alternatively, you can meet up for a safe movie and cocktails indoors.

Which Country Celebrates Friendship Day On Feb 14?

Friendship Day is celebrated on February 14 in not one but three countries, and these are the countries of Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela.

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