Uttarakhand To Now Implement Eco-Tourism And Homestays

As we all know, Uttarakhand is a tourist-based state. With the gleaming snow-capped mountains, rivers, and glaciers, the place is blooming with nature. In an attempt to preserve it, the Tourism sector announced that Uttarakhand is going to shift from being hotel-based to homestays and ecotourism.

Post Covid, the footfall in Uttarakhand has risen considerably. It’s not only attracting domestic crowds but also international tourists. The influx of people visiting is only going to increase. Along with tourists, the state is also all set to entice Indian pilots. Tehri festival, happening in November, is going to become a world-class acrobatic flying destination. Those Indian pilots who spend a lot of money to go to Turkey only to fly over waters can now visit Uttarakhand and save plenty!