Unmissable Things To Do In Port Blair

Port Blair is one such destination that truly makes you count down the days to your trip. It is a regular topper on everyone’s bucket list, the city is known to leave travelers from all over the world wanting more of it. Whether you want to witness the vast culture from a close eye, explore the often talked about exotic marine life, or dive deep into the water sports activities it offers, Port Blair has everything you are looking for. 

It's easy to become overwhelmed when deciding what adventure to go on in this eventful city, so we have compiled a list of the top unmissable things to do in Port Blair for you to get started. 

Dive Deep In The Marine Life

Comfortably surrounded by water, Port Blair has exotic marine biodiversity. If you are one who cannot wait to dive into the depths of the water to explore the unknown world, Port Blair will not leave you disappointed. The moment you enter the land beneath, you’ll be greeted by a variety of racing fishes thanks to the fact that the region houses over 1200 species of fish.

A good diving spot is at Cinque Island which can be accessed only by a private charter boat.

One of the best places to truly experience marine life is the North Bay Island. Put on your swimming gear as this island will take you beyond your usual world and will make a compelling for how little humankind has explored the world beneath the surface! You can engage yourself in scuba diving and snorkeling activities to get closer to the sea creatures and maybe befriend a few if you are the outgoing type. Doesn’t hurt to have a few friends beyond the land boundaries, eh? The island also offers an underwater sea walk experience that will enthrall you with the beauty of the aquatic life up close. Jolly Bouy, Ross Island, Viper Island, and Elephant beach are among the other places that offer such experiences.

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Shop Your Heart Out In Aberdeen Bazaar

One of the best parts about traveling to a new place is the various local items you can take home as souvenirs. The Aberdeen Bazaar in Port Blair is the perfect place for you to put your bargaining skills to the test. Since the place doesn’t have a mall shopping option, the local shops that line the street beautifully paint a picture of a shopper’s paradise

From everyday items to high-end gift articles, you will find a plethora of things to shop your heart out for in Aberdeen Bazaar. The prominent objects these shops sell include sarongs and hats, handcrafted souvenirs, shell ornaments,  pearl necklaces, colored fabrics, wood carvings, etc. Once you’re done with the shopping spree and need to munch on some delectable dishes, you can head to the Lighthouse Restaurant and treat yourself to amazing seafood items.

Things To Do In Port Blair

Zoom In On The High Flying Life

It's time to move on from the Flappy Bird app on your phone and see these real-life fluttering creatures that will leave you with a lasting sense of the region’s lesser-known fauna. The Chidiya Tapu, which sees flocks of migratory birds halting here to add to the city's already rich feel, is the perfect site to observe this amazing sight. During the day, your binoculars will provide you with the best views of these feathered buddies. So put on your bucket hat and binoculars and head to Chidiya Tapu for a hoot of a time. 

While you gaze at this flying spectacle, you can catch the beautiful sunset this place lets you witness. The place is about 30 km away from the main city of  Port Blair and you can easily traverse this distance by taxis or even auto-rickshaws.

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Trip Down History

In a city with such a rich history, multiple tribal communities, and exotic marine life, the museums here have done a great job in covering all these aspects. It single handedly educates the tourists and locals about the islands dramatic history. So, if you love exploring and getting to know a place in-depth, you will love turning the history pages of this part of the country thanks to the museums around here. A few of the famous museums which you can check out are:

  • Samudrika Marine Museum: As the name suggests, this museum exhibits a wide range of informative installations related to the ecosystem and the marine life in this region.
  • Anthropological Museum: This museum offers a closer look into the lives of the tribals and their origins.
  • Forest Museum: This one glorifies the rich flora and fauna of the region. The zoological garden that it houses is also one to look out for.

Explore The Unique Barren Island

It is unlikely that you will see a fire-breathing dragon from Game of Thrones in real life. What you can stand a chance to be a witness of is the only active lava erupting volcano in the entire country and in South Asia. Though it has erupted only twice that too in the 90s, the area still falls under the restricted zone and you will need special permits to gain access to the island. 

It is no surprise that you won’t find a single human residing here given the barren conditions on this island. Plan your trip to this island very early in the morning as it takes a while to get here considering you have ships and charter boats as the only commute options. You absolutely have to try scuba diving in the waters surrounding the island as it is considered to be one of the best places for this particular activity in the world! Barren Island will certainly offer you a unique and out-of-the-box experience.

Things To Do In Port Blair

Visit The Iconic Cellular Jail

You might want to keep a few tissues handy for this one if you are a true patriot at heart. The cellular complex today stands as a significant memorial monument of the country’s struggle for independence. The British officers used this place to imprison Indian freedom fighters. The likes of Savarkar, Shadan Chandra Chatterjee, Fazl-e-Haq Khairabadi, and Sudhanshu Dasgupta have undergone torment and treachery inside the confines of these cells.

The jail is also referred to as Kala Pani meaning black water in English. This term was used to describe the heinous practice of prison captivity during those times. Today, the valiant stories of these brave freedom fighters are narrated and proudly displayed on the walls of this prison. You need to visit the Cellular Jail to delve into one of the most important eras in the nation’s history. 

The light and sound show organized here every evening will help you get up to speed with whatever you need to know about those times and struggles. You can also learn valuable insights about these national heroes by visiting the dedicated library on the prison premises. Hire the services of a guide if you’re keen on not missing out on everything you would like to learn about the place.

Things To Do In Port Blair

Water Athletes, Assemble! 

Though there is no shortage of water sports in the country, you’d find it a tad bit difficult to enjoy all of them in one place. Luckily, Port Blair offers you the pleasure of high-adrenaline water activities without having to go through travel pages to find the ones you are looking for! If that has already got you hooked, the below list of all the exciting water sports will widen the already bright smile on your face.

  • Jet Skiing: Time to update your Instagram profile picture by donning your glares on a ravishing jet ski. After you've made your followers envious of how much fun you'll be having here, it's time to fire up the engine and race across the waters! You can experience this enthralling ride in the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex at an affordable rate.
  • Parasailing: Whoever says they cannot walk on water has never been to Port Blair, as simple as that! You don’t even have to be a swimmer to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. All you need to have is a little bit of courage to be harnessed to a parachute behind a motorboat that dictates your speed. Once you have got that in place, the world will quite literally be at your feet. So, head to the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex and have the time of your life.
  • Kayaking: To think that one can experience the Andamans without actually setting foot in water is laughable. The dense forests and the pristine waters are something that needs to be experienced in close range at your own pace. Thanks to the kayaking option available around here, you can paddle your way across the beautiful islands, and pass through forests while enjoying the calm and roary nature of the waters around here.
  • Sea Kart: Enjoying the ride while a local expert drives you around in a jet ski or similar water sport is fun, we get that. But nothing beats the joy of taking the wheel and leaving the wind behind in this amazing experience the SeaKart provides. While there is an instructor on board for safety reasons, it is you who is in the driver’s seat, dictating the flow! Truly an unmissable adventure, you can head to Corbyn’s Cove Beach to experience it.
  • Banana Boat: Unlike the aftermath of stepping on a banana peel, your experience on this boat is going to be an eventful one. What better than being on a slippery banana-shaped boat with 5 other people and getting dragged by a speed boat at you know, high speeds! The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex and Havelock Island will fill you in with all the details about this unique activity.

Just make sure you have all of the necessary safety equipment in order to fully enjoy these activities without having to worry about your safety.

Things To Do In Port Blair


Is Port Blair Worth Visiting?

If your definition of worth includes the words ‘fun’, ‘adventure’, and ‘time of your ‘life’, then Port Blair comfortably falls in that category. You will have loads of activities to indulge in, be it water sports or educating yourself about the place’s history by visiting museums, light and sound shoes, and libraries.

How Can I Reach Port Blair?

You can reach the city of Port Blair either by seaways or airways. The city is connected to almost all other major cities in the country directly, making the air option a viable one for many.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Andaman?

To experience the Andamans in their full glory, consider visiting during the months of September end to early May as the weather is at its best. Avoid traveling here during the monsoon season since the place is surrounded by water bodies, the risk of tides and other calamities can diminish your fun experience here.

What Language Is Spoken In Port Blair?

Port Blair is no stranger to varied cultures and linguistic groups that call this place home. So, it isn’t restricted to one language of communication. The most common languages spoken around here are Bengali, Hindi, and Tamil among others. You will also find a vast English-speaking majority around here making it easier for tourists to enjoy the place without any sort of language barriers.

How Much Does A Trip To Andaman Cost?

An average couple's trip to Andaman for a minimum of 4 days should cost you anywhere around Rs.21,000. However, these costs may vary significantly depending on the type of amenities and activities you include. 

Are 2 Days Enough For Andaman?

With so much to do in this exciting place, maybe try extending your stay to 5-6 days to cover a decent amount of what Andaman has to offer. Tag along with your family and see how the days breeze past in no time!

Which Is The Most Famous Location In Port Blair?

The most popular location in Port Blair is Ross Island.

How Many Beaches Are In Port Blair?

There are 6 beaches in total in Port Blair.