Unlock 3.0 Travel Guidelines: Rules For Interstate Travel In The Country

Travel News: Unlock 3.0 Announces Interstate Travel Is Allowed Again In The Country.

The Central Government issued a new set of travel guidelines as a part of Unlock 3.0. These guidelines have allowed interstate travel to resume in the country. Some states, however, have still imposed restrictions on travel to curb the spread of COVID-19 Virus.

The Unlock 3.0 guidelines that came into effect from August 1 have the fewest travel restrictions as compared to its predecessors. The two major changes are the end of night curfew and free interstate travel. The central government will let the state decide and take calls on formulating any travel policies, after assessing the situation with regards to the virus in their state.

Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, which are two of the states that have been adversely affected by the virus, have extended statewide lockdown, till the 31st of August. Which means travel to and from these states, along with a few others like West Bengal, would be regulated and would require a movement pass.

So while most states have also eased travel restrictions, interstate travel still is largely regulated and is expected to continue in the same vein all through August.


    Unlock 3.0 Travel Guidelines Central Government: Interstate Travel Allowed Again States to Assess and Formulate Policies On Interstate Travel

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