Udhwa Bird Sanctuary Is Expecting To Get the Ramsar Site Status

Uttarakhand’s Udhwa Bird Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. It’s the only bird sanctuary in the state and is spread across an area of almost 565 hectares. The government is expecting the prestigious Ramsar site status for this bird sanctuary.


One can find a large number of residential and migratory birds at the Udhwa Bird Sanctuary. If this site gets the Ramsar Site status, it’ll definitely aid in its conservation and preservation. Just so you know, when a site gets the status of Ramsar Site, it’s considered to be of utmost importance. At present, there are 75 Ramsar sites in our country. If reports are to go by, this bird sanctuary will also get this status by mid-2023.

According to recent reports, a study of this wetland conducted during the winter season revealed the existence of over 6,000 birds in the region. Last year, the count of birds was 2,700. This shows a tremendous increase in the bird population here.

A lot of factors can be attributed to this increase in bird population. Habitat improvement, educating the people about nature conservation, and making them sensitive towards ecotourism are some of these factors. The state is hopeful in getting the status of Ramsar site , also keeping in mind the conservation of nature and preserving the local communities residing here.