Udaipur To Host The Mewar Festival From March 24 To March 26

The Mewar Festival is featured on Rajasthan’s cultural calendar and is one of the most popular festivals in the state. For the year 2023, the beautiful city of Udaipur is said to host this most awaited festival.


This festival is a great time to experience what the culture, history, and religious heritage of the Mewar region is like. It’s said to be so vibrant and colorful that in the past, people from all over the country have come to witness the festival.

The Mewar Festival is said to mark the start of the spring season, and is hence celebrated during March or April annually. People come together to celebrate this festival and the entire city seems to be full of color and wonder. All participants are seen wearing colorful clothing and they even make beautiful rangolis. If you want to partake in this festival full of culture, then it’s time you mark the dates on your calendar.

People worship and celebrate Lord SHiva and Goddess Parvati during this festival. The idols of deities are decked up and women are seen wearing colorful attires. The preparation for this festival starts weeks in advance. Festivities begin with the collection of the Holika Dahan fire.

This cultural festival has attracted tourists from all over the world to visit the state. There are folk dance forms like Kalbeliya and Ghoomar. Many people also are seen singing traditional songs during this festival. The market areas too are decked up, reflecting the enthusiasm people have for the festivities.