Udaipur 1 Day Walking Tour

The city of Udaipur has a beautiful charm and a soul of its own. If you ask us how you can get a real feel to the soul of this city, we’d definitely recommend walking its streets. It will give you a glimpse into the stunning architecture of the ‘City Of Lakes’. To help you embrace the most of all you can do, here’s all that you can see on your Udaipur 1 day walking tour.

Places To Visit In Udaipur: 1 Day Walking Tour

Route: Lake Pichola - City Palace - Jagdish Temple - Bagore Ki Haveli - Gangaur Ghat

Udaipur Walking Tour Distance: 2 km.

Total Duration: 3 to 4 hours.

1. Boat Ride At Lake Pichola

The blue waters and scenic views of Lake Pichola have made it a popular tourist attraction of Udaipur. Lake Pichola is one of the oldest and largest lakes in this city. You get picturesque views of the beautiful Aravalli ranges and many architectural monuments from this lake. All nature lovers and photographers will fall in love with the serenity of Lake Pichola.

This artificial freshwater lake is around 4 km long and 3 km wide, and its catchment area is almost 55 km. There are floating marble structures called ‘Jag Niwas’ and ‘Jag Mandir’ that are located within the lake. The beauty of Lake Pichola is such that anyone who visits here for the first time will feel like its setting is straight out of a postcard! From the banks of this lake, several bathing ghats, religious temples, and mansions can be seen; an absolute treat to the eyes. Something worth mentioning is the glorious view of the Udaipur City Palace that lies on the eastern banks of this lake.

To make your trip to Lake Pichola even more memorable, a boat ride at this lake is a must! It’ll be the perfect opportunity to witness the mesmerizing sunsets of Lake Pichola that tourists often talk about. 

Things To Do: The Jag Mandir Palace, also known as the ‘Lake Garden Palace’ is a place worth visiting from Lake Pichola. This structure is located within the lake and has a huge courtyard and four statues of carved elephants. It is converted into a hotel now. You can enjoy witnessing the folk dances that are organized at the garden courtyard of this palace. 

Jag Niwas is another stunning palace which has been transformed into a heritage hotel. It’s located within the lake and is made from sparkling white marble. You can relish some tasty Mewari delicacies and explore the vintage car collection at this heritage hotel.

How Much Time To Spend Here: 1 hour.

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Udaipur 1 Day Walking Tour

2. Udaipur City Palace

Your next stop is Udaipur City Palace. If you don’t stop by here you basically can’t say you’ve seen Udaipur. It’s recognized as the largest royal complex in the state of Rajasthan. This magnificent palace nestles on the eastern banks of the Pichola Lake. It’s surrounded by the Aravalli mountain ranges, and is definitely a sight to behold in Rajasthan.

The Udaipur City Palace is built out of granite and marble. There are a total of 11 palaces and almost all of them have been transformed into galleries today. The palace is an amalgamation of architectural wonders and ancient heritage. If you’re a person who’s passionate about history, a walk through this palace would be more like a trip down the pages of history.

There’s courtyards, pavilions, terraces, corridors, and hanging gardens that you can explore. You’ll notice that there’s so much color and uniqueness in every room here that adds to the character of this palace!

Once you’re done taking a tour of the place, you can check out a few exciting things nearby. The minute you step out to explore the Hathi Pol market near The City Palace, you’ll be drawn to the variety of handicrafts that are sold here. The best thing is that you get a good deal on various items like wooden handicrafts, Rajasthani slippers, and embroidered garments. So make sure that you stop by at this famous market to shop for some souvenirs for your friends and family.

Things To Do: After you explore all the entire palace, you can check out the souvenir stores. You can also consider stopping for a meal at Amrit Sagar, Sunset Terrace, The Whistling Teal, or Lake View Rooftop restaurant.

How Much Time To Spend Here: 1-2 hours.

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Udaipur 1 Day Walking Tour

3. Jagdish Temple

The Jagdish Temple is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Udaipur. Many tourists visit this temple because the beautiful carvings can really hold your attention. The temple is also a place of significance because it lies in the middle of the city. From here you can get a better sense of the lay of the land of Udaipur. 

A minute away from the temple is Ganguar Ghat from where you get a glorious view of the lake. Sit a couple minutes by the ghat to just soak in the views. You must also explore the shrunken paths around the temple to find street food and lots of stores. 

The market around the temple is particularly famous for things like hued lamps, wooden toys, earthenware, and metal products. There are several shops that sell leather diaries and journals as well. You can buy one and write about your Udaipur 1 day walking tour adventures in the diary!

If your tummy rumbles at this point, don’t worry because fortunately, there are several hotels and rooftop restaurants near the Jagdish Temple. One place worth exploring for amazing Rajasthani cuisine is the Udaigarh Rooftop Restaurant, which is just 2 minutes away from the Jagdish Temple. There are other places where you can relish yummy food like Cafe Issac, The Gazebo Cafe & Restaurant, Cafera Bollywood Cafe, and Restaurant.

Things To Do: You can buy garlands and sweets as offerings to the deity at this temple. Make sure you enter the main shrine to see the idol of Lord Shiva and also keenly observe the ancient architecture of this temple.

How Much Time To Spend Here: 1-2 hours should suffice.

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Udaipur 1 Day Walking Tour

4. Bagore Ki Haveli

Another popular tourist attraction which is located on the waterfront of the beautiful Lake Pichola is Bagore Ki Haveli. This mansion which was once built in the 18th century is now restored, renovated, and converted into a museum. Whether you’re a history buff or one who loves to explore new places, this is a must-visit place in Udaipur.

One thing is certain, when you take a tour of this mansion, you will be stunned by its jaw-dropping architecture. Right from spacious courtyards, beautiful archways, to beautiful jharokhas (stone windows), there’s so much to see here. Just a glance at the exhibits of jewelry boxes, copper vessels, dice games, and much more will give you a peek into the lives of the early Rajputs. 

This is the ultimate destination for you to explore the Mewari architecture and witness an entertainment like no other. You can attend the local folk dance show at the museum and enjoy the Rajasthani music. If you visit here in the evenings, the entire mansion is lit up and the view is absolutely breathtaking. 

Things To Do: Bagore Ki Haveli also has a Puppet Museum where you’ll get to see puppets of horses, elephants and many others. You can buy some if you like as souvenirs for your friends and family. They also host a puppet show here which is a must-watch, especially if you’re visiting the museum with your kids.

How  Much Time To Spend Here: 1 hour.

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Udaipur 1 Day Walking Tour

5. Gangaur Ghat

Your Udaipur 1 day walking tour has to end at the famous hangout spot of the city - Gangaur Ghat. You’ll find all the city’s young crowd chilling here and admiring the wonderful views from the ghat. All photographer maniacs will absolutely fall in love with this place! This is the perfect location to see the most gorgeous sunrise and sunset in Udaipur. 

Since this ghat is usually crowded in the mornings, evenings are the best time to visit here. It’s situated right across Lake Pichola. There are stairs leading towards the fresh waters of the lake where you can sit and relax. You’ll get to see all the houses and street lights of the city lit up from here in the evenings. The view is simply inexpressible! If you look at the opposite side, you’ll even get to see another famous spot called the Ambrai Ghat.

Gangaur Ghat is the perfect place to end your Udaipur 1 day walking tour. The sight of Lake Pichola and the city from here is truly mesmerizing. At night, this ghat looks surreal, as if you’ve entered a fairy tale land. 

Things To Do: Relax and enjoy the stunning views.

How Much Time To Spend Here: As long as you feel like.

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Udaipur 1 Day Walking Tour

Summing Up

Our guide for a 1 day walking tour of Udaipur will definitely help you make the most of your time in the city. This beautiful city will leave you with unforgettable memories to cherish forever. There are several other places where you can go sightseeing, so feel free if you wish to extend your stay at this ‘City Of Lakes’. 


Is One Day Enough For Udaipur?

If you’re planning to cover only a few of the major tourist attractions of the city, then you can plan a 1 day walking tour of Udaipur. However, those who want to go sightseeing and explore all the major attractions of this city can plan a 2-3 days trip to Udaipur.

How Can I Plan One Day In Udaipur?

You can plan your 1 day in Udaipur by going on a walking tour to the following places:

  • Jagdish Temple
  • Udaipur City Palace
  • Lake Pichola
  • Saheliyon Ki Bari
  • Fateh Sagar Lake

Which Is The Best Time To Visit Udaipur?

Since Udaipur is known to have a dry and warm climate for most of the year, you can visit here during the winter months. So, the best time to visit the city would be during the months from November to February.

What Is Udaipur Famous For?

Udaipur is nicknamed ‘City Of Lakes’ and is famous for the numerous serene and tranquil lakes here. Apart from that, the city has several monuments of historical and religious significance that are worth visiting.

Is It Very Cold In Udaipur?

Udaipur has cool winters but not very cold. The city has a warm climate, almost throughout the year. The cool climate in winters is during the months from November to February.

Which Jewelry Is Famous In Udaipur?

Udaipur is famous for its Polki jewelry which is made from diamonds in their natural form. These uncut diamonds are placed in gold ornaments by using lac and foils.

Which Lake Is Better In Udaipur?

Udaipur is called ‘City Of Lakes’ for a reason; the city has several lakes with a picturesque setting. One of the most popular lakes of the city is Lake Pichola. There are several other lakes in the city that you can visit like Fateh Sagar Lake, Dudh Talai, and Udai Sagar Lake.

What Are Famous Things To Buy In Udaipur?

Some of the famous things to buy in Udaipur are ethnic sarees, stone jewelry, copper utensils, miniature paintings, and sculptures.