Try Famous Food In Assam To Satiate Your Taste Buds

All you foodies who love to travel will certainly enjoy the amazing food scene of Assam. The different herbs, fruits, meat, and vegetables used in Assamese cuisine have a distinct flavor to them. Most of their food is either roasted or steamed and is so delicious that you’ll go gaga over it! Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, this state will have something for you. Enough talking, gear up and plan your trip here to try the famous food in Assam and satiate your taste buds.

Famous Food In Assam

  1. Khar
  2. Masor Tenga
  3. Aloo Pitika
  4. Ou Khatta
  5. Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura
  6. Duck Meat Curry
  7. Spiced Silkworm
  8. Gooror Payash

1. Khar

When it comes to the non-vegetarian dishes in Assam, Khar can be considered one of the best among them! It’s an important part of the Assamese thali and is enjoyed by the locals here. The dish has an alkaline taste because of the dried banana peel ashes used during its making. This is what gives Khar its unique flavor. Other ingredients used to make it are dried papaya, pulses, taro root, and meat. Enjoy this curry with some rice and it's a party in your mouth! The alkaline solution that is used as the base for the curry can be preserved in bottles for a long time to make Khar. Assamese people believe that Khar cleanses the tummy. So, most people enjoy this dish at the beginning of their meal to clean their stomachs.

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2. Masor Tenga

One of the best summer dishes of Assam is Masor Tenga. The word ‘tenga’ translates to ‘sour’ in Assamese. This sour fish curry is a popular local cuisine of the state. The sourness of the gravy comes from the ingredients like tomatoes, dried mangosteen, raw mango, lemon, and elephant apple. 

Mind you, Masor Tenga isn’t your typical spicy fish curry. Fenugreek, five kinds of mixed spices, and mustard seeds are added to this curry to bring out its authentic and delicious flavors. It’s believed to enhance the digestion process and can be enjoyed for both lunch and dinner. If you ask any Assamese about their favorite fish dishes, you’re likely to get Masor Tenga as the answer from a majority, so definitely check it out!

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3. Aloo Pitika

A fan of mashed potatoes? Then you’ll like the Assamese version, known as Aloo Pitika. The mashed potatoes are cooked using mustard oil, followed by other ingredients like onions, coriander leaves, and a pinch of salt, which are added before serving. This dish is very simple to make but it tastes absolutely delightful! The softness of the mashed potatoes and the pungent taste of mustard oil gives this dish a unique flavor. Some locals of Assam give this dish a twist by adding some spicy chilies to it. Try it and we wouldn’t be surprised if you end up falling in love with this dish!

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4. Ou Khatta

If you’re traveling to Assam, one of the must-try foods is Ou Khatta. It’s a sweet chutney made with an elephant apple. The elephant apple known as ‘Ou’ in Assamese, is first boiled and then mashed lightly. It is then sautéed in mustard seeds using very little oil. After that, the final ingredient, jaggery, is added to the dish and it’s ready to be served. Ou Khatta can be the perfect side dish for any of your meals and can make it taste more flavorful.

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5. Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura

A lean and light chicken dish that will make your mouth water at the mere sight of it is Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura. It’s said to be one of the oldest chicken dishes in this state. The chicken is first deep-fried and then cooked in the curry so that you get to taste its crispiness with every bite. 

Chicken is marinated in ginger-garlic paste along with other ingredients like coriander powder, red chili powder, cumin powder, mustard oil, and salt. All of this adds to the sour and spicy flavors of Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura. The dish gets its rich taste from the bamboo shoots added to it. Just so you know, the taste of bamboo shoots may not suit all palates. However, they added their unique flavor to the curry making it taste absolutely luscious.

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6. Duck Meat Curry

This meat dish will blow your mind with the first bite you take! Whether you’ve tried duck meat before or not, if you’re visiting Assam, you should definitely give it a go. The duck meat curry in Assam is usually prepared with ash gourd that gives it its rich flavor. It’s cooked for special occasions and festivities and a variety of spices are used to give it that distinct flavor. 

This creamy and thick gravy has a hint of spice that comes from ingredients like bay leaf, cardamom, cumin, ginger, and garlic. The duck meat curry in Assam is also made in many other ways wherein ingredients like lentils, sesame seeds, or pumpkins are used for its making. Many vegetables are also added to this curry making it very appetizing to the tummy.

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7. Spiced Silkworm

When talking about the famous food in Assam, the silkworm definitely cannot be forgotten! This might sound unusual to some of you, but you should know that Assameese loves to eat spiced silkworms. The larva is first stir-fried by adding spices to it. When you put it in your mouth, you’ll get to enjoy the crunchy outside of the worm. As you take a bite, you’ll get to taste the liquid-like part inside. For all of you who want to go on a gastronomical adventure or love trying unusual foods, then this dish is a must-try.

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8. Gooror Payash

Have a sweet tooth? Well, this dessert dish of Assam should definitely be a part of your list to try in Assam! Gooror Payash is one of the most scrumptious and among the signature sweet dishes of the Assamese. It’s sweet and tastes quite similar to rabdi. This scrumptious dish is made with rice, jaggery, milk, dates, cashews, and bay leaves. The final touch is added by garnishing it with some saffron, dry fruits, or cardamom seeds.

Summing Up

Assamese food is usually associated with having a bitter, pungent, and sour profile. However, the culinary magic of Assamese cuisine is certainly beyond its stereotypes. Their foods are not just simple to make but delicious and palatable at the same time. When it comes to variety, the state’s list of traditional and contemporary dishes will definitely amaze you. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the famous food in Assam to satiate your taste buds!


What Is The Most Famous Food Of Assam?

Khar is said to be one of the most famous foods of Assam. It’s a meat curry made using ingredients like dried papaya, pulses, and taro and enjoyed with rice. Some of the other popular foods of this state are Masor Tenga (sour fish curry), Aloo Pitika (mashed potatoes), and Ou Khatta (sweet chutney).

What Is The Most Popular Sweet Dish Of Assam?

Gooror Payash is one of the most popular sweet dishes of Assam. It’s made using rice, jaggery, milk, dates, cashews, and bay leaves.

What Are The 2 Main Food Items Which Are Grown In Assam?

Rice and wheat are the 2 major food items grown in Assam.

What Are The 3 Things Assam Is Best Known For?

The 3 things Assam is best known for are its tea, silk, and its many historical sites.

What Do Assam People Eat?

The everyday diet of the people of Assam has rice as a staple food. Apart from that, they eat foods made from meat, vegetables, lentils, and even sweet delicacies.

Is Assamese Food Spicy?

Compared to most other foods in India, Assamese food isn’t spicy. The people here use exotic herbs, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat that add authentic and unique flavors to their dishes.

Is Assamese Food Healthy?

The making of Assamese food involves less usage of oil and spices. Also, herbs like ginger, garlic, and coriander are added to most of the dishes that make them taste healthy and flavorful.

What Is The Staple Food Of Assam?

Rice is among the staple foods of Assam. Along with that, the typical Assamese thali has dishes like Khaar, Pitha, Masor Tenga, and a sweet dish like Gooror Payash.