Tripura Travel Guide

Traveling to Northeast India assures you a memorable experience. Whether it’s the colorful festivals, smiling locals, or delectable cuisine, many such things of the Northeastern states draw tourists here, every year. One such culturally diverse and beautiful state is Tripura. The rolling mountain ranges, rich biodiversity, and ancient temples of this place are one-of-a-kind. Don’t know how to get started with your Tripura trip? We’ve got you covered with our Tripura Travel Guide.

History And Culture Of Tripura

Tripura is an untouched gem, tucked away towards the northeastern part of India. It’s connected to the rest of our country with just one highway. Perhaps, this is the reason why this hidden state is one of the most unexplored places in our country. This charming place is an amalgamation of ancient palaces of erstwhile kingdoms, vibrant culture, and scenic landscape, all rolled into one!

During ancient times, Tripura was called ‘Kirat Desh’. There are accounts and traces of Muslim historians and the king of Tripura found in the Rajmala stories. This book is believed to be written by the Tripura kings, way back in the 15th century. The rulers of the Mankiya Dynasty are known to have ruled this state for a very long time. This was before British rule, when Tripura was an independent state. It was in 1972 when it gained recognition for being one of the Indian states.

The rich cultural heritage of this state comes from the 19 tribal communities that reside here. Muzo, Garo, Kuki, and Uchoi are some of the tribes of this state that still live in the forest areas here. Apart from them, the state is also home to many other Manipuri and Bengali communities. This makes Tripura the culturally diverse state that it is today.

The folk dance, music, and festivals of Tripura are an important part of the state’s culture. Some of the most popular folk dances practiced here are Ghum, Garia, Lebang, Bizu, and Boomani.

The festivals play a big part in Tripura’s culture. They bring together all tribes and are occasions that the locals here look forward to. Bisu, Ker Puja, Durga Puja, and Gajan Festival are some of the most celebrated festivals of Tripura. During these occasions, local craftsmen show off their skills and sell various handmade items. Tripura is known for handlooms, traditional jewelry, and bamboo items. The skilled locals here strive to keep their tradition alive, and hence there are many handloom industries operating here. 

When talking about the culture of Tripura, the amazing cuisine of this state is worth mentioning! The people here use very little oil in their cooking and non-vegetarian food is enjoyed by many. One of the famous traditional dishes here is Mui Borok. It’s a salty and extremely spicy fish curry made with less oil. Other famous foods of the state are Gudok (fish cooked with boiled vegetables), Mosdeng Serma (tomato chutney), and Bhangui (a rice dish).

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How To Get To Tripura

By Air

The nearest airport to reach Tripura is the Agartala Airport, which is located at a distance of around 90 km from the state. There are direct flights from Kolkata and Guwahati to this airport. You can also avail of the helicopter services to some major towns like Kailashahar, Dharmanagar and other remote areas like Kanchanpur, Tripura, and Gandacherra.

By Rail

If you want to travel to Tripura by train, then the nearest station would be Kumarghat Railway Station. It’s located only 140 km from this state. This railway station is well-connected to major cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. Taxis are available near the station to take you to your desired destination in Tripura.

By Road

There is only one roadway, NH-44, that connects Tripura to the rest of India. This road runs through the hills to Karimganj’s border in Assam. The roadway winds in the state of Meghalaya, Assam, North of Bengal, and Kolkata. Sabroom, located in the southern region of Tripura, is where the national highway starts. It extends north towards Agartala, further to the east and finally towards the northeast to enter Assam.

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Best Time To Travel Tripura

Just like most other northeastern states of our country, Tripura has a pleasant climate throughout the year. However, you should know that the climate here differs according to the altitude of the region. So, the climate in every area varies from the other. If you ask us, the winter season would be the best time to visit Tripura. So, visiting here during the months from October to February would be the ideal time for sightseeing. The cool climate during this season makes for the perfect weather to go sightseeing and enjoy the natural beauty here. 

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Getting Around Tripura

The most convenient way of getting around Tripura would be by bus. You can get regular interval buses from Agartala. These buses connect to major cities like Udaipur, Sarboom, Dharmanagar, and Amarpur. Traveling by bus is also a cheap way to get around within the state. For example, you’ll have to pay around INR 50 to reach Udaipur from Agartala by bus. Other than buses, there are auto rickshaws that can help you travel to various cities and towns. Both buses and autos are available from Nagerjala to almost all towns of Tripura.

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Breaking Stereotypes About Tripura

“There’s not much to see or do in Tripura”

So what if Tripura is the third smallest state of our country? There’s still a lot you can do and explore in this charming state. There are many religious sites like the Jagannath and Kali temples that are visited by both locals and tourists throughout the year. Apart from their religious significance, these temples are also known for their architectural beauty. 

Exploring the rich wildlife is one of the most popular things to do in Tripura. The state is home to several rare animal and plant species. There are many sanctuaries that you can visit where you can enjoy short treks or go bird watching. Tripura is also a great place for enjoying some quiet time amidst nature. You can also admire the beautiful coffee plantations, botanical gardens, and blooming orchards of the state.

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Go Check Out


Your trip to Tripura would be incomplete without taking a tour of Agartala. It’s the capital city of the state and known to be the second largest city in the Northeastern region after Guwahati. Beautiful valleys, lush green forests, and roaring waterfalls surround the beautiful city of Tripura. 

It’s home to several heritage structures and old buildings that add to its charm. A place worth visiting in Agartala is the Ujjayanta Palace. It was once the palace of the royal Tripura kings and today, has become an iconic attraction in Tripura.


Udaipur in Tripura holds two titles - it’s known as the ‘City of Lakes’ as well as the ‘City of Temples’. The major attractions of this city are the Tripura Sundari and Bhubaneshwari temples. This city also has tons of artificial lakes that add to its beauty of it. 

One such tranquil lake is the Bijoy Sagar Lake that is visited by tourists all round the year. Tourists who visit here often enjoy the rich wildlife of the place. The major attraction for bird watching is the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can spot various species of migratory birds. 

Jampui Hills

Jampui Hills are a sight to behold in Tripura and are at an altitude of around 3,000 feet. These hills have become a scenic attraction of Tripura because of the pleasant weather and natural beauty. When you visit the hills, one thing is certain, you wouldn’t want to go back home! 

The many orange gardens and orchids over here are nothing but a treat to the eyes. From Jampui Hills, you get to witness the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets that’ll make your trip a memorable one. You’ll also get panoramic views of Mizoram, hill tracts of Chittagong, and many other regions of Tripura.


Ambassa is a quaint district of Tripura. Here, you’ll get the ultimate experience of greenery and wildlife that’ll leave you speechless. Just so you know, there are several tribal communities residing in this little district. So, you’ll also get to experience and explore their rich culture and traditions. Ambassa has become a popular travel destination because of its amazing regional cuisine. 

One of the most visited places here is Long Tharari Mandir, which is known for the kumphi flowers that bloom there. Pilgrims come here not only to pay their respects to the temple but to admire the beautiful scenery around. You can also pay a visit to the Juice Plant, located around 38 km from Ambass. It’s the go-to place for buying various handicrafts of Tripura.


How Many Days Are Enough For Tripura?

If you want to explore all the major cities and towns and all the famous attractions there, a 1-week trip to Tripura would be enough. But if you’re planning a short trip here, a 3-5 days trip will give you just enough time to take a tour of only the major attractions of the state.

Is Tripura Worth A Visit?

You’ll get to take a tour of several heritage sites and explore the various cultures of different tribes in Tripura. The state also has an abundance of natural resources that gives it its surreal beauty. So, a trip to Tripura is definitely worth it!

Are Tripura And Assam The Same?

No, Tripura and Assam are not the same. They are two different northeastern states of India.

What Is Tripura Best Known For?

Tripura is best known for its tea, orange, and orchid plantations. Apart from that, the state is also known for the many religious temples and the tribal communities residing here.

What To Buy From Tripura?

If you’re traveling to Tripura, the most famous things to buy here are cane and bamboo handicrafts. You can buy items like bags, hats, baskets, hand fans, and chairs. Many of these items are also known to be imported to many different places.

What Is Tripura’s Famous Food?

Non-vegetarian food is very famous in Tripura. One of the most popular foods enjoyed by the locals here is Mui Borok. It’s fish curry that is very spicy and is considered very healthy.

What Is The Famous Sweet Dish Of Tripura?

Kheer Tua is one of the famous sweet dishes of Tripura. It’s made with cottage cheese, milk, and sugar.

What Is Famous In Agartala?

Agartala is famous for Ujjayanta Palace, a historical and architectural marvel. The city is also famous for its gurgling waterfalls, beautiful valleys, and lush green forests with rich flora and fauna.

  • Region
    North East India
  • Places To See In Tripura
    Neermahal, Unakoti Rock Carvings, Tripurasundari Temple, Ujjayanta Palace Museum and Jagannath Bari
  • Best Time To Visit
    October to February
  • What's The Weather Like?
    The climate in Tripura is usually hot, humid and rainy during summer and monsoon season. In winters it usually tends to be pleasant, and cool.
  • Food You Must Try
    Mosdeng Serma, Chuak, Gudok, Mui Borok.
  • Language
    Kokborok, Bengali and English.
  • Ola/Uber
  • Airport
  • Trains
  • Buses