8 Must-Go Treks In Northeast India For That Adventurous Holiday

8 Fun Treks In Northeast India

Commonly overlooked by many travelers, Northeast India is a well-kept secret of the country. Famous for its rustic charm, this region is bursting with tourism potential, yet it remains largely unexplored. This region is the ultimate dreamland for those who love to take the offbeat path and are enticed by the idea of an adventurous holiday. The Himalayan mountains, the deep gorges and valleys, the raging rivers, and the warm and friendly natives, ensure that you fall in love with the Seven Sisters.

Not only this, but the region is filled with several trekking trails that let you explore the untouched places to experience alluring nature and the native culture of the Northeast. If you’re a true adventure junkie, check out the following 8 fun treks in Northeast India that will give you the ultimate adrenaline rush.

8 Fun Treks In Northeast India

  1. Goecha La Trek
  2. Sandakphu Trek
  3. MonpaTrail Trek
  4. Dzukou Valley Trek
  5. Krem Mawsmai, Krem Mawmluh, and Krem Umshyrpi Caves Trail
  6. Green Lake Trek
  7. Namdapha Trek
  8. Yambong Singalila Trek

Goecha La Trek

Die-hard fans of the famous Mount Kanchenjunga, which is in fact the third-tallest mountain in the world, simply cannot afford to miss out on the Goecha La Trek. Renowned for being one of the most difficult yet breathtakingly beautiful Northeast trek, it offers you some amazing views of the eastern side of Mountain Kanchenjunga, and 13 other magnificent summits like Mt. Pandim, Simvo, Kabru, and so on. The first rays of the sun touching the peaks and the orange hues of the skies during the sunrise is an unparalleled sight.

Ascending to the height of more than 15,000 feet, the trekking trail of the Goecha La Peak leaves you mesmerized. The glassy glacial lakes, the thick oak, pine, maple, and chestnut jungles, and vibrant flower bushes like rhododendrons, orchids, and magnolias add to the entire charm of the trek. Exotic birds like the rufous-vented yuhina, red-billed leothrix, and fire-breasted flowerpecker sing from the depths of the woods and keep you enchanted. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Duration Of The Trek: 9–12 days

Best Time To Visit: April to May and October to November

Starting Point: Yuksom, Sikkim

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Trekking in Sikkim

Sandakphu Trek

Located at the very edge of the Singalila Range just a few kilometers away from the Indo-Nepal Border, the Sandakphu Peak along with its trekking trails embodies the ethereal beauty of the region. Known for being the highest peak in the state of West Bengal, the one-of-a-kind Sandakphu Peak is an avid trekker’s paradise. That’s because it offers you the majestic views of 4 out of the world’s tallest peaks, namely, Kanchenjunga, Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu.

The trekking route runs down the panoramic Singalila ridge and allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of some of the most ecologically-rich temperate forests of India. The trekking trail is located inside the Singalila National Park which is a biodiversity hotspot. Engulfed in a mystical vibe, this location is decorated with primulas, magnolias, rhododendrons, orchids (more than 400 species!), and many other colorful flower beds.

To add to that, this national park is known for housing over 250 species of birds and several exotic animal species like the red pandas. So don’t forget to grab on to a pair of binoculars before you set out on the adventurous trek.

Duration Of The Trek: 6–8 days

Best Time To Visit: April to June, and October to December

Starting Point: Mane Bhanjang, West Bengal

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Monpa Trail Trek

A perfect blend of splendorous Himalayan nature, native cultural heritage, and a thrilling adventure, the Monpa Trail Trek is the pride of Arunachal Pradesh. This state entices all types of travelers with its thick woodlands, secluded valleys that are only accessible by foot, rivers meandering through deep gorges, and snow-capped peaks. The western part of Arunachal which houses Tawang and Bomdila is home to the Monpas, a native Buddhist tribe that stay in the remote valleys and enjoy the ethereal beauty of Monpas.

The trek takes you through some thick temperate woodlands that help you become one with nature. While you stroll along the trails, you’ll be met with some really grand views of the Gorichen Peak which is the tallest mountain in Arunachal. This trek allows you to visit Tawang, which is the world’s biggest Buddhist Monastery.

Along with that, you also get to admire the scenic glacial lakes that are scattered all over the mountain ranges of Arunachal. Additionally, interacting with the friendly Monpa tribe, enjoying their traditional folklore, and sipping on hot tea with your fellow trekkers will really be the highlight of your trek.

Duration Of The Trek: 8–10 days

Best Time To Visit: November to April

Starting Point: Lagam, Arunachal Pradesh

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Trekking trail in Arunachal Pradesh

Dzukou Valley Trek

Are you tired of trekking to some of the toughest snow-clad mountain peaks of the Himalayas and need a change of scene? If yes, then give the Dzukou Valley trek a try! Renowned as Nagaland’s most stunning valley, the Dzukou Valley Trek will treat you with some stunning vistas of bright green rolling hills, dense woodlands, babbling brooks snaking their way across the landscape, and innumerable multicolored flower beds. It is undoubtedly among the best treks in Nagaland.

The geography of this location points towards the fact that the valley actually sits at the bottom of a huge crater of a volcano that was active hundreds of years ago. The valley houses some really enchanting forests that are filled with oak trees and vibrant rhododendrons.

Capture some pictures against the backdrop of these ravishing forests and brighten up your Instagram feed. The trekking trail takes you through the village of Khonoma which is an unmissable location. Known to be the best trek for beginners, the Dzukou Valley Trek will let you partake in the traditional Naga culture and engage in their native folk dances as well.

Duration Of The Trek: 5–6 days

Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

Starting Point: Kohima, Nagaland

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Krem Mawsmai, Krem Mawmluh, and Krem Umshyrpi Caves Trail

Located in Meghalaya, the hauntingly beautiful city of Shillong has several shorter trekking trails that lead you on an exhilarating adventure. The one trekking trail that stands out amongst all others is the Krem Mawsmai, Krem Mawmluh, and Krem Umshyrpi Caves Trail. Resting just a few kilometers away from Cherrapunjee, the Krem Mawsmai, Krem Mawmluh, and Krem Umshyrpi limestone caves form a confusing maze within the Khasi and Jaintia Hills.

These mysterious trails take you about 40 feet deep inside the ground. The caverns display some really odd, yet fascinating and stunning natural structures. These caves in Nagaland will let you witness the magnificent crystalline formations and deposits that go way back in time.

Sprawled over roughly 7 kilometers, the walls and dingy paths are faintly lit up by natural light and halogen lamps. Despite being visited by many tourists each year, some parts of this cave still remain undiscovered and unmapped. Perfect for beginners, trekking through these caves offer you a glimpse into the intriguing happenings of the past.

Duration Of The Trek: 6–7 hours

Best Time To Visit: November - February

Starting Point: Shillong, Meghalaya

Trekking tours in Meghalaya

Green Lake Trek

Every explorer is aware of the fact that many trekking trails in Sikkim are still untouched by trekkers and remain unmapped. The Green Lake Trek of North Sikkim is one such trek that takes you through some remote woods and tribal settlements that rest at a high altitude in the mighty Himalayan ranges. The trek essentially takes you through forests where you can witness primulas, blue poppies, and rhododendrons in their full bloom. The alpine tree forests and the vibrant wildlife dwelling here will blow your mind completely.

After traversing various ravishing forests, valleys, and villages that decorate the foothills of Mount Kanchenjunga, you will finally reach the Green Lake base camp. Located at a height of over 16,400 feet, the glassy lake along with its lush green surroundings is mind-numbingly stunning. The glorious views of Mount Kanchenjunga and other incredible Himalayan peaks will literally take your breath away. Don’t forget to interact with the locals and listen to the fascinating stories they have to tell about the lake. Similarly, do carry your binoculars so that you don’t miss out on watching the exotic birds that dwell here. 

Duration Of The Trek: 13–15 days

Best Time To Visit: April to May and October to November

Starting Point: Lachen, Sikkim

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Namdapha Trek

Have you ever fancied walking through impenetrable rainforests and witnessing the magical sun rays escaping through the tiny gaps of the trees? If yes, then be prepared to have your mind blown by the Namdapha Trek. This trek lets you discover trails that run through the very heart of the Namdapha National Park that’s located in the eastern part of Arunachal Pradesh. A slice of heaven on earth, this forest is brimming with towering trees and clusters of bamboos that form some magnificent arches. The joy you feel when you walk through a bunch of colorful butterflies is truly unparalleled.

Sprawling over more than 2,000 sq km, this park is the only park that houses four big cats, namely, leopard, snow leopard, cloud leopard, and the tiger. Rightly known as a paradise for bird watchers, you can catch a glimpse of more than 500 species of birds here. If this wasn’t enough, this bewitching park is adorned with more than 100 floral species and every corner of the forests has so much to offer. Be it getting friendly with the Lisu tribe or crossing streams over shaking footbridges, you’ll have an experience of your lifetime on this trek.

Duration Of The Trek: 7–9 days

Best Time To Visit: October to February

Starting Point: Miao, Arunachal Pradesh

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Yambong Singalila Trek

Nestled away in a remote corner of West Sikkim, the Yambong Valley is one of the most prominent highlights of the Singalila Range. Offering the views of 5 of the most important Himalayan Peaks (Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Pandim), the trek is filled with narrow trails run very closely alongside the Indo-Nepal border. The Rhimbi River gushing across the landscapes, the Himalayan jungles, the glacial lakes, and the majestic ridges adorn the slopes of the beautiful Singalila Ranges.

Home to some of the rarest species of flowers, birds, and animals, the Yambong Valley is visited the most by nature-lovers. Don’t be surprised if you sight an endangered animal like the red panda, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan tahr, etc. If you’re lucky, you also might spot a variety of pheasants like the Himalayan monal, blood pheasant, and satyr tragopan. Going for this trek during the spring season is the best thing to do if you enjoy a landscape filled with a riot of colors. Offering a perfect blend of native culture and rich nature, the Yambong Singalila Trek is a must for every trekking enthusiast.

Duration Of The Trek: 10–11 days

Best Time To Visit: April to June and September to November

Starting Point: Yuksam and Nambu village, Sikkim

Trekking through Northeast India

Summing Up

From lush green rainforests, snow-clad mountain peaks, tranquil glacial lakes, verdant valleys, to raging rivers, there are a variety of landscapes to discover when it comes to trekking in the Northeast. So grab on to your trekking gears, pack all your essentials, and set out on an adventurous trek in Northeast India.


What Is The Best Time For Trekking In Sikkim?

The best time for trekking in Sikkim depends completely on your preferences. If trekking through layers of milky-white snow and battling the cold winter breeze appeals to you, visit Sikkim from October to January. If lush green valleys studded with wildflowers and sunny weather sound great, March to June is the time for you to go trekking in Sikkim. On the contrary, if monsoon trekking in the misty weather seems desirable, June to September is the best time to trek in Sikkim.

How Do I Get To Green Lake Sikkim?

You can get to Green Lake of Sikkim by trekking through some of the most alluring trekking trails of the state. Your trek starts off from Lachen and then you proceed trekking on to Zema, Tallem, Jakthang, Yabuk, and then finally Green Lake.

How Do I Prepare For Goechala Trek?

You should know that the Goecha La Trek will require you to trek for at least 12 hours a stretch. In order to ensure that you build up that kind of stamina and are thoroughly fit, we suggest that you indulge in cardio exercises like climbing stairs, cycling, running, jogging, etc., on a daily basis. Jogging 5 kilometers daily will help you build stamina which will come in handy during the Goecha La Trek.

Can We See K2 From Sandakphu?

Sandakphu being the highest peak in the state of West Bengal offers you grand views of some of the tallest peaks in the world. You can clearly view the K2 and the Everest peak along with the whole Kanchenjunga range from the Sandakphu Peak.

What Things Should I Must Carry While Trekking In North East India?

You never know what situations you might encounter while you are trekking in the dense forests and snowy mountain ranges of the North East. That’s why it is advisable to keep the following essentials handy to ensure that you have a safe yet fun experience.

  • First aid kit

  • Trekking shoes (Waterproof)

  • Rain gear

  • Basic medicines

  • Warm clothing

  • Torches

  • Power bank

  • Documents

  • Cash

Is Northeast India Worth Visiting?

The Northeast is a relatively unexplored part and is a paradise of a place. With winding valleys, thick forests, exotic fauna, and flora the Northeast is definitely worth visiting.

Which Month Is Best For Trekking In India?

Summers in India (March to June) is the best time to go trekking as the climate is super favorable and comfortable for treks.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Northeast India?

The months between March to June are the best time to visit the Northeast India.