Uttarakhand: Ghost Villages in Pauri District Quarantine Returning Migrants

Uttarakhand is using their abandoned villages to quarantine returning migrants.

Uttarakhand has been gearing up for the return of stranded migrants from across the country. To ensure they can quarantine their citizens and contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus, they have turned to the abandoned houses of Pauri District.

Pauri district in Uttarakhand is known for their ghost villages and abandoned houses, after residents of these villages from the Pauri district left for greener pastures. This happened primarily due to a lack of infrastructure and in search of better employment opportunities.

These dilapidated houses make for the perfect conditions to build quarantine centers, as they largely lie on the outskirts and are farther away from Panchayat Bhavans and local schools, which are far more central and likely to expose more villagers as compared to these abandoned houses.

The Ghost villages of Pauri are coming in extremely handy for Uttarakhand. A state that is expected to have one of the highest migrant returns. Here’s hoping the ghost villages of Uttarakhand come in handy in helping its citizens fight this novel strenuous virus.