India Eases Quarantine Rules For Travelers Returning to India From Abroad

Travel News: Quarantine Rules Eased for Travelers Flying Into India

The government issued a fresh set of guidelines  for international travelers that are traveling or returning to India from abroad. These guidelines are issued with the intention of easing the quarantine rules on the travelers returning to the country. However, there are several exceptions for people arriving in the country in situations of distress.

People arriving in the country owing to distressful situations, like death, serious illness, pregnancy or are parents with children under 10-years of age, have been granted exemption from the 7-day mandatory institutional quarantine rule.

It’s important to note that people with serious situations or ‘compelling reasons’, as stated by the government advisory, are exempted from serving the mandatory institutional quarantine. However, they’re still expected to undergo 14 days of home quarantine.

Passengers are required to apply to to seek relief at least 72 hours before they board their flight. The decision on their request will be communicated to them online.

Regular passengers can also seek to evade the institutional quarantine by seeking exemption. Passengers are required to submit a negative RT-PCT test on arrival. These tests will have to be conducted within 96 hours of taking the journey and these passengers will still have to undergo the 14-day home quarantine.

Another striking change is that initially travelers were asked to register with the Indian embassy in the country they were residing. However, now passengers can register themselves online on