Travel Jobs To Make Money While Enjoying Traveling

You've just returned from a two-week vacation and are already planning another one for next year. Even though your bags are yet to be unpacked, you’re eager to embark on your next vacation. If this is the case, you most likely have a bad case of a travel bug. But you also have to eat and pay your expenses, right?

What if there was a means of satiating your wanderlust without jeopardizing your finances? In your instance, a travel job may be able to kill two birds with one stone, and we’re here to support you in finding the finest one for your skills. So, keep reading our list of 8 travel jobs to make money while enjoying traveling and hopefully you’ll find your perfect match!

8 Travel Jobs To Make Money While Enjoying Traveling

  1. Flight Attendant
  2. Local Tour Guide
  3. Bartending Jobs
  4. Photographer
  5. Travel Blogger
  6. Work at Hostels
  7. Scuba Diving Instructor
  8. Videography / Vlogging / YouTube

1. Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant has its own allure. This job lets you travel to all corners of the globe for free and meet interesting people. You can travel both domestically and internationally, and get a solid salary, paid accommodation, and extra cash supplied by the airlines for expenses during the stay.

Now to take on this role, you require at least a high school degree. Some airlines also ask for a college degree, which you can check on their website. Some airlines also have other criteria like not having any visible tattoos or piercings. Your height must be between 4'11" and 6'3", and the weight must be proportionate to your height. The job is definitely not all gold and glitter because it entails rigorous training, annoying customers, and a lot of work. But if traveling is genuinely your passion, it's well worth it!

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Travel Jobs To Make Money While Enjoying Traveling

2. Local Tour Guide

At one point or another, we all have hired a tour guide on vacation to help us explore, right? Well, it's the obvious choice of role for people who love traveling and sharing experiences with new people. You can consider being a self-employed tour guide or working for an international tour company.

Of course, a bit of field research is required to understand the cost of these services and accordingly set yours to attract travelers. On a lucky day, you can definitely earn extra tips and other benefits with happy tourists. To become a tour guide, you don’t need any formal schooling. But, understanding the city's culture, history, cuisine, and hidden mysteries will definitely come in handy.

Popular cities throughout the world are always looking for courteous, competent guides to accompany tourists and promote tourism. To start, you can contact local travel agencies, which are always looking for tour guides. Build a rapport with the cab/taxi drivers who can recommend your name to visitors, or you can hunt out tour guide jobs online. People skills will be your way to go, so make sure you wear your best smile!

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3. Bartending Jobs

Endlessly used as the cool job in movies, bartending actually is one! People travel worldwide, working in bars, pouring beverages, and mixing cocktails. This profession lets you earn money as you travel, and develop valuable hospitality skills. Bartending is an extremely adaptable job that doesn't require you to have any degree and is in high demand worldwide.

It’s an entertaining career for people who enjoy a fast-paced work environment and socializing with others. It sure is an add-on for you if you are in love with alcohol too (Like us!). Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are all across the world, and the work description is nearly the same.

Speaking the language of the area can help you go a long way and get you extra tips as well to listen to someone vent/boast. You can definitely consider joining a few weeks of language courses. Bartending can be an excellent choice due to the flexible working hours.

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Travel Jobs To Make Money While Enjoying Traveling

4. Photographer

Being a photographer and selling your photographs all over the world is a wonderful career, but it also requires a lot of labor. You may upload several photos to microstock or sell clients individual photos for use in magazines, books, advertisements, or websites. While a degree is not a must here, having a professional certification will help you advance in your job.

Be sure to specialize in a subject designed for travel, such as destination weddings, landscape photography, or wildlife photography. This way you can exhibit your skill, travel, and get paid for your efforts. If your social media following grows, you may be able to be contracted for paid "influencer" projects or even for superstar photoshoots.

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Travel Jobs To Make Money While Enjoying Traveling

5. Travel Blogging

If writing is your jam and words come naturally to you while you travel, you can definitely consider travel blogging to earn some money. During your travel, you can write on a variety of themes and take advantage of numerous affiliation and collaboration possibilities. Just remember to be patient with the flow of traffic at first and stay consistent. To get yourself started, you’ll need is an internet connection, a laptop/ mobile, and knowledge of the language you want to write in.

People are constantly looking for the coolest things to do, the best restaurants to eat, and the list of popular locations to see when they travel to a new location. You can get a lot of traffic to your page and start monetizing it with the appropriate keyword approach. Your blog can be a reflection based on firsthand experience, which is highly regarded by readers.

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6. Work At Hostels

The job is exactly as it sounds. It’s a type of collaborative tourism in which you receive food, lodging, and, in some cases, money in exchange for working with the hostels. Many hostels have established a program to cover recurrent roles on a short-term basis in exchange for a stay and meal. Several professional options are available, ranging from front-desk work and artwork to cleaning and bartending.

This work presents you with perks, including freebies, a limitless number of people to meet, and frequently entertaining activities and events to participate in. These entry-level travel jobs often don’t necessitate you to have a computer or a college degree. You get the freedom to enjoy everything the place has to offer so you don't end up losing your main goal(travel). And hey, let’s not forget that, finding a local job while traveling is one of the finest ways to explore and learn about diverse cultures. Zostel and Worldpackers are some of the many hostels providing these opportunities that you can explore.

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7. Scuba Diving Instructor

Scuba diving is a popular adventure sport all around the world that you too must be aware of. All the way from India to Iceland, the scuba diving community travels extensively in search of the greatest dive spots. The qualification process for becoming a diving master might take several weeks in gorgeous locales like Utila, Honduras, or Koh Tao, Thailand. It may sound extensive but aquaphiles will never get enough of this. To become a divemaster, you must first pass the divemaster training, be a rescue diver, and have completed at least 60 dives.

Following that, you must find a job at a dive shop or on a liveaboard boat. The Padi job board is an excellent resource for finding work. If you want to teach others how to become PADI-certified divers, you may do so with extra training. Divemaster's salary isn't terrific, but it's adequate enough to let you explore while paying your bills. Depending on the engagement, you can also earn free or discounted housing and meals, gratuities from clients, the pleasure of working in exotic locations, and, of course, free diving!

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Travel Jobs To Make Money While Enjoying Traveling

8. Videography/ Vlogging/ Youtube

Another dream job is getting paid to travel and produce films, and some individuals make a hefty income doing so. You'll need to build up your social profiles (especially Instagram and YouTube) so that you have the statistics and reach that firms want. In this role, a lot depends on the firm you work with, and in some cases, can be expected to produce deliverables such as social media shares, YouTube videos, or blog posts. Lodging, food, excursions, and flights are all provided, and you also earn a payment.

Filming and selling stock footage, becoming a popular YouTuber, or creating highly polished marketing films for tourism boards and travel organizations are all choices. Basically, the world is your oyster! You should have a thorough understanding of film, editing, networking, and marketing. Of course, travel is required for this work as it surely helps in generating fantastic material.

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Travel Jobs To Make Money While Enjoying Traveling

Summing Up

We’re sure you’re blown by this list of travel jobs. Travel is one way to spice up your workday, and it's apparent that it is accessible to a wide range of job roles. So what’re you waiting for, go right ahead and strategize what role suits your personality and skills the best and step into the world of travel and exploration.


What Traveling Job Makes The Most Money?

Some of the high-paying travel jobs to consider are airline pilot, hotel manager, and Infection preventionist.

How To Travel For A Living?

The most conventional way to make a living while traveling is as a flight attendant. You can explore your destination in between flights.

What Is Pay For Travel Called?

Per diem payments are advantageous for individuals whose occupations include significant travel. Such travel can result in significant annual business costs for lodging, food, transportation, and so on.

How Can I Live Abroad For Free?

Worldpackers and Zostle are platforms that link visitors with hosts from all around the world. In return for free lodging, travelers might work for their hosts. Hence, while some effort is necessary, this is effectively free living abroad.

What Does A Flight Attendant Do?

Flight attendants welcome passengers as they board the plane, show them to their seats, and assist them as needed. Before the plane takes off, flight attendants show the location and appropriate use of safety equipment to all passengers, either in person or by video recording.

Can I Be A Bartender If I Don't Drink?

Bartenders aren’t required to drink. You can function like one while having no urge for booze. Bar owners look for employees that have a professional manner and strong ethics, can mix cocktails, protect the establishment's interests, and give excellent customer service.