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Top Things To Do In Ooty In July

Ooty is located amongst the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, so you know right away that this is an enchanting place. It's also known as “Queen of Hill Stations'' and is an all-year haven for nature lovers. However, its allure is at its best during the rainy season. This is when it becomes more charming and enticing than ever. If you're considering a brief trip to Ooty during the monsoons, don't let the rains deter you. Here are all the top things to do in Ooty in July.

6 Top Things To Do In Ooty

  1. Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train
  2. Ooty Lake
  3. Botanical Gardens
  4. Doddabetta Peak
  5. Pykara Falls
  6. Tea Museum

1. Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train

There couldn’t be a better way of experiencing the lush greenery of Ooty in monsoon than riding up the Nilgiri Mountains by a toy train. Yes, a toy train! It’s simply a small train with six coaches because it’s not possible to use normal-sized trains here. Don’t let its size fool you, this mighty train is powerful enough to give you a smooth ride in the mountains. The journey will take about 4-5 hours and it begins from Mettupalayam and ends in Ooty. You’ll go through, wait for it, 150 bridges, 108 curves, and 16 tunnels in one ride!

The beauty of a freshly washed-up mountain with petrichor flooding your senses with green tints and little water streams is phenomenal. You can keep your windows closed, but if you’d like to feel the blooming nature, you know what to do! The ticket price starts from INR 395 onwards.

Entry Fees: NA

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2. Ooty Lake

Boating in the rain is definitely the type of activity that you shouldn’t miss out on. You can do it at Ooty Lake, which spans 65 acres and is flanked by Eucalyptus trees and the majestic Nilgiri Hills.

It’s the perfect romantic thing to do with your loved ones and you can choose from the various types of boats available here. It’s no surprise that this is one of the top tourist activities in Ooty.

Entry Fees: INR 13

3. Government Botanical Garden

The Government Botanical Garden at Ooty is spread across 22 hectares and sits on the foothills of Doddabetta Hill. The entire garden is split into various parts that are well-manicured to offer an attractive visual. As soon as you enter the garden, you’ll be greeted with an endless amount of vibrant colors.

Here you can take a laid-back stroll with your friends and family, and dive into a deep conversation. Your surroundings will be so mesmerizing that you’ll easily lose track of time.

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4. Doddabetta Peak

The highlight of visiting a hill station is going to its highest summit, taking a long gaze at the surroundings, and feeling triumphant! You can experience the same in Ooty by visiting Doddabetta Peak, which is at an elevation of 2,637 meters.

It’s extremely popular for cloud hunting. You can literally see these cotton puffs pass right through you at such a height. Here's a tip, take a break at the 6th mile and 9th mile as they have the most stunning views of Ooty.

Entry Fees: NA

5. Pykara Falls

Another enchanting place you can visit in Ooty is Pykara Falls, which originates from Mukurthi Peak. You’ll first be greeted by the Pykara Lake and then the waterfall, which, though not high, cascades beautifully.

Both sides of the waterfall are edged by lush green mountains which add to the scenic view. This roaring waterfall is considered sacred by the people of this region and it offers a reviving experience for those in search of tranquility. You can also partake in boating activities at Pykara Lake which costs around INR 175.

Entry Fees: NA

6. Tea Museum

If you’re into tea, be it black or milk, visiting the Tea Museum is one of the things you must do in Ooty. It tells you about the history of tea and its evolution in the Nilgiris. Once you are done with your tour, you’ll be given a complimentary cup of tea. This hot tea is often flavored with cardamom, which enhances the flavor and warms you during the chilly Ooty weather.

Did we mention that lush green tea plantations surround this museum! This entire visit is going to be a heavenly experience. If you want to take a part of this experience with you, do visit any of the souvenir stores here. You can buy tea leaves, teacups, plates, and more.

Entry fee: INR 250

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Summing Up

The best part of visiting Ooty in the months of monsoon is that you get less crowds and rates of most things are reduced. That’s right, the cost of accommodation, entry fees, and boating services are all cut down, making it quite a budget-friendly getaway. So pack your bags and head to a perfect outing to Ooty with your friends and family.


Is It Good To Go To Ooty In July?

Yes, July is a beautiful month with sunlight and a few sprinkles. This makes Ooty look all the more enchanting.

Is It Safe To Visit Ooty During Monsoon?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to visit Ooty during monsoon season.

Which Month Is Best For Tourists In Ooty?

March to June are the best months for tourists to visit Ooty.

What Is Ooty Famously Known As?

Ooty is famously known as the “Queen of Hill Stations” and also as the “Queen of Nilgiris”.

What Is The Climate In Ooty In July?

In July, the maximum morning temperature in Ooty is 19°C, while the lowest night temperature is about 12°C. This time of year is ideal for those who enjoy the rain and prefer to avoid crowds.

How Many Days Are Required For A Trip To Ooty?

Ooty is a gorgeous and modest place that takes around three days to explore. You can cover all of the key attractions in the span of three days.

Which Railway Station Is Nearest To Ooty?

Mettupalayam is the nearest railway station to Ooty, at a distance of 47 km.

Which Language Is Spoken In Ooty?

Tamil is the official language of Ooty. You'll also find many locals who speak Malayalam and Kannada. Some people here also speak Tulu.