Top 7 Things To Do In Lakshadweep

A tropical archipelago of 36 atolls and coral reefs in the Laccadive Sea, Lakshadweep is India’s smallest yet one of the prettiest union territories out there. The name ‘Lakshadweep’ originating from a Malayalam and Sanskrit word meaning ‘a hundred thousand islands’, this exquisite gem of India is well known for its white sand beaches, sapphire lagoons, and immaculate natural features.

Places to Travel in 2021, Top 7 Things To Do In Lakshadweep

Whether you’re planning a romantic honeymoon, an exotic beachside holiday, or are looking for the perfect spot to try out various water sport activities, the secret islands of Lakshadweep can fulfill all your wishes. To help you make the most of your experience, here’s our curated list of the top 7 things to do in Lakshadweep that promise an enchanting experience for all types of travelers.

7 Things You Must Do In Lakshadweep

  1. Discover The Wonders Of Minicoy Island
  2. Soak In The Beauty Of Agatti Island
  3. Go Kite Surfing And Fishing In The Lagoons Of Kadmat Island
  4. Enjoy Scuba Diving And Other Water Activities At Kalpeni Island
  5. Explore The Marine Museum At Kavaratti Island
  6. Experience The Lively Nightlife Of Lakshadweep Islands
  7. Get Acquainted With Local Life And Indulge In Local Delicacies

Discover The Wonders Of Minicoy Island

Located amidst the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea, Minicoy Island is a hidden gem of Lakshadweep. Locally known as Maliku, Minicoy Island is exclusively known for its luxury beach resorts, vibrant coral reefs, lush greenery, and rich cultural heritage. The mysterious history and unique culture of the island is what sets it apart from the other inlets of the archipelago. From the local language to the cultural dance, Minicoy Island is distinctive in all features. While Mahl is the official language spoken on the island, you can also witness a variety of folk dances including Lava, Dandi, Fuli, and Thara.

One of the most interesting features of Minicoy Island is the 300-foot tall lighthouse. Built by the British around 1885, the lighthouse offers a spectacular view of the pristine blue waters and multihued reefs of the crescent-shaped island from the top. Juma Masjid is yet another attraction of this picturesque island. Home to a number of rich ancient sculptors, the old mosque holds both historical and religious significance. While exploring the island, you might also spot some ‘Jahadhonis’ or traditional, colorful boats which are exclusively used for boat races and receiving dignitaries.

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Soak In The Beauty Of Agatti Island

As one of the few inhabited islands of Lakshadweep, Agatti Island is full of beautiful geographical formations and exotic marine life. Also known as the ‘Fishing Capital of Lakshadweep’, Agatti Island is truly a paradise for all offbeat travelers and beach lovers. The tropical climate and the calm waters of the island make it an ideal spot for those wanting to rejuvenate as well as for those who want to dive into the world of water sports. Interestingly, Agatti Island is home to the only airstrip of Lakshadweep and is among the prime areas connecting the different islands of the archipelago together.

5 Beaches To Visit For A Socially Distant Break, 7 Things To Do In Lakshadweep

Picture-perfect vistas and enticing activities aren’t only the attractions of Agatti Island. The rich culture depicted by the place truly stands out like none other, making it a must-visit destination on your itinerary. The high-spirited festivals and vibrant celebrations throughout the year keep the locals as well as tourists from all over hooked on this scenic island. With a Muslim-majority population, the island is full of joy and its liveliest best during the celebrations of Id-Ul-Fitr after the month of Ramadan.

Go Kite Surfing And Fishing In The Lagoons Of Kadmat Island

With silvery sand beaches and azure blue waters, Kadmat Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lakshadweep. Not just the splendid views, but a number of other activities offered by the island attract tourists to flock to this place. Fishing and kite surfing are the most sought-after activities here. Surrounded by an entrancing lagoon with a variety of marine life, fishing during the early hours of the day is a one-of-its-kind experience in this island.

Belonging to the Amindivi subgroup of islands of the Lakshadweep archipelago, Kadmat Island can be reached by a short helicopter ride from Agatti Island. The months from October through May are an ideal time to visit this place to enjoy the various water activities to the fullest. The mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets witnessed at Kadmat Island also make it an ideal destination to just unwind and enjoy a peaceful sunbathing session. And while you’re there, you can also shop around for some coconut powder and oil from the factory at Kadmat Island.

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Enjoy Scuba Diving And Other Water Activities At Kalpeni Island

Also known as Koefaini, Kalpeni Island is an amalgamation of 3 different islands namely Cheriyam, Pitti, and Tillakkam. It is one of the most picturesque islands of Lakshadweep and is famous for its colorful and enchanting underwater life. With hundreds of exotic corals present at the shore, Kalpeni island is the perfect spot for experiencing the best of scuba diving. The sight of a school of fishes and exotic varieties of coral which you’ve only probably seen on the National Geographic channel until now is something to behold when you experience the thrill of scuba diving at Kalpeni Island.

The experienced scuba diving instructors will help you prepare well to dive in the underwater world and explore the aquatic beauty. Though the cost could vary from island to island, the average price for scuba diving would range between INR 1,500 – INR 3,000, inclusive of all equipment and underwater photography, if you choose. Not just scuba diving, but Kalpeni Island is a hotspot for other water activities as well. From snorkeling and reef walking to canoeing and sailing yachts, there’s everything to please your adventure-loving personality.

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Explore The Marine Museum At Kavaratti Island

If you want to explore the marine life of Lakshadweep, make sure to add a visit to the Marine Museum on your itinerary. Located in Kavaratti Island, the Marine Museum showcases a plethora of marine-related artifacts as well as some varied species of fishes and water animals. The museum was established around 1983 with the aim to preserve and promote all marine products. The colorful multi-hued fishes and the rare aquatic species found here are not just a great sight but also an interesting source of gaining information on marine life.

 7 Things To Do In Lakshadweep

Apart from the Marine Museum, Kavaratti Island is also home to numerous atolls, coral reefs, and submerged banks. It is known for its vast expanse of coconut trees as well as sparkling white sand beaches. Adventure lovers can also enjoy jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving, and motorboat riding on this island while exploring the varied aquatic life. Urja Mosque, the only sacred place on the island, is also worth visiting when in Kavaratti.

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Experience The Lively Nightlife Of Lakshadweep Islands

After you’ve soaked in the beauty of the sun-kissed beaches, experiencing the nightlife at some of the Lakshadweep islands will be a unique and lively affair. With pleasant weather, enchanting music, and ambrosial vibes, you’ll be transported to another world making memories all along. If enjoying barbecue paired with some alcohol is your idea of a fun night, Bangaram Island is surely your place to be. It is also the only island of Lakshadweep that provides alcohol and is ideal for a party animal.

Agatti Island and Minicoy Island are some other places to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Lakshadweep. You can get enchanted by the angelic beauty of Agatti Island and look out for the bioluminescent plankton, or more commonly known as glow worms under the mellow moonlight. Minicoy Island, on the other hand, is full of amazing restaurants and beachside eateries that will leave you fascinated with their whole night dining experience. Not just with its pleasant daytime activities, but Lakshadweep also keeps you enchanted with its colorful and lively nightlife experience.

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Get Acquainted With Local Life And Indulge In Local Delicacies

Probably one of the best ways of truly experiencing the essence of a place is by mingling with the locals and learning about their culture. The numerous islands of Lakshadweep are home to some age-old customs and unique traditions. Lying in close proximity to Kerala, the culture of the islands is also relatively influenced by the coastal state. With a number of tribal communities residing in Lakshadweep, you can witness different cultures and varied rituals across all islands. Witnessing the traditional dances of every island, Kolkali, Daffumuttu, Parichakali, and Attom, to name a few, will definitely be an enthralling experience etched in your mind.

Relishing the local delicacies of the islands is yet another exciting experience to get hold of in Lakshadweep. With fishing and coconut cultivation being the main occupations of people here, the cuisine is highly dominated by rice and coconut and offers a wide platter of seafood. The dishes are cooked through the conventional ways of steaming and roasting and have an authentic touch of Malabar spices. Octopus Fry, Mus Kavaab, Maasu Podichath, Coconut Bondas, and Moah Appam are definitely some of the must-try dishes of the islands.

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Which Month Is Best For Lakshadweep?

Lakshadweep experiences a tropical climate throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for visiting at any time. However, the months from October through May are the best to explore the islands to the fullest. The cool climate and low humidity during these months let you enjoy the serene landscapes and all the water sport activities as well.

How Many Days Are Enough For Lakshadweep?

Depending on the number of islands you are planning to visit, around 4 to 5 days should be good enough to explore Lakshadweep. Most holiday packages offered by the SPORTS Authority (Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports) of Lakshadweep range between 4 to 7 days.

How To Reach Lakshadweep?

You can reach Lakshadweep either by ship or through a flight operated from Kochi. If you choose to take a ship ride, there are around 7 passenger ships that ferry travelers from Kochi to Lakshadweep. The journey could take between 14 to 20 hours depending on your destination island.

Cochin International Airport is the closest to Lakshadweep if you’re planning to reach there by flight. Indian Airlines operates flights from Kochi and Agatti and Bangaram Islands have the connecting airstrip in Lakshadweep. The flight journey from Kochi to Agatti takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. From Agatti, you can take a boat ride to reach the other islands.

Which Is Better: Lakshadweep Or Andaman?

With pristine beaches and scenic landscapes, both Lakshadweep and Andaman are enchanting places to visit. While Lakshadweep has less crowded and serene islands to explore, Andaman offers a rich history and a myriad of adventure sports. Both these places have their unique charm, but the one that best caters to your interests and expectations shall end up being the better one for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Lakshadweep?

The total cost of your trip to Lakshadweep would depend on the package and the mode of transport that you select. On average, you could be spending around INR 8,000 – INR 12,000 on transportation, INR 1,500 – INR 2,500 on per day accommodation, and around INR 2,000 – INR 4,000 on food and other miscellaneous expenses. To give you a better understanding, you could be spending around INR 30,000 – INR 35,000 for a 5 days 4 nights trip through the Samudram Package offered by the SPORTS Authority of Lakshadweep. These charges are inclusive of travel, food, and accommodation.

Is Lakshadweep Safe?

Yes, Lakshadweep Islands are well maintained and are well protected by the local civic bodies, making it a safe tourist destination for all.

Is Passport Needed For Lakshadweep?

For Indian Nationals traveling to Lakshadweep, a passport isn’t necessary but a permit from the government is required. All foreign citizens traveling to the islands will have to carry a passport.

How Much Does Scuba Diving In Lakshadweep Cost?

Scuba diving in Lakshadweep will cost anywhere between INR 2000 and INR 3,500.

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