Top Surfing Spots In India

Surfing is a sport that has taken its sweet time to gain popularity in India. In the last few years, people have realized that this country has around 7000+ kilometers of coastline. This means, there have to be more than a few places that get the best waves. If you think so too, you are right on track.


While a bigger portion of India’s coastline is unexplored when it comes to surfing, there are a few surfers who have found the absolute best surfing spots in the country. In fact, there are a few pro surfers who have moved to the quieter parts of India to just surf and live. Keep on reading our list of the top surfing spots in India to know more!


Heads Up


Before we go any further, you should know about the word ‘swell’ as it will come up a few times as you read. In the context of surfing, swell refers to the wave sizes created because of the winds pushing the water, essentially charging them and creating said waves. The height of these waves will depend on how windy the waters are. However, some spots are known for their dependability when it comes to big waves. So, rest assured and keep reading on!

Covelong/Kovalam Village, Tamil Nadu

Located about an hour south of the city of Chennai, Kovalam (or Covelong) is a fishing town that found its second life as a fishing town. Not that fishing ever slowed down, the locals just loved surfing more and it brought what is arguably the best social surfing movement in the country to this town. This makes it deserve the top place on our list of top surfing spots in India.


The novices do prefer Varkala over Kovalam as a spot because it has much calmer waves. However, Kovalam offers beach breaks, reef breaks, and some of the most reliable right-hand breakpoints on the mainland. Moreover, the Covelong Point Surf, Music & Yoga Festival amplifies the culture to a whole new level. So, make sure you visit this place in August, regardless of whether you surf or not. 


Best Surfing Spot: Kovalam Beach 

Surfing School: Kovalam Surf Club, Sebastian Indian Social Project


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Pondicherry enjoys a long surfing season with waves that get up to 12 feet high in the peak of the season. However, anytime between June to January in Pondicherry is guaranteed to be great for surfing. Ironically, the biggest and the best waves are found at Serenity Beach, where two piers that were built to protect the beach create surf breaks good enough for the best of surfers. 


Auroville also enjoys some amount of attention from surfers. However, the spot here is a beach break at the mouth of a river. Also, the wind blocked by Sri Lanka takes away a lot of the bigger waves from the area. So, if you want to have a more relaxing, less adventurous type of surfing trip, try Auroville, or else, the rest of Pondicherry will keep you busy enough.


Best Surfing Spot: Serenity Beach

Surfing School: Kallialay Surf School. 


surfing spots in india

Varkala, Kerala

Located not very far from Kovalam Beach, Varkala also is one of the top surfing spots in India that is often regarded as a close-out beach break. However, when it does get a little wavy, the waters know how to get crazy. Typically, the waves don’t last long but are as fast as it gets.


That being said, the sandy sea-bed on the shores of Varkala, along with the perfectly-heightened waves make this a great place to start your surfing journey from. Soul and Surf, a surfing school that has been teaching people how to take on the waves since 2010, will tell you just that, but by throwing you in one of these great waves.


Best Surfing Spot: Varkala Beach

Surfing School: Soul And Surf


We have always advocated the idea that Goa is much, much more than just partying. Its presence on this list is another piece of evidence for that case. The small coastal state of Goa is home to a few spots that have the perfect waves for beginner to intermediate surfers, the best ones being Arambol and Ashwem since they are not as crowded as the other beaches.


The only caveat is, you might not get served with the best waves every day. You will have to expect nothing more than 3-4 foot swells a couple of times in a week, once if it gets bad.  However, until the next swell, you can look go over our Goa travel guide for ideas on what you can do when in goa!


Best Surfing Spot: Ashwem Beach, Arambol Beach

Surfing School: Surf Wala - Arambol, Banana Surf School - Ashwem, Aloha Surf - Agonda.

Mulki, Karnataka

Mulki is a small town in Karnataka that is known as the home of the first surfing school in India. In fact, the surfing culture is so well-imbibed here that the town has received the moniker of the ‘Surf Town of India’.


Two American surfing experts started the Mantra Surf Club in Mulki in 2004 by Jack Hebner, who has grown locally to be known as ‘Surfing Swami’. Jack Hebner is also known for his love of yoga and has great training for that as well.


Since its inception, Mantra Surf Club has grown enough to offer accommodation at the Ashram Surf Retreat, a bunch of water sports, and the largest collection of surfboards in the country. So, if you are thinking of delving into the world of surfing, or watersports in general, Mulki is the place for you.


Best Surfing Spot: Mulki Beach

Surfing School: Mantra Surf Club


surfing spots in india

Gokarna, Karnataka

A small beach town on the west coast of India, Gokarna has been making its place on the map for backpackers, pilgrims, and hippies. Who would’ve thought this attractive, tourist-friendly beach-town is home to amazing waves, too?


Cheap accommodation, good waves several times a year, amazing party culture, and all of that with the backdrop of the Sahyadris. Gokarna is truly welcoming to everyone and certainly among the top surfing spots in India. Word to the wise: the best waves are found near Mahabaleshwar Temple from October to May.


Best Surfing Spot: Om Beach, Gokarna Beach, Long Beach

Surfing School: Cocopelli Surf School

Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands is probably the most remote surfing location in the world. It is an archipelago governed by India and home to a few tribes. While small, remote, and a little disconnected, Andaman Islands are home to waves that are yet to be ridden by the best of surfers.


However, places like Little Andaman allow beginners and intermediate surfers to have some fun in the pristine waves. That being said, if you think you have what it takes to tackle the waves in Andaman, visit the place in February through May and make the best of it all.


Best Surfing Spot: Little Andaman, Butler Bay

Surfing School: A&N Surf Academy


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Ten Thousand Peaks, Maravanthe

Known for its gloriously lengthy beach of six kilometers, Ten Thousand Peaks has to be one of the most unique surfing spots in the world. One section of this beach runs right besides a two-lane highway, which is adjacent to a freshwater lake. This lake is home to islands that carry several villages. It also has a fair bit of mythology revolving around it. Surf, stay, and suspense! All in this one spot.


Surfer Factoid: The length of this beach is long enough for it to witness multiple wave formations. That means, there is something for you here, regardless of whether you’ve just begun learning how to surf or are a pro at it. 


Best Surfing Spot: Ten Thousand Peaks Beach

Surfing School: Shaka Surf Club


surfing spots in india

Mahe, Kerala

A small coastal town in the state of Kerala, Mahe is home to some amazing surfing spots that can easily accommodate an intermediate surfer. From the northern end of the Mahe to the mouth of Talakkolattur river in the south, there are hidden spots dotted all across the place. However, they might not be so easy to find on Google Maps. We would suggest you have a conversation with the locals in order to figure out the best spots at that time.


Most of the experiences you will have in Mahe are something you can expect on other beaches in Kerala. However, most surfers prefer this place for its combination of serene vibes and a variety of waves.


Best Surfing Spot: Grand Anse Beach, Intendance Beach, Carana Beach, Bel Ombre

Surfing School: Soul And Surf Club


Summing Up

Did you know that there are claims that the word ‘surf’ actually originated in India? Apparently, the word was first used back in the late 1680s in a regional Indian language and was later picked up by the Portuguese. It is a little surprising that a country that has such a lengthy coastline, and might have given birth to the name of the game, is one of the last ones to actually start surfing, no?

Well, we are picking it up now, and we are confident that there are going to be a lot more names to go up on this list and a lot of you to put them on. It might take a while until surfing gets mainstream. So, why not start before the crowd catches on, eh? Happy surfing!


Is Surfing Allowed In India?

Absolutely! India is home to an extensive and beautiful coastline that has a lot of reef breaks as well as beach breaks. However, there are a few places like the Diego Garcia islands in Andaman where surfing is banned. So, just Google your location before going on the waves. 

Who Is The Best Surfer In India?

While surfing is not a huge sport in India right now, there are some remarkable individuals that have aced this sport. You can check out Anil Ningappa, Ishita Malviya, Samai Beboul, and Murthy Megavan to know what heights we have touched on the waves.

Which Beach Has The Highest Waves In India?

Shivas in Murudeshwara and Kapu Beach Lighthouse are two spots with the highest waves in the country. Of course, you will miss out on them if you go there at the wrong time weatherwise. But, they are more dependable than not. So, why not try your luck?

Can You Surf In Mumbai?

Yes, you can! In fact, Mumbai got its first surfing school in 2018, too! Started by Suyash Rawat and Krishna Lamani, the Mumbai Surf Club is the city’s in-house surf school that manages to make the best of the crowded city and its equally crowded waters.

Why Is Surfing Unpopular In India?

India has the geographical potential to be a great surfing spot as a whole. However, the lack of sponsorships and financial support towards the sport has made it very difficult for aspiring surfers to learn, or even buy a board.


What Is The Best Time For Beginners To Go Surfing In India?

The best time for beginners to go surfing in India is from October to April, as the water is mild and normal.

What Is The Cost Of Surfing In India?

To train a beginner the cost for one and half hours is Rs.2500.

Where Is The Easiest Place To Learn To Surf?

The easiest places around the world to learn surfing is Waikiki Hawaii, County Line California, Cocoa Beach Florida, 90th Street Rockaways New York, etc.