Top Goan Sweets And Why They Are Awesome

Top Goan Sweets And Why They Are Awesome

Goa, also known as the destination that barely makes out of the group chat, is a hotspot for tourists. It’s an attraction for those who inhabit a party spirit or love breezy beaches. Another reason for Goa being a top favorite is the cheap alcohol and seafood. But, a good meal will always be incomplete without dessert.

But barely anyone talks about Goan sweets, and that’s quite a pity! There are quite a lot of delicacies that you’re missing out on. So the next time you visit Goa, we highly recommend that try out these Goan sweets!

8 Goan Sweets to Relish On Your Next Visit

  1. Bebinca
  2. Dodol
  3. Patoleo
  4. Perad
  5. Pinag
  6. Doce
  7. Alle Belle
  8. Baath Cake

1. Bebinca

Just like every kingdom has a queen, Bebinca is the queen of Goan sweets. Prepared using all-purpose flour, coconut milk, sugar, ghee, and nutmeg, Bebinca is a multi-layered cake that is a rich reflection of Goa’s culinary history. If there is any traditional festivity or a special occasion in Goa like Christmas, baby showers, or weddings, you can always count on Bebinca to be present.

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The making of this traditional dessert can be traced back to 17th-century Goa. During the Portuguese rule, the nuns used egg whites to bleach their robes. With the excess leftovers of the egg yolk, Sister Bebiana of Santa Monica Convent created a pudding-like cake and added seven layers to it, with each layer standing for the famed hills of Goa and Lisbon.

We all know that good things take time and Bebinca is the perfect example of that. Every layer of Bebinca has to be baked first before combining it with a new layer. If patience is not your best suit, you can visit the below-mentioned places to enjoy a good Bebinca. 

Best Bebinca Spots In Goa

  • Braganza Stores, Panjim
  • The Goan Kitchen, Margao
  • Caravela Cafe and Bistro, Panjim

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2. Dodol

If chewy, sweet, and creamy is your vibe, Dodol is your go-to Goan sweet! Traditionally cooked on firewood, this dessert is the perfect melt-in-your-mouth experience. 

The Portuguese ruled Goa for 450 years and the silver lining that came out of it was the introduction of Dodol. And now, these Portuguese sweetmeats have become a very important part of Goan festivities. 

Dodol is mainly prepared for Christmas in Goa. Rather than sugar, Goan jaggery is the ingredient that is added to the lumpless mixture of rice flour and coconut milk. The blend is to be cooked for about thirty minutes until the mixture is thick.

This dessert is available in all Goan markets throughout the year because it is adored by all in the state. But, we have chosen the best three spots for you to indulge in Dodol. 

Best Dodol Spots In Goa

  • Adlem Goi, Velha Goa
  • Simonia’s Bakery, Arradi Socorro
  • La-Confiserie, Candolim

3. Patoleo

The Saraswat Brahmin community is known to have introduced Patoleo in Goa. The women made Patoleo a crucial component of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Now, it is included at family get-togethers, special occasions such as weddings or baby showers, and festivals like Christmas.

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This Goan sweet is prepared by spreading ground rice on leaves and loading them with coconut fillings. The next step is to steam, which results in the flavors of turmeric seeping into the rice. For those familiar with the much-loved modaks of Maharashtra, this sweet is pretty similar! As the leaves are opened and the aroma of the Patoleo hits you, we bet you’ll instantly dig into it!

4. Perad

The sheer pleasure of eating a guava with chili powder is something else. But the Goans have taken the fruit to a whole new level with the Perad, also known as guava cheese.

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This Goan sweet can be lengthy with a soft and chewy texture. A half-cooked Perad makes for the perfect spread on toast during breakfast, and a full-cooked Perad is considered a delicacy. So, you can choose your own pick - whether to have it as jam on bread or to enjoy the guava cheese as a dessert.

While Bebinca and Dodol are quite well-known, the same isn’t the case with Perad. You may find it with some difficulty, but when you do, the effort will make it all the more sweet!

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5. Pinag

If there’s a plate of Pinag and croquettes in front of you, the bite you take will be like a game of Russian Roulette. The Goan Pinag is so much like croquettes that you never know whether it will be sweet or savory. They both taste heavenly, so you win this game either way!

Pinag is also referred to as Pinaca or Pinaac. It’s a confection made with Goan brown rice with sprinkles of salt water to retain moisture. The distinctive flavor comes from the addition of ginger juice, peppercorns, jaggery, and an unmissable ingredient: coconut. It makes Pinaca to be a dessert that is full of tropical Goan flavors.

It’s the sweet that makes everyone reminisce about the summers spent overdosing on the sweet treats prepared with love by grandmas. So, whenever you decide to visit Goa, you know that you can easily find a place to taste the Goan sweet.

Pascoal Bakery in Mapusa is the perfect place to savor Pinag. 

6. Doce

Doce was introduced by the Portuguese and is also called ‘Doce De Grao’. To break down the word for a better understanding, Doce stands for ‘sweet’ and Grao is for ‘grain’.

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This chana dal dessert is made of fresh coconut and aromatic cardamom. It looks strikingly similar to a Kaju Katli and can be found in many bakeries. There are different textures of Doce in different shops; some might melt in your mouth and some might be hard to bite into. 

It can be quite addictive, so you’ll definitely be enticed to take some home with you. 

Best Doce Spots In Goa

  • Adlem Goi, Velha Goa
  • Goan Delicacy, Panaji
  • The Foody Goans, Panaji

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7. Alle Belle

Alle Belle is another scrumptious dessert prepared from coconut shavings and jaggery. Some versions might make it seem like you’re biting into a rainbow. But, not all Alle Belle might be multi-colored. It depends on the place you visit. They are the Goan version of French crepes.

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Alle Belle makes for the perfect sweet snack becoming an absolute favorite of the Goan kids. If you're not from Goa, it's likely that you haven't heard of this sweet crepe dish. If you’re unable to find them in the market, make friends with a local. Who knows, they might even make some for you!

8. Baath Cake

If you’re visiting Goa during Christmas and you don’t try the traditional Baath cake, you should reconsider your priorities. 

They’re the perfect company during your tea time. The absence of excess sweetness balances with the flavors of tea just right. Trust us, it will surely hit your sweet spot.

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Made with semolina and coconut, the classic Goan sweet is a mix of dense, moist, and delectable. Once the cake is ready, the rustic texture and the perfect addition of sugar make it hard to resist and not eat it in one sitting. 

Originally, Baath cake looked a lot like a pie. But, change being a constant, it’s now made properly like a cake. The cherry on the top is that the cake itself is so delicious that it does not require a cherry on top or any type of frosting. 

Being a traditional Christmas sweet, Baath cake might not readily be available. Don’t lower your spirits, though. If you are visiting in December, you can always try your luck at bakeries. 

Summing Up

Did you know that Goa has so many sweets? We’re quite sure you didn’t! So, if your Goa plan successfully makes it out of the group chat, you definitely shouldn’t overlook the Goan sweets. So make sure that you try them all out and bring them back to share with everyone!


Which Is The Traditional Goan Dessert?

Bebinca, Doce, and Pinagre are some of the oldest Goan sweets recipes available and have been relished by the people for generations. 

What Is The Favorite Sweet Of Goa?

Dodol, the pudding-like dessert, is enjoyed by the majority in Goa. The melt-in-your-mouth texture is what makes it the people’s favorite. 

What Is The Queen Of Dessert In Goa?

Bebinca is the queen of desserts in Goa. It was also recently bestowed with a GI tag which was applied by All Goa Baker’s & Confectioners Association. 

What Chocolate Is Goa Famous For?

Apart from Goan sweets, if you want to try the special Goan chocolate, you can opt for Inabo chocolate which is well-liked all over the state. 

What Is Goan Fish Curry Called?

The Goan Fish curry which is also a staple diet of the people is known as Xitti Kodi.

What Is The Goan Flavor?

Goan sweets and food make plenty of use of coconut milk. Because it’s a coastal area, even the food consists of high amounts of coconutty flavor. 

What Are Famous Snacks Of Goa?

Beef cutlet pao, Chorus Pao, and Crab Xacuti are some of the famous Goan snacks that are both flavorful and spicy.

What Is The Speciality Of Goa?

Goa is widely popular for its beaches. It’s the perfect destination for you to visit if you love the open sea. It also highly attracts those who love to party and of course, alcohol!