Top Garba Events In Mumbai In 2023

The monsoon rains are receding and the hearts of the Mumbaikars lay heavy after bidding adieu to Lord Ganesha. But the glum mood doesn’t last too long as the city is now preparing for Navratri! One of the most highly-anticipated festivals in the city, Mumbai comes alive for nine nights straight.

Of course, the best part of Navratri is the Garba. Decked up in chaniya cholis and kedia-dhotis, hundreds of devotees and passionate dancers swing in unison to the Garba beats. And yes, we know your feet are itching to dance too! While pretty much every open space in Mumbai (there aren’t a lot, but still) has Garba events, some of them just stand out. So if you’re looking for the top Garba events in Mumbai, this article has it covered. 

Top Garba Events In Mumbai

  1. Naidu Club Korakendra Navratri, Borivali West
  2. The Great Indian Dandiya Festival, Bandra East
  3. Navratri Utsav With Falguni Pathak, Borivali West
  4. Raas Garba, Girgaon
  5. Raasleela Navratri, Colaba
  6. Rangilo Re Navratri, Goregaon East
  7. Rangratri - Dandiya Nights With Kinjal Dave, Borivali West

1. Naidu Club Korakendra Navratri, Borivali West

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

The suburb of Borivali has a large Gujarati population, so it should come as no surprise that one of the biggest Navratri events in Mumbai happens here! The Naidu Club has been organizing Garba for nearly 20 years now. Every year sees a huge turnout of over 20,000 attendees per day. And why not? A huge 1,00,000 sq ft dance floor, celebrity guests, leading singers performing traditional Garba songs…the list goes on.

Got two left feet or just like to people watch? The Korakendra Navratri venue has a dedicated place for you. And if you’re okay with splurging, you can lounge in an air-conditioned VVIP lounge too. But for all the dancers, we urge you to don and do your very best on the floor as you could win prizes across various categories. Who knows, maybe you’ll make it to the Grand Finale on the last day of Navratri!

When: 15th October 2023 - 24th October 2023, 06:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Where: Korakendra, RM Bhattad Road, Borivali (West)

Ticket: INR 450 onwards, per night

2. The Great Indian Dandiya Festival, Bandra East

The Great Indian Dandiya Festival may only be for 5 nights instead of the usual 9. However, it’s during this Garba event in Mumbai that you may have the most fun! It’s the place where music, traditions, and dance combine, making for a memorable Navratri.

You’ll witness performances by renowned artists like Divya Kumar, Shruti Pathak, and Ameya Dabli. Celebrity appearances and top-notch music make this festival a highlight of Mumbai's festive calendar.

It’s not just the Garba and Dandiya Raas to look forward to at The Great Indian Dandiya Festival. You get to go on a cultural and gastronomical pan-India journey at this ground at the food and flea stalls. While the Garba music is sure to get you moving, the Punjabi and Puneri Dhol here will ensure you only get back home with sore feet. But before you leave, you have to make your mark here and get that Instagram-worthy picture. To do that, make your way to the Navratri-themed photo booth!

When: 20th October 2023 - 24th October 2023, 07:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Where: Jio World Garden, Bandra (East)

Ticket: INR 699 onwards, per day

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3. Navratri Utsav With Falguni Pathak, Borivali West

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When you think ‘Navratri’, we’re sure Falguni Pathak comes to your mind. After all, she’s the Queen Of Dandiya who’s been getting millions to groove to her Garba songs. So why miss the opportunity to watch and dance to her live? That’s why you have to make a beeline to Borivali for the Navratri Utsav with Falguni Pathak.

If you’re pandal-hopping, you can get single tickets. But true-blue fans of Falguni Pathak are sure to get season passes which cost around INR 4,200. Which one are you? Either way, you have to book the tickets fast!

When: 16th October 2023 - 25th October 2023, 07:00 pm to 12:30 am

Where: Late Shri Pramod Mahajan Sports Complex, Borivali (West)

Ticket: INR 499 onwards, per day

4. Raas Garba, Girgaon

Every year during Navratri, the bustling neighborhood of Girgaon in Mumbai holds its famous Raas Garba event. This spectacular cultural event showcases the traditional folk dance of Gujarat, right in the heart of the city. With talented singers such as Ashish D, Sangeeta Ved, and Sneha, the event promises to be even more lively. You can purchase season passes for all nine days for just INR 3,500. The Raas Garba event in Girgaon embodies the true spirit of Navratri - a time for devotion, culture, and joyful celebration. It offers a wonderful opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the rich customs of Gujarat while also enjoying a night of energetic dancing, all within the vibrant city of Mumbai.

When: 16th October 2023 - 24th October 2023, 07:00 pm to 12:30 am

Where: Pancharatna’s Lawn, Girgaon

Ticket: INR 500 onwards, per day

5. Raasleela Navratri, Colaba

Looking for an authentic Garba event that truly reflects the spirit of Gujarat? Look no further than Raasleela Navratri! This highly-anticipated celebration promises to be the highlight of the year, with its stunning décor and lively Garba sessions that are sure to keep you dancing all night long. And the best part? It's set in the heart of South Mumbai, just a stone's throw away from the iconic Gateway of India. 

Raasleela Navratri takes place at the prestigious Radio Club, which is renowned for its commitment to providing top-notch entertainment. With an expected daily footfall of 1,200 to 1,500 people, this event is sure to be a bustling affair. And with the added presence of celebrities and politicians, you can bet that it will be a glamorous and exciting celebration of Navratri. So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the magic of Raasleela Navratri!

When: 16th October 2023 - 24th October 2023, 07:00 pm to 12:30 am

Where: The Bombay Presidency Radio Club Limited, Colaba

Ticket: INR 499 onwards, per day

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6. Rangilo Re, Goregaon East

Image Credits: GQ India

We did mention earlier that the rains are receding. But they can still play spoilsport to your Garba plan. And of course, every Mumbaikar knows how horrible the mid-October heat can be. But the organizers of Rangilo Re have got you covered, quite literally! This venue is indoor and fully air-conditioned, but has a capacity of over 16,000.

Speaking of amenities, this Garba event in Mumbai promises sufficient parking spaces and multiple halls. With enough food and drink to go around, you’ll have all the fuel you need to dance well into the night. So don’t miss out on this unforgettable and cool Navratri experience!

When: 15th October 2023 - 23rd October 2023, 07:00 pm to 12:30 am

Where: NESCO, Goregaon (East)

Ticket: INR 499 onwards, per day

7. Rangratri - Dandiya Nights With Kinjal Dave, Borivali West

All the Kinjal Dave fans: line up for her most awaited event of the year! The highly acclaimed Gujarati vocalist who has captivated international audiences is set to perform in Borivali. It’s time to get decked up and dance your heart out to her beats. But what if you’re a corporate robot who doesn’t get 9 whole days off for Navratri? We know it’s sad, but it’s true.

But worry not as the organizers of this event have a solution: the venue offers changing rooms and lockers. So, make some space for your outfits and makeup in your laptop bag and experience Navratri the way it’s meant to be!

When: 15th October 2023 - 24th October 2023, 07:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Where: Kutchi Ground, Borivali (West)

Ticket: INR 499 onwards, per day

Summing Up

The Navratri Garba celebrations in Mumbai are a representation of the city's inclusive and diverse nature. Whether you’re a frequent Garba participant or simply seeking to embrace the festive atmosphere, these events offer something for everyone. No matter which event you choose, you are sure to have a wonderful time dancing, singing, and celebrating with your loved ones. Put on your best traditional attire, grab your dandiyas, and get ready to fully enjoy Garba in Mumbai. Wishing you a happy Navratri!


What Is Navratri, And Why Is It Celebrated?

Navratri is a Hindu festival dedicated to the worship of the goddess Durga. It is celebrated across India to honor the divine feminine energy and marks the victory of good over evil.

When Does Navratri Usually Occur?

Navratri typically falls in the Hindu month of Ashwin, which usually corresponds to September or October in the Gregorian calendar.

Are Garba And Dandiya The Same?

No, they’re not the same. Garba is a traditional dance form performed in a circular pattern, while Dandiya involves dancing with sticks and is usually more energetic.

What Should I Wear To Navratri Celebrations?

Traditional attire is recommended. Women often wear chaniya cholis while men opt for kurta-pajamas or dhotis. Comfortable footwear for dancing is also a good idea.

Is There A Specific Schedule For Navratri Events In Mumbai?

Yes, most Navratri events have a schedule that includes specific dates and timings for Garba and Dandiya nights. It's a good idea to check the event's website or contact the organizers for details.

Can I Attend Navratri Events Even If I'm Not A Gujarati?

Absolutely! Navratri celebrations in Mumbai are inclusive, and people from all backgrounds are welcome to join in the festivities. It's an excellent opportunity to experience and appreciate Indian culture and traditions.

What Is The Duration Of Navratri Celebrations In Mumbai?

Navratri typically spans nine nights, but the duration of Garba and Dandiya events may vary. Some events continue late into the night while others have specific time slots.