Top 5 Things To Do In Murud

Need a break from your mundane routine? How about a laid-back vacation in Maharashtra’s best beach town? The state of Maharashtra has a lot to offer and Murud is one of its hidden gems. Here, you’ll find everything you’d want and expect on your vacation - delicious seafood, mouthwatering local cuisine, golden sand, and soothing ocean waves. Intrigued? Here we’ve curated a list of the top 5 things to do in Murud, so you can start planning your vacation.

Top 5 Things To Do In Murud

  1. Explore The Murud Janjira Fort
  2. Go For A Stroll At The Murud Beach
  3. Get Drenched At The Mesmerizing Garambi Falls
  4. Take A Sun Bath At The Beach
  5. Take A Peek In The Lives Of Maharajas At Ahmednagar Palace

1. Explore The Murud Janjira Fort

The Janjira Fort is located just 5 km away from Murud. This sea fort is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on all sides, making it look like a hidden treasure over here. It’s considered to be one of the heritage sites and among the best marine forts in our country. If history fascinates you, you’re going to love exploring this fort. Just so you know, there have been several attacks by the Portuguese, the British, and the Marathas to capture this fort and in spite of that, Janjira Fort has remained tall and strong.

Just one look at the 19 bastions of this fort, and you’ll be reminded of the glorious history of Murud. One thing is certain, the 3 colossal cannons - Kalal Bangadi, Chavri, and Landa Kasam will definitely capture your attention. The arched gate of this fort is flanked by mighty animals and motifs. If you climb up to the roof of this fort, you’ll get panoramic views of Murud that’ll stay with you forever. To reach here, a boat ride awaits you from the Rajapuri jetty which offers scenic views of the Arabian Sea. To sum up, visiting the fort will be a holistic experience of history, nature, and beauty.

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2. Go For A Stroll At The Murud Beach

Imagine a sandy coastline, adorned with ancient forts and swaying coconut and palm trees right in front of your eye, sounds like a sight to behold, right? Just head straight to Murud Beach to experience these words coming to life. The calm and serene atmosphere of this beach makes it an ideal spot for a family outing as well. What’s more? There are plenty of hotels at this beachside location, in case you feel like extending your trip here.

The beach also has a huge line of black sand and turquoise waters adding to its beauty. If you're fortunate enough, you might even spot a few dolphins while taking a stroll at this beach. There are water sports like parasailing and a banana boat ride that adventure seekers can enjoy here. You'll also get to relish scrumptious items like seafood, sweet corn, and coconuts sold by the many vendors here. And if you’re obsessed with photography, you’ll get to capture the most gorgeous sunrise and sunset from here.

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3. Get Drenched At The Mesmerizing Garambi Falls

A magical sight of the cascading waterfalls awaits you at Garambi Falls in Murud. If you consider yourself an ardent lover of nature, you should definitely include this place in your travel itinerary. This waterfall is hidden among the lush green forests of Murud and is one of the best offbeat places to visit in Murud. So, if you’re seeking some quiet time amidst nature, this is the perfect spot for you.

This waterfall is at a height of almost 100 feet above sea level. The waters gushing down look crystal clear and are an absolute treat to the eyes. To reach here, you’ll have to cross a ghat where you can buy food and drinking water. It goes without saying that the ideal time to visit Garambi Falls would be during the monsoon season. Wildlife enthusiasts can also spot many bird species at this waterfall. Of course, your trip here would be incomplete without getting drenched in the cool waters of this waterfall.

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4. Take A Sun Bath At The Harnai Beach

If you prefer watching the sun go down and listening to the sound of ocean waves, you must check out Harnai Beach in Murud. The rocky coast, black sand, and serenity of this beach have made it a popular attraction. It’s located only 200 km from both Mumbai and Pune. So, people enjoy visiting this beach on weekends. The location of Harnai Beach is such that you’ll barely get any network on your phone. So, it’s a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can either take a stroll at this beach or sit and admire the beautiful sunset. 

There’s also an 18th-century Durgadevi Temple located very near the beach. You can pay your respects to this temple before leaving. And did we mention that you can buy a variety of fish near the beach? Just a stone’s throw away from here is the famous Harnai Fish Market. You can visit here early morning or after 4 pm and there are fish auctions where you can buy fish at cheap prices. Crabs, shrimps, oysters, you name it, you’ll find a variety of seafood here!

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5. Take A Peek In The Lives Of Maharajas At Ahmedganj Palace

Whether you’re a history lover or not, if you’re visiting Murud, you can’t miss out on the wonderful Ahmedganj Palace. It sprawls over an area of around 46 acres and is believed to be built back in 1885. The purpose of this architectural marvel was to create a personal stay for the Royal Nawabs. When you reach here, you’ll recognize a blend of Mughal and Gothic-style architecture in this elegant mansion. It’s perched on a high hill. So, if you’re taking a ferry ride from Mumbai to Murud, you’ll be able to spot this palace, standing tall in all its glory.

The gorgeous architecture and huge palatial grounds of this palace seem to add to its sheer beauty. You’ll find the mosques and tombs of the previous rules on these grounds. The palace is home to a small museum that has the previous ruler’s artifacts. Don’t forget to check out the servant’s quarters, the Turkish bath, and the library here. It’ll take you back to the times when the Nawabs ruled here. And did we mention that this place is located at the edge of a cliff? Yes, so be prepared to witness the amazing sunset from here and click some of the best pictures!

Summing Up

It’s time you take that needed break and be swept away by the serene environment of this beach town. Whether you want to chill out at the many beaches here or explore the historical sites, don’t forget to try out the above-listed top 5 things to do in Murud. Go on, plan your trip, and let the serene place give you the breather you’ve been waiting for.


Why Is Murud Famous?

Murud is famous for its Murud-Janjira sea fort which has a rich history attached to it. Apart from that, the many beaches here have made this town a tourist attraction.

Is Murud-Janjira Worth Visiting?

Murud-Janjira is among the strongest marine forts in our country. If you’re keen on exploring the rich history of Murud, this fort is definitely worth visiting.

Which Is Better Kashid Or Murud?

If you want to enjoy the beachfront, you should visit Kashid, else Murud is a great place for visiting many forts of the town.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Janjira Fort?

The best time to visit Janjira fort would be during winter when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Is Janjira Fort Open In Monsoon?

Since the Janjira fort is only accessible by ferry, it’s difficult to travel there during monsoon season because of the rains.

Which Sea Is Murud-Janjira?

Murud-Janjira is surrounded by the beautiful Arabian Sea on all sides.

Is Murud Beach Clean?

Located just 12 km from Dapoli, Murud Beach is relatively cleaner than most other beaches in Maharashtra.

Is Janjira Fort Of Shivaji Maharaj?

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the famous Maratha ruler is known to have built the Janjira fort.