Top 12 Things To Do In Bangalore

The capital city of Karnataka is anything but homogenous. Personality-wise, Bangalore’s profile matches that of other cosmopolitan places. The city also enjoys nearly perfect weather conditions and is in the league for the best metropolitan of India.

Even though this is the case, all you really hear about is the horrible traffic here. So let’s find out more about what it has in store for you as we go through the 12 things to do in Bangalore or Bengaluru. 

Top 12 Of The Best Things To Do In Bangalore

  1. Hit The Top Tourist Spots
  2. Spend Some Time At An Art Gallery
  3. Build Your Book Collection
  4. Sit Down At A Cafe
  5. Laugh Out Loud
  6. Do Nothing At These Green Spaces
  7. Have A Gala Time At A Nightclub
  8. Enjoy Freshly Brewed Beer
  9. Pamper Yourself And Go Shopping
  10. Escape The Cityscape And Go On A Trek
  11. Go On A Bicycle Ride
  12. Drive To Bannerghatta National Park

Hit The Top Tourist Spots

If this is your first time visiting Bangalore and you generally like seeing old architectural structures, these are the traditional tourist sites that are not to be missed. We’d like to mention that these 3 sites are within driving distance from each other so you won’t have much trouble covering them all even in a day (yes, even with the traffic!)

Bangalore Palace

The palace is an interesting place to see because it was built to resemble Windsor Castle in London. If you’re a person who stops to marvel at the design of old buildings, then you’d have a ball seeing the intricate details of this royal palace once occupied by the Wodeyar family. Try the audio guide to learn more about what life once was at this palace.

ISKCON Temple 

Whether you’re religious or not, this is one of the most famous temples in Bangalore and also one of a kind. You can pay your respects and enter the temple free of charge. This temple is worth a visit because of the structure that has a pinch of modern architecture incorporated into the design with glass.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Once the summer residence of the ruler Tipu Sultan, this site is now a display of the style seen in Indo-Islamic architecture and followed religiously back in the day. The entire palace is made out of teak so it’s pretty interesting to see the carvings. You’d also be able to see the clothes and accessories used in the house when you visit. A whole lot different from what we consider fashionable today!

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Spend Some Time At An Art Gallery

Looking at paintings, photographs and sculptures to interpret the meaning behind the art piece is meditative and creatively stimulating to many. Bangalore houses a good number of small and big galleries that you can visit if you’re a budding artist or simply love the experience of a museum.

Most of these galleries have events scheduled and we suggest looking those up so that you know if there’s something interesting lined up that you can probably attend.

  • Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath
  • National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA)
  • Mahua Art Gallery

The aura of these 3 galleries can even inspire you to sit down and sketch something after being inspired by the exhibition put up. If you’re up for it and hungry for more artwork, we also recommend checking out these museums:

  • Janapada Loka
  • Indian Music Experience (Music Museum)
  • Government Museum

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Build Your Book Collection

Just like you make a pit stop to refuel when you travel, book lovers might agree that shopping for books while traveling is a compulsory stop to make. If you nodded your head in agreement, then Bangalore is the city that doesn’t disappoint in this aspect.

There are so many bookstores because of the reading culture that’s formed in Bangalore. You’d easily be able to spot a few while you walk or travel around, but we’ve compiled a list of the ones that are ‘the people’s favorite’ namely:

  • Blossoms Book House on Church Street: Go crazy because it is a 3-storey book store. 
  • Higginbothams on MG Road: One of the oldest bookstores of Bangalore, so you’d probably find a limited edition!
  • Atta Galatta in Koramangala: A popular hub for bookworms and one of the more active bookstores with music events and workshops.

These are the 3 well-known ones but if you simply take a stroll on Church Street, you’d easily find small book stores run by families for generations, showing how dedicated Bangloreans are towards cultivating a culture of reading.

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Best Things To Do In Bangalore

Sit Down At A Cafe

Cafes in Bangalore are great places to sit and interact with the people of Bangalore or simply people-watch. It’s a place where businessmen, couples, and groups of friends can chat. You’ll also find students working on assignments and taking advantage of the free Wi-fi. All in all, it is a great spot to hang out, get to know other Bangaloreans and get your caffeine fix.

As a traveler, here are some of the most unique coffee shops we recommend checking out:

  • DYU Art Cafe At Koramangala: Perfect for those of you who love a cafe with character and some activity. You won’t just be drinking coffee but you also get to check out the art exhibition.
  • Indian Coffee House At Church Street: A coffee brand that has had a presence in India since 1936. This is an expensive option and a great place to stop by if you want a local experience.
  • The Hole In The Wall Cafe At Koramangala: If you’re on the hunt for a place with great ambiance to have your breakfast or brunch then this is it. This cafe also has various antique pieces as decor and an interesting shelf of books.
  • Third Wave Coffee Roasters At Indiranagar: This is the cafe where you’d probably lose track of time and just spend a good amount of time enjoying the ambiance. It is a high-end cafe that has locations in most of the prime locations in Bangalore such as Whitefield, Church Street, and Koramangala.

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Laugh Out Loud

If you love open mics, then this must be among the things to do in Bengaluru. The city has a pretty strong open mic scene and if you’d like to experience what it’s like, here are some of the locations at which you can attend a comedy show:

  • Urban Solace At Ulsoor Lake
  • Prost Brew Club At Koramangala
  • The Local At Kalyan Nagar
  • That Comedy Club At Koramangala
  • The Humming Tree At Indiranagar

If you plan on attending an open mic, make sure to follow the Facebook page and Twitter handle of the venues in advance. At regular intervals, the management would put an update of when a show is scheduled and you can then plan things accordingly.

Do Nothing At These Green Spaces

Many cities in India are turning into concrete jungles because of not drawing the line when it comes to maintaining green spaces. But that’s not the case in the city of Bangalore. Upon observing this metropolitan area, you’ll notice that it is dramatically green. And honestly, it should come as no surprise that Bangalore is also known as the Garden City of India.

As a city dweller having well-maintained green spaces within a city is truly a blessing. In case you’d like to put down a picnic blanket, eat some sandwiches and just have some unwinding time in the city, here are our top picks:

  • Cubbon Park: The biggest garden in Bangalore, Cubbon Park is essentially the green lung of the city and makes for a perfect place to relax.
  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden: An extremely well-maintained garden sprawling with flowers.
  • Ulsoor Lake: The most well-known city lake that is easily accessible from MG Road.

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Have A Gala Time At A Nightclub

Bangalore has a huge concentration of nightclubs where you can have a good time dancing your heart out and socializing. An enthusiastic DJ and a crowd of people in high spirits is what you should look forward to at these clubs:

  • Skyye at UB City: A rooftop club with a spectacular view of the city.
  • The 13th Floor at MG Road The name gives it away that this is also another rooftop club where you can dance your blues away.
  • LOFT38 at Indiranagar: A premium and one of the most crowded clubs in Bangalore where live music performances take place as well.
  • High Ultra Lounge at Malleshwaram: Famous for being the highest bar in the city, this place takes the party to a whole new level (Yes, you’ll literally be partying on the 31st floor to be specific)
  • Bombay Adda at Koramangala: Easy to reach since it sits at a prime location in Bangalore and perfect to jam to Bollywood music!

Just a heads up that it can be tough to get into these nightclubs if you don’t make a reservation so we highly recommend booking a table because these are some of the fancier clubs in the city.

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Enjoy Freshly Brewed Beer

Instead of buying beer from well-known brands, it’s slowly becoming a practice to go to a local brewery for a quality pint of chilled beer and Bangalore has clearly jumped on that trend. A freshly brewed craft beer is now the new fix for thousands of Bangloreans. On some weekends some of the most popular breweries easily get full as well.

So let’s look at the top places at which you can get your hand on a non-supermarket pint of beer!

  • Arbor Brewing Company at Brigade Road
  • Byg Brewski at Hennur
  • Biergarten at Koramangala
  • Toit at Indiranagar
  • The Bier Library at Koramangala
  • Windmill Craftworks at Whitefield

We highly recommend these 6 breweries especially if you’re going to be traveling to Bangalore in the summers.

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Pamper Yourself And Go Shopping

The city of Bangalore has no shortage of both small and large-scale stores. Be it clothes, shoes, spices or products from international brands, you will be able to find them without much hassle. For all things electronic and decor we suggest checking out the malls of Bangalore but if you’re looking for things on a budget, there’s nowhere better than the local markets.

Best Things To Do In Bangalore

This is a rundown of where you’ll find what you need:

Street Shopping Spots In Bangalore

  • MG Road
  • Commercial Street 
  • Jayanagar 4th Block
  • Avenue Street
  • Chikpet Market
  • Brigade Road

High-end Shopping Malls In Bangalore 

  • Phoenix Market City at Whitefield
  • Orion Mall at Malleshwaram
  • Forum Mall at Koramangala
  • Mantri Square Mall at Malleshwaram
  • UB City at Vittal Mallya Road

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Escape The Cityscape And Go On A Trek

If you personally feel you’re not a big fan of just being within the city and the traffic has got to your head then going on a trek is just the type of treatment you need. Like we said earlier, Bangalore has plenty of greenery so you will have plenty of choices. To make it easier for you, we’ve picked the most beautiful one-day treks you can attempt when you’re here:

Nandi Hills

This is the most popular destination for Bangalore residents and you can easily reach here within 1.5 hours if you leave the city before peak hours. The entire region consists of a cluster of hills and it’s perfect for a short easy-level hike.

Savandurga Hills

Now this would be a slightly more difficult trek since it is also the largest monolith (single rock) hill in Asia! We suggest that if you see yourself as an avid trekking enthusiast, then you’d probably be able to take on the challenges of such a trek. To give you a rough estimate, it could take 2 hours to reach this hill station from the city center.


Approximately an hour and a half away from Bangalore and easily accessible by train, Ramanagara is made up of seven hills. It is a sought-after trekking destination for both residents and travelers because the iconic film Sholay was shot here.

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Go On A Bicycle Ride

Bangalore has a really good biking community and inviting roads with large trees neatly lined on both sides that encourage you to hire a cycle for your day excursions. If you love cycling we strongly recommend that you try out these cycle routes:

Dodda Aalada Mara (Big Banyan Tree)

This is the name given to a banyan tree that is nearly 400 years old and occupying 3 acres of land. The tree is within the Kethohalli village and the journey here is one that is pleasant and worth all the pedaling.

Manchanabele Dam

This dam offers a picturesque view of the Arkavathi River and is another decent cycling route to take up if you want to be completely in the midst of nature. The surroundings here are sure to win you over.

Hesaraghatta Lake

Just an hour away from the city center, Hesaraghatta is a 356-acre grassland habitat that is sadly the only surviving one in the city. It is advisable to visit because of the beauty but avoid littering the area at all costs.

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Drive To Bannerghatta National Park

Well connected to the city of Bangalore, Bannerghatta National Park is one of the famous tourist attractions here. The park is well maintained and you would be able to be in close proximity to a wide variety of wildlife from exotic birds, huge elephants to the king of the jungle. Don’t forget to also see the 7.5-acre Butterfly Park where efforts are being made to sustain the population of butterflies.

Best Things To Do In Bangalore

Interested in road trips? Check out five of the best trips you can take from Bangalore! Now that you know what things to do in Bangalore, we hope you’re all pumped up for your trip and planning your itinerary!

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What Should I Not Miss In Bangalore?

If you plan on visiting Bangalore, there are a few sites that should ideally be part of your trip itinerary namely - Cubbon Park, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Koramangala, and Nandi Hills.

What Do Bangaloreans Do For Fun?

There are ample things to do in Bangalore for fun and you can pick and choose the activity that resonates with you. Some people prefer visiting a well-known nightclub like High Ultra Lounge while others consider cycling to the Big Banyan Tree a fun activity. Camping at Nandi Hills or setting up a picnic at Cubbon Park and visiting malls are other types of interesting activities in Bangalore.

What Is Bangalore Famous For?

Bangalore is often dubbed to be the Silicon Valley of India. It is the most popular IT hub of the nation that is also famous for its greenery and pleasant weather. In its essence, it is an extremely well-developed metropolis.

Which Is Bangalore’s Biggest Mall?

Phoenix Marketcity is the largest mall in the city of Bangalore and is situated in Whitefield.

How Can I Spend Two Days In Bangalore?

If you have just 2 days in Bangalore, it’s best not to rush the exploration but include relaxing activities like strolling through Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Garden. You can also visit the National Gallery of Modern Art and explore one of the busiest streets in Bangalore which is Brigade Road. If you’re on a one-day visit, here’s how you can do that!

Is Bangalore Safe For Female Travellers?

Bangalore is a big city and is safer compared to other big Indian cities. Still, the crime rate is high so take the basic safety measures and keep your trusted paper spray close by. 

What Is Best To Buy From Bangalore?

Anything made of sandalwood is the best souvenir to take back home from Bangalore. It could be in the form of incense sticks, oil, soap, or just a block of sandalwood. Coffee powder, Mysore Pak (a sweet), and wooden Channapatna toys are also good options.

Bangalore is a big city and sadly, almost all of them are dangerous at night. The crime rates and danger generally escalates during the night time so be cautious. Hang out in groups and carry necessary safety measures.