9 Things To Do In Punjab For A Memorable Trip

Top 9 Things To Do In Punjab 

Every corner of Punjab has a fragrance of ancient history, nature’s blessings and exotic culture. One of the best things about touring Punjab is that the people here are friendly and welcoming. Whether you go touring the most eminent places here or just wander around among the locals, Punjab is sure to steal your heart and give you memorable experiences.

9 Things To Do In Punjab For A Memorable Trip

It seems almost impossible to choose any one place in Punjab where you can have the best time of your life. That’s why we’ve picked the top 9 things to do in Punjab.

9 Things To Do In Punjab

  1. Pay Your Respects At The Golden Temple
  2. Visit Jallianwala Bagh
  3. Witness the Beating Retreat Ceremony At The Wagah Border
  4. Escape The Chaos At The Garden Of Silence
  5. Go Shopping At Hall Bazar In Amritsar
  6. Devour The Tasty Punjabi Food
  7. Witness Sikhism's Glorious History At Virasat-E-Khalsa
  8. Get Lost In The Sarson Ke Khet
  9. Enjoy The Traditional Bhangra Dance

Pay Your Respects At The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple (also known as the Harmandir Sahib) in Amritsar, Punjab is considered one of the most spiritual places in India. When you enter the temple, there’s no doubt that you’ll experience spiritual solace. That’s why most people recognize it as the heart of Amritsar. You know what’s the best part? Regardless of what your religion is, you can come pay your respects to this spiritual abode.

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The Harmindir Sahib will leave you wonderstruck with its stunning golden architecture. One thing that any tourist doesn't miss is the sacred tank in the temple. The tank glistens with white marble that’ll surely catch your eye. It’s called the Amrit Sarovar and is believed to be sacred. So you can just take a dip here and feel the spirituality rooted inside this temple. One definitely can’t miss the Sikh Museum at the entrance that portrays the plight of Sikhs back in 1984. The exquisite Islamic-style minarets here add to the beauty of this holy temple.

Ever heard of the largest kitchen in the world? Well, that’s Langar Ka Prasad which consists of dal, roti, sabzi, and kheer. The best thing is that this prasad is free to all the devotees who come to pay their respects to the Golden Temple. This tasty delicacy with lots of ghee is something you will never forget!

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Visit Jallianwala Bagh

Jalllianwala Bagh is a memorial and a public garden that holds quite a historical significance. This 6.5-acre garden is located near the Golden Temple. The memorial tells the story of all the innocent people killed during the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in 1919. You’ll feel the pain of all these people when you take a look at the walls here which still have the mark of the bullets. The well in the park seems to be a pensive reminder of the Indian freedom struggle.

9 Things To Do In Punjab For A Memorable Trip

Witness The Beating Retreat Ceremony At The Wagah Border

One cannot miss a glorious evening of national pride and military display at the Wagah Border. Your trip to Punjab will seem incomplete if you don’t go to witness the flag ceremony and entertainment session here.

9 Things To Do In Punjab For A Memorable Trip, Wagah Border, Amritsar, Punjab

This Beating Retreat Ceremony has been conducted since 1959. No wonder the place gets crowded for such a historical display between India and Pakistan. You’ll get to see a 45-minute display of the meeting of military personnel of both countries. This military practice involves soldiers from both sides marching in an extravagant fashion, even literally getting into each other's faces as a gesture of strength and intimidation! There’s no doubt that your heart will be filled with patriotism when you witness this ceremony.

The crowds at Wagah Border are not mere silent spectators. You get to proudly sing the Indian National Anthem that adds to the significance of this ceremony. That’s not it! You surely wouldn’t want to miss the sight of people dancing on several Bollywood numbers. So make sure that you come to pay a visit here and be a part of this historical and cultural display. Just so you know, the ceremony takes place at 4:15 pm in the winters whereas in summers it starts at 5:15 pm.

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Escape The Chaos In The Garden Of Silence

The Garden Of Silence in Chandigarh, Punjab will give you a peaceful feeling when you first glance at the statue of Gautam Buddha. You may recognize Chandigarh as a place full of gardens and greenery. That’s exactly what you’ll experience at this beautiful Garden Of Silence.

You’ll be surprised to know that this beautiful garden has a 1,800-meter-long jogging track. This garden resides right at the backside of Sukhna Lake. You can enjoy your warmup sessions here or go jogging while exploring this beautiful garden. One can just relax and be one with nature near the lake after an exhausting workout.

One of the best things about visiting the Garden Of Silence is that you get to gaze upon the charming Shivalik Range. If you’re still giving it a second thought, here’s an insight into what you’ll miss out on. The ambience of this garden is truly breathtaking with greenery that abounds everywhere. So, most people come here to meditate and get rid of the chaos in their heads.

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Go Shopping At Hall Bazar In Amritsar

Who doesn’t like shopping? If you visit Amritsar, you surely can’t miss out on the biggest shopping area in the city, Hall Bazar. Whether it’s handicrafts, clothes, jewelry, or books, this is the go-to place for shopaholics. It’s just about 1 km from the Amritsar Junction Railway Station to reach this amazing shopping destination.

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Get A Punjabi Vibe With A Phulkari Dupatta And Jutti

One of the best things about visiting here is that you pass through the magnificent Mughal archway also known as Gandhi Gate. The auto drivers here will give you a tour of the different streets of the market selling various items. The most famous items here are the traditional phulkari dupattas and juttis. These ethnic items will give you the typical Punjabi look as they’re considered the most popular embroidered items here.

Shopping in Hall Bazar is not the only famous about Amritsar. The local cuisine here is like a delight to all people who come for a tour of the place. The city is famous for its Amritsari Kulcha which is a baked bread along with potato and cauliflower-stuffed kulcha. This delicacy is served with tamarind chutney and chana masala. You’re sure to get your stomach full with this buttery treat which is the famous local cuisine here.

Devour The Tasty Punjabi Food

Speaking of food, Punjab is known for a variety of cuisines that are topped with lots of ghee and butter. The flavors, colors, cooking styles, and ingredients of Punjabi food has an influence of Pakistani cuisine as well. There’s no doubt that the food here is irresistible because of its vibrant and distinct flavors. You don’t even have to worry about your different tastes as the place has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to please you.

Makki Di Roti And Sarson Da Saag

If you want to have a taste of some amazing vegetarian food, there’s nothing better than makki di roti and sarson da saag in Punjab. The saag is prepared with a mixture of green vegetables like spinach, mustard leaves, and radish. The roti is made from maize flour and topped with lots of ghee and butter. This traditional Punjabi dish will surely make you lick your fingers after you’ve finished everything on your plate.

Aloo Paratha And Lassi

All you foodies, here’s another interesting Punjabi dish you can relish for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This famous dish is available anywhere you go. All the local dhabas, stalls and restaurants have aloo paratha on their menu list.

The paratha is made with wheat flour and with some mashed potatoes, chilies, and coriander leaves. You’ll get a taste of all these different flavors when you have it with curd, chutney, or pickle. A cool refreshing glass of lassi along with aloo parathas will just complete your meal. This yoghurt drink is made with curd or milk sprinkled with some spicy herbs, salt and sugar. The best thing is you can enjoy different flavors of lassi like mango, dry fruits, and malai lassi.

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Witness Sikhism’s Glorious History At Virasat-E-Khalsa

This memorial building is located in Anandpur Sahib, near Chandigarh. It was built in the honor of the Sikhs and to honor their glorious history. You’ll be transported to the time when the Sikh warriors fought in the past centuries. The Virasat-E-Khalsa is much more than a historical monument; it's also a paradise amidst the wonderful nature surrounding it.

This majestic museum has two structures on either side of the ravine that makes it look like a fortress. You’ll find a huge plaza and a research library in the smaller building. One can’t help but admire the memorial building and different exhibitions at this museum. The museum is known to have the highest footfall in the entire country. That’s why every tourist who steps in Punjab ends up paying a visit here. No wonder that this site is among the Limca Book Of World Records.

Get Lost In The Sarson Ke Khet

Just a few miles from Kila Rajpur and you’ll find yourself amidst the golden blooms that are a treat to the eyes. You must’ve seen many famous film shots shot in this beautiful sarson ke khet (mustard fields). All you Bollywood buffs might have instantly pictured Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol by now. Well, these mustard fields look much prettier and attractive in reality!

You can just take a stroll amidst these beautiful mustard fields and marvel at the beauty of nature around you. That’s not it, you’ll also get to see the most beautiful sunset from these fields. Just have a cup of chai and explore these fields. The farmers here will welcome you and give you an insight into their cultivation. The sounds of numerous birds here are also very soothing to the ears. You wouldn’t want to miss your quiet time in such a beautiful place, right?

Enjoy The Traditional Bhangra Dance

The state boasts of its traditional dance form called the Bhangra. It has a very strong connection with the harvest festival of the state as it honors the farmers. This dance form is performed on almost every joyous occasion and when you witness it. Whether you witness a local wedding on the streets or attend a village festival, you’d be sorely tempted to join in the dance too!

It’s easy to get carried away with the big cities in Punjab as every corner of the state has something different to offer. Let’s not forget the small villages here and the peasants who boast their harvest festival with a celebration that has dhols and drums. So if you want to be a part of this celebration, you should visit the place in the month of April. That’s when the famous Baisakhi festival is celebrated. Show your grooves and do the bhangra, it’s a fun dance form that will surely lift up your spirits.

It’s absolutely not possible to pen down all the wonderful things Punjab has to offer you. These were, however, some of our handpicked places and things to do in Punjab that you can enjoy the most. Why waste time deciding? Pack your bags and get ready to explore this beautiful state of rich culture, amazing food, and tons of activities.


What Is The Beauty Of Punjab?

Punjab is known for its colorful and diverse culture. This Land Of Five Rivers has beauty in the form of historical monuments, religious places, flavorful food, and tradition rooted in every corner of the place.

Which Is The Most Wonderful City In Punjab?

The city of Amritsar is one of the most beautiful cities in Punjab as that’s where the Golden Temple is situated. There are other famous cities like Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Kapurthala, Bhatinda, etc. that you can explore.

What Is Punjab’s Famous Food? 

Punjab is famous for a variety of dishes like sarson da saag and makki ki roti, aloo paratha and lassi, tandoori chicken, shami kebab, etc.

What Is The Main Dance Of Punjab?

Formerly known as Giddha or Giddhah, Bhangra is one of the most traditional and main dances of Punjab.

What Is Famous In Punjab For Shopping?

The phulkari dupattas and juttis, punjabi suits, pickles, embroidered handicrafts, etc. are some of the famous things in Punjab for shopping.

Which Is The Richest City In Punjab?

Amritsar, where the Golden Temple resides, is considered one of the richest cities in Punjab.

What Language Do They Speak In Punjab?

The Punjabi language is widely spoken across Punjab. People also speak fluent Hindi in the state.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Punjab?

The winter season (October - March) is the best time to visit Punjab as the climate is super cool and pleasant making it easy to explore and go sightseeing, unlike during the hot summer months.

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