Things To Do In Mussoorie

Mussoorie is a popular hill station in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Its neighbor is the great Garhwal Himalayan mountain range, which enhances the already enchanting beauty of Mussoorie. The valleys, waterfalls, mountain peaks, and forests here have always been a major crowd-puller. And it is because of these reasons that Mussoorie has earned its nickname, “The Queen of the Hills.” There are so many things to do here that it can get overwhelming while planning a trip. Here’s our cherry-picked list of six awesome things to do in Mussoorie.

Top 6 Things To Do In Mussoorie

  1. Explore The Wildside Of Mussoorie On Treks
  2. Admire Mussoorie From Thousands Of Meters Above The Ground While Paragliding
  3. Witness The Rising Sun At Lal Tibba
  4. Watch Delightful Birds Go About Their Day At Vinog Mountain Quail Sanctuary
  5. Relax Like A Local At Mussoorie Lake
  6. Experience The Cable Car Ride To Gun Hill

1) Explore The Wildside Of Mussoorie On Treks

One of the most liberating outdoor activities that people love to indulge in is trekking. When you are in a place like Mussoorie, going on a trek becomes a no-brainer. The cool pleasant air, blue skies, mountains carpeted with lush greenery, and abundance of deodar and oak forests make for a memorable trekking experience. It is also a great way to experience the raw beauty of this region and that too at a comfortable pace. 

Some of the most popular treks here are the Bhadraj Temple Trek, Jharipani Waterfall Trek, Hathipaon Trail, Benog Hill Trek, and Lal Tibba. Luckily, the majority of the trails here won’t require you to be a regular trekker as they are of low and moderate difficulty.

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2) Admire Mussoorie From Thousands Of Meters Above The Ground While Paragliding

Mussoorie is a serene place that’s great for getting some peace of mind. But it’s also a great place to get your adrenaline pumping. One of the many thrilling activities that you can sign up for here, is paragliding. If you are someone who has already experienced the sheer joy of paragliding, then you can imagine how awesome it will be to fly over the carpet of trees, mountains, and idyllic homes of Mussoorie. If you have never done it before, then it’s even better because you will be starting your paragliding journey with such a spectacular destination.

There are several guides and operators for this activity in Mussorie. You can choose from the many flight spots present here. Furthermore, you can decide how long your flight should last. This is a scary activity, but that is one of the things that make it fun! Rest assured that there will be trained and certified professionals flying with you. So you can focus on enjoying the bird-eye view of this hill station and have the time of your life.

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Things To Do In Mussoorie

3) Witness The Rising Sun At Lal Tibba

The most important thing you need to know about Lal Tibba is that it’s the highest point in all of Mussoorie. And reaching here is not tricky at all. You can travel via a private vehicle or a taxi to reach here. This makes it accessible to everyone. Although this is great, it also causes the place to be very crowded. So if you want to see why Lal Tibba is considered one of the top tourist destinations in Mussoorie, then it’s best you come here early during the day. 

A panoramic view of this hill station will welcome you at the top. A very popular café here - Lal Tibba View Point, has a viewing deck with a powerful set of binoculars. It is said that these were installed back in 1967 and just like Lal Tibba, these binoculars have also become somewhat of a tourist attraction.

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4) Watch Delightful Birds Go About Their Day At Vinog Mountain Quail Sanctuary

A less than 30-minute ride from Mussoorie will take you to Vinog Mountain Quail sanctuary. It is also known as Benog Wildlife sanctuary and is a vital part of the Rajaji National Park. This sanctuary is a safe haven for a wide variety of birds including several exotic and indigenous ones. If you are a bird enthusiast, then this place is like your dream come true. Even if you are not so much into bird watching, we are sure that when you see a lot of these little, colorful creatures fluttering around the trees, you will start enjoying your time here more. 

Red-billed blue magpies, owls, mountain quails, and white-capped water redstarts are some of the beautiful birds you will get to see here. The sanctuary offers amazing views of the nearby mountains such as the Bandarpoonch and Chaukhamba.

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Things To Do In Mussoorie

5) Relax Like A Local At Mussoorie Lake

This hill station already has a good number of attractions, but hey, more is always the merrier, right? In 1994, Mussoorie received a brand new man-made lake which is now cherished by both locals and tourists alike. This lake is a place where people love to hang out with their family and friends, and if you arrive around sunset, it can be a fine romantic spot too. Although it is not a huge lake, it comes with boating facilities. Boating here is truly a fun activity, thanks to the scenic views of the Doon valley and neighboring villages.

When the hunger pangs strike, you won’t have to worry about hunting for a restaurant. Plenty of stalls are available near the lake which sells a surprising variety of delicious food and snacks.

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6) Experience The Cable Car Ride To Gun Hill

Mussoorie is undoubtedly a breathtaking place and it offers plenty of ways to let people experience its beauty. We have already talked about paragliding and trekking, and the next on this list is a cable car ride. Your journey will take you from the Jhula Ghar at Mall Road, one of the most happening spots on the hill station, to Gun Hill, the second-highest point in Mussoorie. The entire trip is 400 meters, but if you choose to walk, then it will take you around an hour to reach the top. 

But we recommend you use the cable car, as it’s more fun and takes the scenic route! From Gun Point, you’ll get panoramic views of Doon valley and several rugged mountains including Pithwara, Srikantha, Bunderpunch, Gangotri group, etc.

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Things To Do In Mussoorie

Summing Up

The beauty of Mussoorie will leave its mark on you. Whenever you are stuck in a traffic jam or waiting for your ride to arrive, the memories of the fun times you had in Mussoorie will bring you a smile and remind you that there’s more to life than the day-to-day tasks. So plan a trip, take that break, and try out these fun activities in Mussoorie!


Which Is The Best Month To Visit Mussoorie?

October to February is the best period to visit here. These winter months bring out the stunning beauty of the hill station.

Is There Snowfall In Mussoorie?

Yes. It snows here during the months of winter, from October to February.

Is Mussoorie A Safe Place?

Yes, it is safe. But like always, we would advise you to be aware of your surroundings. Avoid venturing out after dark and avoid empty streets unless you are with a large group.

Which Language Is Spoken In Mussoorie?

Garhwali is the most commonly spoken language here. But people also speak Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Kumaoni here.

Are 3 Days Enough For Mussoorie?

Yes, three days would be perfect for a trip here. You will be able to visit all of its major attractions at a leisurely pace.

Why Is Mall Road Mussoorie Famous?

It is one of the most happening places in Mussoorie. It is a shoppers’ paradise and a foodie’s dream come true, thanks to the variety of stalls and restaurants present here. This road was built by the British and although it has undergone countless changes since then, there are still some things like the benches, lamposts, and old houses that are still preserved as a memory of the colonial past. Because of all these reasons, Mall Road is very popular.

What Should I Wear In Mussoorie?

Regardless of the season, always carry warm clothes with you when traveling to Mussoorie. If it’s winter, thick jackets, and thermal wear should be carried. Pack an umbrella as it could rain in mountainous areas and the umbrella will also protect you from harsh sun rays. Wear multiple layers of clothes, you can remove or add layers if the temperature changes irregularly. Wear high-quality all-weather shoes as you will be doing a lot of exploring on foot.

What Is The Rate Of Paragliding?

It can range from INR 1,200 to INR 10,000. The amount mostly depends on the duration of the flight. The ones that are around 10 mins or less start low and the rates are higher for the ones that last for 50 minutes or more.