Things To Do In Kerala In December

We guess your lucky stars came together and you’ve got enough leaves in December for a dream trip to Kerala. You’re thinking about its backwaters already, aren’t you? You are mentally there drinking coconut water while chilling on a boat. Well, it happens to all of us. Kerala’s backwaters are heavenly, but don’t let them dwarf all the other things that this state has to offer. It is called “God's Own Country,” and it has earned this nickname cause of more than one amazing reason. So let our list of entertaining things to do in Kerala during December help you end your year with a bang!

Awesome Things To Do In Kerala During December

  1. Attend The King Of Parties In Kerala - Cochin Carnival
  2. Get Into The Christmas Spirit In Thiruvananthapuram
  3. Take A Close Look At Kerala's Wild Side: Periyar National Park
  4. Visit A Paradise In God's Own Country: Vagamon 
  5. Experience Asia's Biggest Art Affair: Kochi Muziris Biennale
  6. Explore A Tranquil Labyrinth: Backwaters Of Alleppey
  7. Visit The Wintry Delight: Wayanad

1. Attend The King Of Parties In Kerala - Cochin Carnival

It feels like the head committee of the Cochin Carnival got several suggestions of fun things to include in the carnival and instead of cherry-picking, they decided to do it all! The event is a couple of weeks long and its schedule is jam-packed with competitions like swimming, boxing, drawing, cycling, quiz, badminton, and cross-country racing. During the evenings, the competitions are replaced with traditional music and dance performances. The carnival takes place in Fort Kochi and its arrival changes the whole aura of the neighborhood. 

The carnival goes on in full swing during its entirety and ends on 1st Jan. Right when the clock strikes 12 am on the night of 31st December, a giant effigy of an old man is burned to symbolize the burning of all that is bad and then begins a big celebration. On the next day, a massive rally takes on the streets with music, floats, masquerades and more, giving a superb start to your New Year.

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Things To Do In Kerala In December

2. Get Into The Christmas Spirit In Thiruvananthapuram

Ah, the aroma of cakes, the sound of jingles, the excitement of giving and receiving gifts and loads of good times. The arrival of December fills everyone up with the festive spirit that gets stronger with every passing day. One of the best places to experience the joyous festival of Christmas is Thiruvananthapuram. The metropolis is home to some beautiful churches like Madre De Deus Church, St. Thomas Roman Catholic Latin Church, and CSI Christ Church. 

If you can, try to visit multiple churches every day cause all of them and their neighborhoods are going to be decked up and will have that special festive aura. You can also visit Connemara market, Palayam market, and Chalai Market for some festive shopping. Also, don’t shy away from some holiday weight. Don’t ho ho hold yourself! Eat that piece of cake, those marzipans and that pudding too. 

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3. Take A Close Look At Kerala's Wild Side: Periyar National Park

It was established in 1982 and since then it has been a safe haven for hundreds of plants and animals. The park is a mix of so many different terrains, it seems as if mother nature was freestyling here. It is made up of wetlands, evergreen forests, montane grasslands, river ecosystems and more! 

Periyar National Park is a reserve of Bengal tigers and elephants, but you will also spot many other majestic creatures like the Nilgiri flycatcher, crimson-backed sunbird, striped coral snake and Indian giant squirrel. You’re going to have a lot of fun exploring this park cause there are so many ways to do it. 

You can signup for various walks, hikes, camping, boating, bamboo rafting and even night treks! Visiting here in December means you are going to get a nice chilly 20°C so don’t forget to carry your warm clothes.

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4. Visit A Paradise In God's Own Country: Vagamon 

A sea of tea gardens, countless small waterfalls, hills that touch the sky and a veil of mist that covers it all. This is what Vagamon is all about. This piece of heaven is a hill station located at the height of 1,200 meters above sea level in Idukki. Its pleasant climate not only attracts tourists from all over the country, but many rare species of the animal kingdom have chosen this hill station to be their abode because of it. 

Taking a car out on its curvy roads made of rough terrains is a treat for everyone who enjoys driving and off-roading. Vagamon has three hills, Kurisumala, Thangal and Murugan, and each of them guarantees majestic views. Basking in the beauty of Vagamon is a rejuvenating experience but if you’re a thrill seeker, then Vagamon is sure to quench your thirst for that sweet adrenaline rush. It offers camping and trekking and if you want to take it up a notch, you can also sign up for daring activities like rock climbing and paragliding.

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Things To Do In Kerala In December

5. Experience Asia's Biggest Art Affair: Kochi Muziris Biennale

The arrival of Kochi Muziris turns the city into a mecca for artists and art lovers. It is the biggest contemporary art exhibition in the whole of Asia. Kochi Muziris takes place once every two years in the month of December and it is so massive that it takes place at multiple heritage buildings, public spaces and warehouse structures. You can find lots of national and international artists from a wide pallet of fields exhibiting their best work. 

Paintings, sculptures, performing arts, films, live musical performances and lot more is presented at this exhibit. Ever since it was first held in 2012, it has been providing a platform where artists, visitors of this exhibit and art curators can simply chat or get into an in-depth discussion about art. Kochi Muziris goes on for multiple months and is filled with workshops, seminars, talks, screenings and so much more to ensure that you have an eventful day here.

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6. Explore A Tranquil Labyrinth: Backwaters Of Alleppey

Here’s the one that you were looking for! The crown jewel of Kerala is its heavenly backwaters and one of the best places to experience it is Alleppey. It is a district that is loved by everyone for its kilometers and kilometers of waterways where boats laze around amidst lush greenery. For this reason, it has also earned the name “Venice of the Eastern world." This is life. Being on a small boat while taking in everything in sight and every little sound. So simple and relaxing. 

The climate in December hovers between a slightly chilly 22°C to a nice and toasty 32°C. If an hour or two of backwaters is just isn't enough for you, then you can stay overnight at a houseboat! They come with basic amenities and a chef too! Just imagine how beautiful the night sky will look from the houseboat. You can use the same boat to explore many of the best attractions of Alleppey and get to know the district better.

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Things To Do In Kerala In December

7. Visit The Wintry Delight: Wayanad

Walks through narrow paths next to the tea gardens that are surrounded by glorious mountains. That’s how you could start your mornings in Wayanad. Then you proceed to a day full of traveling from one amazing place to another. While the climate and the natural beauty of Wayanad are enough to attract tourists, it has a lot more to offer like the famous Edakkal Caves, which were inhabited by humans back in 6,000 BC! Banasura Sagar Dam, which is India’s oldest earth dam and Pookode Lake, Kerala’s smallest freshwater lake. 

As Wayanad is situated at an altitude of 700 to 2100 meters, the weather in the month of December is a cozy 18 °C to 29 °C. This climate is great for trekking, camping, cycling and just for long walks filled with conversations.

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Summing Up

Kerala has a lot of things to offer and we have cherry-picked the most wholesome places and activities for this list. Even if you add just one of the above things to your itinerary, your trip will become a whole lot more memorable. South India is known to have harsh summers, but their winters are much better. So you are bound to have a great time in Kerala this December.


Is There Rain In December In Kerala?

There could be a scanty rainfall in December in Kerala. We advise you to check the weather forecast before heading out every day so you can dress accordingly.

Why Is Kerala Called God's Own Country?

As per the age-old mythological story, it was Parasurama who created Kerala. He was one of lord Vishnu’s avatars and he threw his axe into the water. The water moved away and a new gigantic piece of land was created. This is why Kerala is considered “God’s Own Country”. But this nickname become popular when Walter Mendez, creative director of an ad agency, came up with the tagline ‘God’s Own Country’ in 1989. This was heavily used in Kerala Tourism's marketing campaign everywhere.

Is Kerala A Safe Place?

It is considered to be one of the safest states in India. But as it is with every trip, always follow the basic precautions for taking care of yourself. 

Why Is Cochin Carnival Celebrated?

In 1984, United Nations announced that 1985 would be considered the International Youth Year. Antony Anup Scaria, George Augustine Thundiparambil and Ananda Felix Scaria wanted to celebrate this major decision and they did this by organizing a Cochin carnival, a celebration that welcomed everyone with open arms.

Can We Swim In Alleppey?

You can go for a swim at Alappuzha Beach but only if you are a very good swimmer because the waves here tend to be strong and can pull you into the sea. On the other hand, you cannot swim in the backwaters of Alleppey because it is polluted. Swimming here could cause you to fall sick or get infected. 

What Is Periyar National Park Famous For?

It’s a gigantic piece of protected land where a wide variety of flora and fauna flourishes, but the park is famous for having a huge population of elephants and Bengal tigers. In 2017, the park had 40 Bengal tigers.

Which Is The Coolest Place In Kerala?

Munnar, Vagamon, and Wayanad are considered to be some of the coldest places in Kerala. But you can visit any of the numerous hill stations in this state and you will find a wintery climate.

What To Shop In Kerala?

Although Kerela is not seen as a shopper’s paradise, it has some great things to offer. So if you get a chance to shop here, you should definitely buy some of these items: spices, coffee, tea, banana chips, jewelry and handicrafts.