Things To Do In Kasauli

Kasauli is a small town that is perched about 6,000 feet above sea level, in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, and it’s not your typical, snowy hill station that every tourist chooses to go to. Kasauli is a tiny hill station that does not receive the attention it deserves for its beauty. However, that might be the best thing about this place, since it also does not receive a lot of crowd, regardless of what part of the year you visit this place.

Now that we have told you it does not receive attention, we will tell you why it deserves yours. Kasauli is a beautiful little town that has unparalleled views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountains and an aesthetic that is born out of its development during the colonial era, and its present time dependency on the tourism industry. Due to this, and the fact that it is a little out of the way, Kasauli sees relatively low footfall, making it the best vacation destination for you. If you want to be close to the beauty of Himalayan nature and have experiences to gather that no other place can give you, Kasauli is the place for you to visit.

Before we start the list of the things that you should not miss out on when you visit this hill station, we recommend you absorb as much of the culture, and the history, as you can during your visit. With that in mind, here’s a list of the 9 things to do in Kasauli that you should not miss out on.

9 Things To Do In Kasauli

  1. Witness The Beauty Of The Christ Church
  2. Unwind At The Hangout Bar
  3. Walk Across The Gilbert Trail
  4. Ride The Toy Train
  5. Shop At The Kasauli Tibetan Market
  6. Hike To The Gurkha Fort
  7. Ride The Timber Trail Ropeway
  8. Enjoy Mesmerizing Views At The Monkey Point
  9. Experience Serenity At Gurudwara Sri Nanakji

Witness The Beauty Of The Christ Church

The Christ Church has to be one of the most famous and most visited tourist attractions in Kasauli. This church began its life in the 1850s, under the moniker of the Anglican Church, and has always captivated people with the beautiful evergreen forests that surround it, and the ambiance of the church itself.

Not just that, but history as long as the town it resides in, the gothic colonial architecture, the beautiful clock tower, and the stained windows depicting Mary, Christ, and Saint Barnabas, are just some of the things that make the Christ Church what it is.

Location: Near Mall Road

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Unwind At The Hangout Bar

When you are in Kasauli, you have the opportunity to grab a drink at the rooftop bar that might just have the best views compared to any other bar, pub, or club in the country. The Hangout Bar is a rooftop set-up that has cane furniture, hammocks, and a neon bar counter that is set up to look at the exquisite snow-capped mountains and deep, green valleys as you gulp your favorite drink.

This bar also has a live DJ who does a great job of playing songs from every genre possible, yet managing to get the vibe of the place. Some of the more frequently heard songs are Bollywood, rock&roll, hip-hop, and the classics. Do you really not want to drink to that?

Location: Hotel Kasauli Regency Village Kimmughat, Garkhal

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 Walk Across The Gilbert Trail

Gilbert Trail is not just one of the most beautiful trails, it’s also one of the best places in Kasauli. It’s a 1.5 kilometer-long trail that takes you from the beautiful Lovers Lane to the narrow, winding paths towards the rocky cliffs.

The best part is this trail is a 1.5 kilometer-long photo filter. So, if you’re in the area, do not miss the chance to take a walk down this trail. Chances are, you might fall in love with the trail itself and not want to go back home!

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Things to do in Kasauli

 Ride The Toy Train

There is a tiny toy train that plies between Dharampur and Barog, and it’s worth every second you spend on it or traveling to be on it. This toy train takes you for a 10 km long trip, right through the center of forests that have gorges, hill tunnels, and a few hamlets that are stuck in time. The toy train itself has been around for so long that it’s now declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Location: Runs between Dharampur and Barog stations

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Shop At The Kasauli Tibetan Market

Would it really be a vacation, if you did not have to worry about the gifts that you might have to carry home? Souvenirs are a must from every trip, right? If your answer is yes, Kasauli has the solution to that problem in the best possible way.

The Kasauli Tibetan market has an assortment of shops where you can buy some of the specialties of the place like handicrafts, wools and woolens, hand-woven shawls, and other winter products. Similarly, there is a big local market for fruits and fruit-based wine that is locally manufactured. Some of the most popular wines in this market are peach wine, grape wine, plum wine, and apple wine. Which fruit would be your poison of choice?

Hike To  The Gurkha Fort

The Gurkha Fort is technically situated in Parwanoo, which Is a few kilometers away from the town of Kasauli. However, the beauty and the historical significance of this fort are compelling enough to make the laziest traveler walk all the way to it.

Moreover, the fort and its surroundings that are drenched in forest cover are some of the best photography spots in town. Whether you’re up for a fun hike or are in for some picture-perfect backgrounds, a visit to this fort will all be worthwhile!

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Things to do in Kasauli

Ride The Timber Trail Ropeway

While the Timber Trail is a beautiful trail that you should experience if you’re a seasoned trekker, the typical walkers might want to take the ropeway to the peak. Regardless of how you choose to get to the top, just make sure you do not miss the views. In fact, your visual treat starts as soon as the ropeway starts climbing and you see the mountains and valleys in different forms of their magnificence.

Enjoy Mesmerizing Views At The Monkey Point

It’s no surprise that the highest point in the town of Kasauli is frequently taken over by hoards of rather mischievous, but friendly monkeys. However, that is not where it gets its name from. Monkey Point, or Hanuman Point, gets its name from the story in Ramayana, where Lord Hanuman touched his foot to a mountain, bending it to look like a foot. The name given to this unusual rock is Tapp’s Nose.

While that is the story behind this place, the actual treasure of this place is the views it offers. Other than the foot-shaped mountain, Monkey Point offers unending views of the areas surrounding Kasauli. In fact, you might even see parts of the cities of Panchkula, Kalka, and Chandigarh! On a lucky day, you might even get to spot the snow-covered peak of ‘Choor Chandni’ or the highest peak of the lower Himalayan belt.

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Experience Serenity At Gurudwara Sri Nanakji

Even though this Gurudwara is situated on the outskirts of the town, Gurudwara Sri Nanakji is one of the most important religious places in Kasauli. It’s an old hallowed shrine for the people of the Sikh community. However, it is known to welcome travelers irrespective of who they are and where they come from.

Not just that, this place also offers accommodation and food to its visitors who want to spend a night or two in the calm, cozy, and spiritual aura of this monument. Remember to cover your heads and shoulders before stepping In, though. It’s considered to be disrespectful otherwise.

things to do in kasauli

Summing Up 

Regardless of why and when you choose to visit this hill station that is well-hidden from the world, you’ll be welcomed by friendly locals that live in, and love, a culture that is just as unique as this place. Kasauli also allows you to have some of the quietest, calmest days of your life without requiring you to give up on creature comforts like good hotels, taxis, and cycle-rickshaws, even when the town is small enough to be traversed almost entirely on foot.

Now we can tell you much more about how amazing this place is and how much you should absolutely visit it. While our list of things to do in Kasauli does highlight that, we also suggest you take about 4 days of your time and visit this place to just relax. Let your brain forget the concept of time constraints and hit the refresh button. You’ll end up coming back every chance you get.

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Why Is Kasauli Famous?

This small hill station has made quite a name for itself. It not only has a place in the Ramayana but it’s also remembered by modern history. However, even if we take away all the history, this place deserves more attention than it has for its unparalleled natural beauty.

Is Kasauli Safe To Visit?

Yes, Kasauli is safe in terms of crimes. However, it’s a hill station that is 6,000 feet above sea level. So, there are a few environmental risks that you need to bear in mind when you are walking close to the cliffs.

How Many Days Are Enough To Explore Kasauli?

Since Kasauli is relatively small, 2-3 days are enough to make a brief trip to this place. You may also choose to extend your trip if you wish to spend some relaxed and laidback time amidst nature.

Is There Any River In Kasauli?

While there is no river that passes through, or adjacent to, the city, the Sutlej River is very close to Kasauli. In fact, you can manage to steal a glance of this beautiful river coming out of the snow-capped Himalayas from this hill station.

Are Kasol And Kasauli Different?

Yes! While both of these places are in Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is a tiny hamlet close to Manali, while Kasauli is a hill station close to Shimla. To know more about Kasol, you can check out our Kasol Travel Guide.

Does Kasauli Get Snowfall?

Kasauli does get snowfall and you'll see it snowing mainly in December, January, and late February.

How Far Is Kasauli From Kalka Station?

From Kalka Station, Kasauli is at a distance of 22 km.

How Many Days Are Enough For Kasauli?

Two nights are more than enough to enjoy the offerings of this beautiful hill station.