7 Fun Things To Do In Goa During Monsoon

7 Fun Things To Do In Goa During Monsoon

From college students to office-going adults, each and every one of us have dreamt of going for a spontaneous Goa road trip and party like there’s no tomorrow. But let’s just stop for a moment and look at this sun-drenched state from a different perspective. Although partying, swimming and getting tanned in Goa are undoubtedly some of the coolest things to do, have you ever thought about escaping to Goa during the monsoons?

If not, then let us tell you that Goa in monsoons is an absolute delight. In fact, if you have the notion that Goa is at its best only during the summers, you couldn’t be more wrong! Imagine getting drenched in the rain along with playing in the foamy waves of the seas, sauntering along the lush green forest trails, soaking in the gushing waterfalls, and having to spend less just because you are vacationing during the off-season! Isn’t that a win-win situation? Now that you know what we are talking about, let us help you make your vacation with our picks of 7 fun things to do in Goa during monsoon.

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Fun Things To Do In Goa During Monsoon

Enjoy Bike Rides Around South Goa

No one ever goes to Goa and thinks that “renting a car would be the best way to tour around this enchanting state.” There’s nothing more thrilling and joyful than roaming around Goa on a scooter or a bike, especially during the monsoons. In fact, road tripping across Goa with your friends on a scooter while the rain drizzles all over you is the ultimate holiday fantasy of all the Bollywood buffs, especially those who have watched the movie Dil Chahta Hai.

Cruising down the misty roads of Goa and wandering aimlessly around the quaint villages, untouched beaches, ancient chapels, etc., is truly underrated. Goa is also filled with several scenic ghats like the Chorla Ghat that offer a panoramic top view of the surroundings. All you have to do is get on to your scooter and speed off in search of a magical adventure.

The state is dotted with several bike rental shops that allow you to rent out scooters and bikes at a reasonable price. A scooter can cost you anywhere between INR 250 – INR 600 depending on how proficient you are at bargaining. Do make sure that you carry your driving licence with you on your vacation in Goa if you plan on renting a scooter.

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Trek To The Majestic Dudhsagar Waterfall

Literally translating to ‘Ocean of Milk’, the Dudhsagar Waterfalls is one of the most breath-taking waterfalls you will ever see. The beauty of this waterfall cannot be expressed in words and we’re quite sure that you might not have witnessed something so majestic and awe spiring before. Cascading from a height of over 1,000 feet over the massive rocks, visiting this waterfall tends to be a mind-blowing experience for everyone, especially during the monsoons.

Located inside the Mollem National Park and the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Dudhsagar is surrounded by dense woodlands. Naturally, trekking to the waterfall is the best way to explore this delightful waterfall. Strolling down the enticing forest trails while the gentle rain kisses your cheeks and finally catching a glimpse of the frothy-milk like water gushing down over four tiers of rocks is a heavenly experience for sure. Don’t forget to get friendly with the monkeys you will encounter throughout the trek (not too friendly, don’t feed them!) and then soak to your heart’s content in the beautiful waters of Dudhsagar.

If by any chance, it isn’t raining much on the day you are planning to visit the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, you can also choose to go off-roading in a jeep or a bike. There are several locals who own jeeps and bikes who will be willing to take you to the very base of the falls through the verdant forests. We can’t even begin to describe how enthralling the whole experience will be for you so don’t miss out on visiting the Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

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Fun Things To Do In Goa During Monsoon

Tickle Your Taste Buds With The Goan Cuisine

Goa is undoubtedly a haven for gastronomic travelers so the one thing we would like to tell you is, eat like there’s no tomorrow while vacationing in Goa! From the exquisite beach shacks to the charming homestays, each and every eatery in Goa has some delicious and mouth-watering items cooking in their kitchens. Due to its status as the dreamy coastal state, Goa is renowned for its various seafood dishes. The seafood in Goa is always fresh and their native recipes are something to die for!

You cannot leave Goa without trying out their Kingfish fry and Kingfish curry which are some of the special delicacies of Goa. Their Pork Vindaloo recipe which has Portuguese origins will leave you licking your fingers. Apart from that, don’t forget to try out dishes like Crab Xec Xec (crab cooked in a thick curry with grated coconut and spices), Chicken Xacuti (Portuguese influenced dish, consists of chicken, coconut, potatoes, onions, and Kashmiri chillies), and Sorpotel (prepared with mutton, beef, or pork).

If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry! Goa has got something delicious for you as well! Most of the eateries will offer something known as the ‘Sanna’ which is a Goan version of the Idli. There also exists a sweet version of this dish which is made from jaggery and known as Godachi Sanna. Other must-try vegetarian dishes in Goa include Kokum Solkadhi, Patholi (prepared with red rice, leaves, coconut and tamarind), and Perad which is also known as Guava Cheese.

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Dance Your Hearts Out At The Night Clubs

If you’re a city dweller who enjoys going out for parties at nightclubs, get ready to kick things up by a notch. Attracting nature lovers by the day and party lovers by the night, Goa is truly a versatile holiday destination. Goa houses some of the finest nightclubs, beach shacks, pubs, casinos, and many other fabulous party venues and the nightlife of the city is vibrant and lively irrespective of the season.

If you want to bob your heads and show off your dance moves in a room full of glossy decor, musical venues like nightclubs and bars are the way to go. Similarly, the pubs and the bars of Goa are well regarded for their perfect choice of appetizers and high-quality booze. In fact, some locations like Calangute and Candolim also host rave parties and the energy in the atmosphere there is simply electric.

Apart from partying in Goa, you could choose to gamble a little bit and have the time of your life at some of the best casinos available in the country. If elegance is what you seek, just dress up and dine by the beaches in one of the famous beach shacks. If you’re worried about whether you would be able to do all this during the monsoons, don’t worry! Let us assure you that almost all the venues that function during the monsoons surely add a bit more vigor and liveliness to these parties.

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Fun Things To Do In Goa During Monsoon

Reconnect To The Past By Exploring The Goan Forts

The ancient forts scattered across the state reflect upon the rich history of Goa better than anything else. Sporting a perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese architecture, the Goan Forts offer a splendid view of their surroundings. Although these forts look great during the summers and winters, the story is completely different during the monsoons. The lovely petrichor flitting through the air, the enchanting mist, and lush green surroundings enhance the beauty of the forts.

Pack a small backpack and set off to wander and explore some of the most important and magnificent forts of Goa. Some of the must-visit forts in Goa during the monsoons include the grand Corjuem Fort that embodies the Portuguese style of architecture and the 19th century Aguada Fort that houses one of the best lighthouses and the largest prison in the state.

Apart from them, discover stories of the glorious Indian dynasties by visiting the Tiracol Fort (built in the 18th century) and the Chapora Fort which is famed for its breath-taking view of the Vagator Beach. While exploring these forts, you’ll surely find some great picnic spots with a scenic view. So make sure that you pack some authentic Goan food and a camera to capture the best moments from your unforgettable trip.

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Fun Things To Do In Goa During Monsoon

Celebrate The San Joao Festival With The Locals

If you find the night parties of Goa super alluring, just imagine how fun and vibrant their festivals would be! The biggest advantage of visiting Goa in the monsoons is getting to celebrate the grand festival of San Joao alongside the locals with great pomp. The festivals will start off with the locals singing soothing hymns at a church of St John the Baptist. Followed by the mass are some of the most colorful and spectacular carnivals that you’ll ever witness.

The locals look wonderful in the bright clothes and lovely floral headgears and endless glasses of Feni (famous alcoholic drink of Goa) are just the cherry on the top. The main attraction of this festival has to be the Patolleanchem Feast that serves some of the best seafood dishes you’ve ever tasted in your life. Not to mention feasting on the Patoleo which is a traditional dessert prepared with rice jaggery and coconut. The endless dancing and singing with the locals will certainly be the highlight of your trip.

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Go For Shopping Excursions In The Goan Flea Markets

All of us dream of going on a shopping spree, buying all that we want and not worrying about the final bill. Well, if that’s the case, then the flea markets of Goa will definitely help you fulfil your fantasy. Goa hosts several flea markets that are filled with locals as well as foreigners who sell their products at reasonable rates. From sarees, jewelry, bags, home décor, hammocks, spices, tattoos, piercings, handcrafted items, to chocolate waffles, you can score absolutely anything at these flea markets.

Anjuna Flea Market is one of the most prominent markets in Goa and it is bustling with shopping activities even during the monsoons. Known for selling some incredibly traditional and ancient stuff, Anjuna Flea Market also offers live performances by jazz or rock bands in the evening.

Apart from Anjuna, the Saturday Night Market of Arpora is a must-visit for all those who wish to buy some fresh produce, eat some lip-smacking food, and purchase designer clothes. This is not all! Other flea markets that offer you a chance to go on wild shopping sprees include Calangute Bazaar, Friday Market at Mapusa, and Makies Night Market.

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What Should I Wear In Goa During Monsoon?

While in Goa during the monsoons, it is advisable to wear cotton clothes that tend to dry faster. Here are some of the clothing items you should pack for your Goa trips.

  • Swimsuit
  • Trousers
  • Cotton shirts/kurtas
  • Cotton kurtis
  • Long skirts
  • Sarongs
  • Shorts
  • Dresses

How Many Days Are Enough For Goa?

Even 2-3 days are enough for you to have some of the best experiences in Goa. You can chill at the beaches, swim in the cool ocean waters, and enjoy water sports in the morning. Then you can set out on your scooters and explore this beautiful coastal state. Lastly, you can end your day by making new friends and dancing your heart out at the nightclubs.

Which Part Of Goa Is Best?

Naturally, the pristine and unspoiled beaches are the best part of Goa, owing to the fact that it is a coastal state. Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach, and Baga Beach are some of the most popular beaches in Goa. However, as you move more towards South Goa, you’ll find many rustic and unspoiled beaches. You can visit these beaches to avoid the tourist crowd and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere all by yourself.

How Many Beaches Are In Goa?

Goa has a 100 km long coastline which is studded with roughly 35 beaches. All the beaches have some distinct features based on which they attract different types of travelers. Some beaches are filled with pubs and nightclubs and they attract all those who are looking to party. On the contrary, some beaches are secluded and dotted with palm trees. These kinds of beaches allow you a chance to revel in the natural beauty of coastal Goa.

What Is The Minimum Budget For A Goa Trip?

If you are planning to backpack across Goa and stay in hostels, you will probably require about INR 1200 - INR 1500 per day. This includes the costs of food, stay and transportation. On the contrary, if you plan to stay in luxurious places like resorts, then you can expect your daily spending to go up to INR 3,000 – INR 4,000.

What Should I Buy In Goa?

If you’re visiting Goa, you simply cannot resist going on a shopping spree in its vibrant and lively markets. Here are some of the things you should buy while you are vacationing in Goa.

  • Cashews
  • Sea-shell jewelry
  • Beachwear
  • Feni
  • Port wine
  • Sea salt
  • Kunbi sarees

Is Goa Safe In Monsoon?

It is not safe to go to a Goa beach in the monsoon, but there are still shacks and other things open near the beaches of Goa.

Where Should I Stay In Goa During Monsoon?

The places to stay during Goa monsoons are Anjuna, Vagator, and Arambol.