The Light And Sound Show Of Shimla Ends Up Fascinating The Tourists!

Known as a popular tourist spot, Shimla also has added something interesting for tourists. Shimla’s Bantony Castle’s Light and Sound Show give an opportunity to the tourists to know about Shimla’s history. It is a half an hour show giving the travelers an insight into the past of the city. The show has already started on Monday and was opened by the state's Deputy Chief Minister. It has got two versions of it, English and Hindi. People from all over have swarmed around Bantony Castle, an iconic building that is 140 years old. Mr. Mukesh, the Chief Minister also stated that the overall purpose of this light and sound show is to promote Shimla in terms of culture and tourism.

Image Credits: TripAdvisor

As the Bantony Castle is a private property it was in under the Government of Punjab. Chief Minister also said that this iconic building has been a police headquarters and, a company publishing the Tribune newspaper. Mr. Mukesh also said that they are also thinking about planning to open a museum. The only idea about the light and sound show is promoting Shimla. The tourists will not only get entertained but also through the display of history via the show will help them know more about Shimla. Many of the tourists also ended up sharing their experiences. It was a pleasant and beautiful experience and gaining knowledge through the show. Through light and sound shows, the people will know more about the hill station. Bantoy Castle has also planned to add more to the show like cuisine and culture for higher reach to the tourists.