The Best Hostels In Goa

The Best Hostels In Goa

If you’re looking for a blend of the beauty of nature and adventure, then Goa is the perfect destination for you. This beach capital of India welcomes you with its laid back lifestyle and tons of adventure activities at the beaches here. Right from the local flea markets, Portuguese style architecture, ancestral villages and museums, there are tons of places to explore.

One of the best things about going for a trip in Goa is that there is no shortage of accommodation available here. If you’re planning a budget-friendly trip, there’s nothing better than living in a hostel. Why not? After all, all the hostels in Goa are super cool and most of them offer you a budget-friendly stay along with luxurious amenities. We’ve compiled a list of the best hostels in Goa that will help you plan your stay. Let’s just dive right in!

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Top 8 Hostels In Goa

  1. Dreams Hostel
  2. The Crazy Hostel
  3. Woke Hostel Arpora
  4. JUNGLE By TheHostelCrowd
  5. Pappi Chulo
  6. Craft Hostel
  7. The Funky Monkey Hostel
  8. Happy Panda Hostel

    Dreams Hostel

Looking for a cozy and fun backpackers hostel? Well, you’re sure to be delighted by the Bohemian-style architecture at the Dreams Hostel in Goa. The place is surrounded by huge coconut trees that add to the beauty of this place. All your holiday dreams will come true as the hostel offers you fun activities like music, a place for yoga sessions and reading, games, cooking and much more. Apart from a shared lounge and a terrace, you have the option to choose between their private rooms and dorms. You’re sure to befriend other travelers here as you share your traveling experiences in the colorful lounge area. 

Location: 500(1), Vagator Beach Road, Vagator, Bardez, Goa - 403509. 

Perks: In-house cafe, communal kitchen, free WiFi, laundry services, etc. 

Cost: Starting from INR 350 onwards. 


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The Crazy Hostel 

The Crazy Hostel in Goa is perfect for those seeking a traveler party hostel. There’s no doubt about the fact that the party vibe here will never leave you as it’s in close proximity to Anjuna Beach which is where the Sunburn festival takes place. That’s not it, other famous tourist spots like Vagator Beach are located close to the hostel. You can either choose to stay in their dorms or private rooms where you can enjoy your me-time.

You don’t even have to worry about your midnight cravings as the hostel offers food services 24/7 in their beautiful common area. Whether you want to enjoy a barbeque, movie nights, rocking gigs or swimming, this hostel has everything you need. If you’re seeking a peaceful time on your holiday, the hostel also has a library and yoga retreats for you.

Location: 1049/1 A,B & C, Peddem Village Of Anjuna, Bardez, North Goa, Goa, 403509. 

Perks: Swimming pool, restaurant, free WiFi, etc. 

Cost: Starting from INR 1,015 onwards.

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Woke Hostel Arpora

If you’re a fan of Goan-Portuguese style architecture, you’ll definitely enjoy your stay at Woke Hostel Arpora. This hostel nestles amidst tall palm trees and a beautiful garden that adds to the beauty of the place. You surely will be tempted to extend your stay here. Why, you ask. Well, Woke Hostel Arpora is super close to popular beaches like Calangute Beach. After a tiring day at the beaches nearby, you can relax in the cozy beds with comfy mattresses and pillows.

One of the best things about staying at Woke Hostel Arpora is that you can enjoy the swimming pool here. Otherwise there are other amenities like yoga sessions and an open library for you. You can either choose to stay in their shared bunk beds or ask for a private room.

Location: 1049/1 A,B & C, Peddem Village Of Anjuna, Bardez, North Goa, Goa, 403509.

Perks: Swimming pool, free WiFi, etc.

Cost: Starting from INR 446 onwards.


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The Best Hostels In Goa

JUNGLE By TheHostelCrowd

If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation amidst the wonders of nature, then you should definitely consider JUNGLE By TheHostelCrowd. What makes this hostel different from its competitors is that it’s actually surrounded by jungle. So you’ll get to see tall coconut trees, waterfalls and spice plantations that surround this hostel.

What’s better than interacting with other backpackers and enticing each other with traveling experiences? Well, at JUNGLE you can enjoy yoga sessions, relaxing pool, hostel dinners and other events where you can meet other backpackers. The hostel is also famous for its cafe and bar shack. Let’s not forget the Portuguese style architecture of this place that is sure to catch your attention.

Location: 486, Vagator Beach Rd, Coutinho Vaddo, Vagator.

Perks: Barbeque night, rooftop movies, free WiFi, etc. 

Cost: Starting from INR 450 onwards. 


Pappi Chulo

Whether it’s to enjoy the crazy parties, take part in different events or make new friends, Pappi Chulo surely comes out as one of the best hostels in Goa. They have a friendly and welcoming staff and the best thing is that they value you and your lovely pets. You can enjoy drinks with your friends and other backpackers at their bar and have a taste of their mouthwatering food at their shared lounge. You’ll enjoy admiring the graffiti arts everywhere at this hostel while enjoying your stay here. 

Location: Ozran Beach Rd, Vagator. 

Perks: Parties hosted every week, free WiFi, etc.

Cost: Starting at INR 249 onwards.

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The Best Hostels In Goa

Craft Hostel

How would you like to stay in a place that gives you a homely vibe? Well, that’s exactly the vibe you’ll get during your stay at Craft Hostel in Goa. Two things that make your stay comfortable are hospitable staff and a budget-friendly stay. Well, you get both at Craft Hostel with beautifully designed rooms and a friendly staff. The best thing is that they’re open 24/7. So just in case you check-in early or want to extend your stay for a couple more days, you don’t have to worry about that. An added advantage of staying here is that you’ll just be around 2.5 km away from the famous Calangute beach. Even the busy Anjuna Flea Market is in close proximity to this hostel.

Location: St. Michaels Waddo, House no 771, Anjuna Flea Market, Anjuna, Goa 403509. 

Perks: Garden area, free WiFi, etc. 

Cost: Starting from INR 750 onwards. 


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The Funky Monkey Hostel

Whether you want to kickstart your wanderlust or enjoy your me-time, The Funky Monkey Hostel welcomes all kinds of travelers. You can enjoy the yoga classes conducted here or just choose to relax in the hammock as you admire the beautiful beaches here. Just so you know, Anjuna beach is only a 4-minute walk from this hostel. The hostel also offers rental bikes for you to go on an adventure at the sandy beaches here. Otherwise, you can just enjoy your chilled mojito and meet other travelers and backpackers by the bar.

Location: 773 San Miguel Vaddo, behind Curlies parking lot, next to Joe Banana Restaurant, Anjuna, Goa 403509.

Perks: Restaurant, bike rentals, laundry services, free WiFi, etc.

Cost: Starting from INR 399 onwards. 


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Happy Panda Hostel

The Happy Panda Hostel in Goa boasts its friendly and homely atmosphere that will make you feel at home. You’ll find everything you need here, right from incredible beaches nearby and a hospitable staff. The hostel offers dorm rooms with basic facilities like comfortable beds, lockers and art walls that fill the place with good vibes. You can enjoy jamming sessions with other like-minded backpackers or enjoy drinks at the bar here. To keep boredom at bay, the hostel also has several books to read and guitars that are waiting for you to strum them.

Location: Querim Arambol Road, Arambol , Goa. 

Perks: Fully equipped kitchen, campfire, neon rooms for parties, free WiFi. 

Cost: Starting from INR 2,500 onwards. 


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The Best Hostels In Goa

Summing Up

Goa surely has something for everyone. Whether you want to get tanned at the sandy beaches here or go for an adventure, you’re sure to have a relaxing and adventurous holiday experience. You can make your trip even more memorable by choosing to stay in a hostel and getting to know other backpackers. One thing is certain, there is no shortage of hostels here. These are some of the best hostels in Goa that offer you a great stay and a fun holiday experience.


Is Hostel Safe In Goa?

Yes, you’ll find plenty of hostels that maintain safety standards for your security.

Which One Is The Longest Beach In Goa?

Calangute Beach, which stretches to almost 15 km in length, is the longest beach in Goa

Are Hostels Good In India?

Yes, you’ll find plenty of good hostels in India where you can meet other like-minded travelers and share your travel experiences.

Is It Cheaper To Stay In A Hostel? 

It’s cheaper to stay in hostels compared to hotels as you get dorm room facilities along with other amenities like a shared kitchen and lounge for a budget-friendly stay.

Is Hostel A Good Idea?

Hostels are a good idea for all those who are seeking a budget-friendly stay as hostels offer you basic amenities along with fun activities like game rooms. You can also get to interact with other like-minded people and make new friends.

Do Hostels Provide Blankets?

Most hostels provide basic amenities like a pillow and a blanket. You can check the website of various hostels in and around the place you are planning to visit.

Which Language Is Spoken In Goa?

Konkani is the primary language spoken in Goa.

Is There Uber In Goa?

Unfortunately, there's no Uber in Goa as of now.