Taking A Workation During Covid

Guide To Taking A Workation During Covid

For the past several months, the Covid lockdown has forced all of us inside our houses. After all, social isolation and distancing remain the best way to keep the coronavirus at bay. So working from home has become the norm for most of us. But what if you could combine the joys of traveling but not compromise on your work as well? That’s where the concept of workation comes in.

Taking a Workation During Covid, gostops

Workation means exactly what it says – a combination of work and vacation. The nature of work has changed drastically with the advent of the Internet and technological advances. So, for working, pretty much all you need is an uninterrupted Internet connection and a laptop. If you have that, does it matter if you’re working while stretched out on a beach in Goa or while breathing in the cool mountain breeze of Mussoorie? Not at all! That’s what workation is all about – take your work with you to a quaint destination.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we recommend traveling anywhere just yet. The coronavirus is still around and the risk of infection remains real. But if you’re determined to have a workation, remember to take all the necessary precautions and the travel regulations.

The places we have chosen for your workation are those which strictly follow government protocol with regards to Covid. So naturally, they become the best places for you to combine work with pleasure safely.


Taking a Workation During Covid, gostops

If you’re planning on taking a workation during Covid that’s safe and not too heavy on your wallet, then Zostel is perfect for you. Zostel has its presence in over 44 cities across India. So depending on your tastes, you could rent a place for yourself pretty much in all corners of the nation.

Zostel has developed work-friendly spaces at highly discounted prices. Also, if you want, you can prepare your own meals (make sure that you consult the staff before this). All the Zostel properties are compliant with the sanitation and hygiene standards pertaining to Covid, with the staff trained to deal with emergencies.

One thing to note though, Zostel provides dormitory services. Since social distancing is of paramount importance, we recommend that you avail yourself of a dorm that runs at 50% occupancy for a premium.

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Taking a Workation During Covid, gostops

For the budget-minded person who wishes to work in northern India, goSTOPS is the way to go. They’re all prepared for the workation with packages ranging from 7 to 30-day stays. With dedicated working areas and recreational zones, goSTOPS has ensured to make a workation as pleasurable as possible. Taking into account the pandemic, all goSTOPS dorms have reduced capacity to ensure social distancing along with all the hygiene norms – be it temperature checks, frequent fumigation, sanitation, and the likes.

You can read more about all the workation packages that goSTOPS have to offer here!

Taking a Workation During Covid, gostops

Linger Locations

Linger Locations has properties in Coorg, Sakleshpur, Palampur, and Vijaypur open for workations. So if you consider a hill station as the perfect spot to get in touch with nature and work at the same time, Linger Locations would offer you just that. Linger takes great pride in being as little disruptive to the local flora and fauna and the local people as possible. And you’re expected to follow suit.

The workation packages provide accommodation on a twin-sharing basis. What’s great about Linger Locations is that you’ll be greatly isolated from people, so this would be perfect for if you’re taking a workation during Covid.

Tree Of Life Resorts And Hotels

If you find your peace of mind in the serene mountains and the lush forests, the luxurious spaces offered by the Tree of Life Resorts and Hotels may be for you. These properties, located in Binsar and Ranthambore, are far from the hustle and bustle of city life – awesome for social distancing. But you’re assured to get unlimited Internet access for all your work needs. Additionally, the Tree of Life has put in place the Covid safety regulations with discreet staff offering personalized services, making your workation fruitful and enjoyable.


If you don’t mind splurging and would love to live in a splendid villa for your workation, we’ll probably see you at SaffronStays. This chain of villas is in proximity to major locations including Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Goa – thus making for ideal getaway locations for a workation for the city-dwellers. If you want to bring your pet along, by all means you can do that here!

The SaffronStays villas declare themselves prepared for Covid with a number of precautions and policies to minimize the risk of Covid as much as possible. Make sure that you adhere to them for a hassle-free workation.

How To Go On A Workation?

Choosing A Destination

It’s easy enough to decide that you want to pack your bags and set out to an idyllic location to have a nice time. However, taking a workation during Covid requires a lot more planning. The main reason for you to want a workation is to have a change of scenery, so what you’d want to do is look for a destination that’s drastically different from where you live. For instance, if you live in a city, maybe you could consider a hill station or a beachfront. Staying away from tourist hotspots is the best, as you want to be as isolated from others as possible.

Note that in this pandemic situation, different countries have different rules with respect to quarantine. So, it’s best that you look at local destinations.

Internet And Technological Access

This is where the ‘work’ part of workation comes in. While you want to be isolated from people, what you don’t want is to be disconnected from your work. The place where you plan to have a workation must have high-speed Wi-Fi. This shouldn’t be much of a problem now as workations are gaining popularity in India, so the hotels and villas have adapted to this shift in travelers’ preferences. But as a precaution, have a high-speed mobile network/dongle as well.

You obviously need to carry your work paraphernalia – laptop, charger, headphones, and the likes. Keep a power bank and an extension cord, just in case. You don’t want to be forced to take a day off unnecessarily.

Getting Accustomed To A Workation

If you’re new to workations, it’s quite possible that you’d find it difficult to adjust to a whole new place. Make sure that you inform your boss/team about your workation and decide on your working hours, if need be. Ensure that you prepare a schedule for yourself so that you can optimize your working and leisure hours to make the most of your workation.

How Long To Stay

Ideally, a workation means that you want to stay at one place for more than two weeks. Changing locations every couple of days would leave you fatigued. This means that you’d find it difficult to get in the frame of mind for working or even enjoying your workation destination. This is where the ‘vacation’ part of a workation comes in. You want to explore the place and take in the sights and sounds too. If you stick to your aforementioned schedule, you can have both!

Covid Safety

We reiterate this: the coronavirus hasn’t gone yet and is here to stay for quite a long while. So whatever you decide to do, you shouldn’t risk yourself or anyone around you. Make sure that you follow all the social distancing norms and sanitize your hands regularly. Co-operate with the Covid safety procedures followed by the hotel staff. Also, remember to carry the corona self-declaration form and have the Aarogya Setu app installed on your phone.

Taking all these into account, you can set out to have a dream balance between work and holiday in your favorite destination.


What Is A Workation?

Workation is a kind of holiday where you stay at a hotel/hostel/resort for an extended period while not taking time off work as well. You can both enjoy a change of scenery and keep working!

Where Can I Go For Workation?

Going on a workation means that you need to choose what kind of scenery you want to break the monotony of work. Here are some suggestions:

Coorg – This hill station in Karnataka would be perfect for chill workation. You can sip the authentic coffee of this location and have a splendid view of the verdant Western Ghats.

Goa – This may be a party place, but you can also make it your ideal workation destination. Sunny beaches and the gentle rumble of the sea can be a great substitute for the four walls of your house.

Bir – The hills surrounding Bir can make for a great place for a workation. Imagine going paragliding right before settling down for a day of work!

Why Is Travel So Stressful?

We usually think of travel as an activity that’s ‘liberating’, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no stress involved in it. All the planning, packing, finances, safety, and unrealistic expectations can contribute to travel being stressful.

Does Zostel Allow Unmarried Couples?

Zostel allows unmarried couples to stay as long as they show their IDs and are not locals.

Is Drinking Allowed In Zostel?

No, drinking and substance abuse is prohibited on Zostel premises.

Are Hostels In India Safe?

Hostels in India are generally safe, but keep in mind to follow all the basic precautions for your safety.

What Is The Difference Between Vacation And Staycation?

A staycation means that you’re staying in or close to your house and visit places of attraction nearby, unlike a vacation where you typically go far away from home.

What Are The Best General Tips For All Travelers During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Avoid Unnecessary Travel – Social distancing is the best way to combat the coronavirus. So if you don’t need to step out of the house, don’t do it at all! To add to that, if you have any underlying health conditions or are more susceptible to infection, just stay at home.

Masks And Sanitation – Wearing a mask and regular washing and sanitizing your hands can reduce the risk of infection.

Avoid Public Transportation – Traveling in your own vehicle, preferably with a small group means you’re not getting in close contact with strangers. In public transportation, you’re sharing an enclosed space with strangers, which is quite risky.

Self Monitoring Health – Before and after traveling, you should self isolate yourself and monitor your health. In case you discover any symptoms, seek help immediately.

Are Small Gatherings Safe During Covid-19 Pandemic?

The rule of thumb when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic is that the more people you meet, the greater the risk of infection. So social distancing and self-isolation are the two things that you must live by.

Can I Get Covid-19 From Eating Fresh Food?

There is no evidence that you can get Covid by eating fresh food. In fact, WHO recommends that you eat fresh food and vegetables.

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