Street Food In Indore

A real foodie knows the essence of a city and its food popularity lies in the local street food. Sure, luxury hotels and their exquisite-looking Instagram-worthy cuisines make for a good meal. However, you cannot even compare that to the street foods in the country and if we talk about Indore in particular, you are in for a treat!

Indore is considered one of the best places to feast on toothsome street food in the entire country, you know it’s going to drive you nuts and make you come back for more. Adding to that, the city is also home to Sarafa Bazar, which is among India’s most rare food streets that’s open till about 4 in the morning. So, behold and enjoy this mouth-watering list of street food in Indore that you’ve got to try out.

Poha Jalebi

Indore’s Poha jalebi is an insane fusion of sugar, spice, and everything nice.  You’ll find this unusual yet lip-smacking delicacy on almost every food kiosk you come across in this city. The best part about this dish is that it can be tried with a variety of toppings like coriander, a pinch of lemon, and even Indori sev to name a few. If you are a Maharashtrian looking to top the benchmark taste your home city has set for this dish, Indore will definitely not disappoint you in that aspect.

Best Places To Find: Young Tarang in Chappan Dukan.

Bina Tala Samosa

You are not a true desi at heart if you have never had the privilege of the tri-sided samosa filling your mouth with unparalleled happiness. Indore, being the unique foodie destination in the country has a fresh spin on the samosa. Instead of deep-frying these pointy samosas, baking them is the ideal approach taken here. It is not only healthier than the regular samosa you eat but also three times better in taste.

What’s the best way to eat it? The holy trifecta of ketchup, chopped onions, and Indori sev go amazingly well with this baked delight. So, if you are a health-conscious foodie, we don’t see a better street food in Indore to try than the Bina Tala Samosa.

Best Places To Find: Swadisht Samosa Corner, Sanchi Point (Race Course Road)

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Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is popular and flavor-packed street food in Indore that you can’t skip out on trying. Not just for the taste, but the entire process of preparing a Dahi vada chaat is equally mesmerizing in Indore. Wondering why? Well, you might have seen a flying dosa serving style multiple times by now, but in Indore, you’ll be witness to a flying dahi vada! To behold a sight of a dahi vada being flipped in the air, you will need to head to Joshi Dahi Vada at Sarafa Bazaar (night food market in Indore).

The spicy masala sprinkled at the snowy-looking vadas would make you think twice before devouring the entire dish but don’t worry because the curd will cool down the spice. A pro tip while eating -  Dip the crushed lentils covered in curd in spicy chutney and experience the tangy taste everyone is going gaga over.

Best Places To Find: Sarafa Bazaar, Joshi Dahi Bada House.

Sarafa Paratha

Street food in Indore, in general, is delicious and none of us have second thoughts about it. However, when the royals (Parathas) walk in, there is an unmatched level of tastiness that is hard to imitate. Trust us, your wild hunger pangs can rest easy now that you have discovered the ever-so-yummy Sarafa Paratha.

As usual, Indore, known for giving its own unique twist to almost every food item, has one savored for parathas too. You can choose from a myriad of these lovely eatable options ranging from basic aloo paratha to a paneer cheese paratha. The Amritsari paratha lover in you won’t be disappointed with the elegant taste here. If you are on the lookout for the bestselling ones around here, have a go at the Shahi Paratha and the Sev Paratha and witness the royalty yourself.

Best Places To Find: Aadesh Shahi Paratha, Sarafa Bazaar

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Indori Namkeen

If we kept track of the number of times we were told to bring some yummy eatables from a place, we’d need a separate book to maintain the same. Thanks to Indore and its gratifying namkeen variety, you can finally bring home tons of eatables for you and your loved ones and gobble on them any time of the day.

What’s the best part about these snacks you ask? You can eat them with just about any other street food like the Bina Tala Samosa, Sabudana Khichdi, Moong Bhajiya and so much more. Few of these elite namkeens are the Falhari mix, Laung sev, and Heeng peanuts. So, be it your evening fast food craving or Sunday morning breakfast, the Indori namkeen has got you covered in both these aspects.

Best Places To Find: Akash Namkeen and multiple kiosks in about every food street in the city.


If you’re looking to munch on some crunchy and scrumptious meal, Garadu should be at the top of your list. Being one of the famous dishes this city has to offer, these deep-fried yams are similar to the Aloo Chaat or Potato Wedges, only better. A cold freezing wintery night is the ideal time to feast your tastebuds with this mixture of spicy topped with generous lime juice.

Best Places To Find: Numerous stalls in Sarafa Bazaar.

Sabudana Khichdi

One of those dishes where you can put your own spin to it is the Sabudana Khichdi in Indore. Although it is a quite famous delicacy all over the country, there’s something strikingly unique about the one in Indore. We apologize in advance for making you drool by describing the said dish but the boiled sabudana balls partnered with some crunchy local namkeens and sprinkled spices SaltBae style is honestly irresistible.

Best Places To Find: Sawariya Chaat House.

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Bhutte Ka Kees

Another specialty of this food-loving city that makes it to the list is Bhutte ki Kees. Justifying the domain of street food, this mouth-watering dish can be prepared within minutes. Made by boiling and mashing little golden corns, topped with Indori spices is reason enough to get your taste buds tingling.

Best Places To Find: Sarafa Bazaar, Joshi Dahi Bada House.


Want to feast on something which is not only delicious but is also exquisite looking? The Shikanji is something that fits the bill perfectly. Hitting the perfect taste target between lassi and a rabdi, this thick milkshake boasts its richness of dry-fruit garnishing at the top. So, whether you are planning to conclude your meal or just want to try out a different approach to filling your tummy, Shikanji will keep you satisfied in both these aspects.

Best Places To Find: New Palasia, Chappan Dukaan

Moong Bhajiya

Imagine this - The rain gods are kind enough to shower ample rains, you are standing under a local tea stall sipping on that hot brewing tea. It’s the perfect setting! But wait, there is something missing. Ah, yes! The Indori Moong Bhajiya! These little balls of crisp happiness will leave you craving for more. The sound of sizzle as soon as these disfigured crushed lentils hit the frying pan, is music to the ears of a hardcore foodie!

Best Places To Find: Mahalaxmi Moong Ke Bhajiye

Mawa Batti

No meal is complete without a dessert that leaves a long-lasting taste on your tongue. To ensure just that, Indore has a peculiar one in store for you. The gulab jamun lookalike Mawa Batti is a sweet factory on its own. Made with milk powder and maida, these are heavy as compared to the humble gulab jamun. With rich nuts loaded in its belly, Mawa Batti could very well become your cheat day dish in no time. Go on, try resisting yourself from gobbling two to three of them in one go.

Best Places To Find: Multiple stalls in Sarafa Bazaar and Chappan Dukaan.

Khopra Patties

Take your regular aloo patty/tikki and fill it with finely grated coconut, and you get a delectable delicacy. It may not seem as tasty by the sound of it, but don’t be mistaken, you’ll be surprised by what the addition of coconut flavor can do to the dish. You know it’s fried to perfection once you see the golden shade on those patties. Tastes so good, you are bound to come back for seconds.

Best Places To Find: Vijay Chaat House (Chappan Dukaan)

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Notable Mention - Johny Hot Dog

You might be wondering why a food outlet is mentioned in the list of specific street food items. We had the same doubt ourselves at first but once you know the reason behind the mention, you’d be glad that it made it to this list. Defeating the likes of McDonald’s, Burger King, and other food chain giants, this little hot dog sanctuary of an outlet in Chappan Dukaan has amassed great recognition.

What’s so special about it? Well, a simple vegetarian hot dog, as unconventional as it may sound, has made its home in numerous Indorian hearts. If you are still not convinced about its popularity, the owner of this small hot-dog joint was invited to the UberEats APAC Restaurant Partners Awards 2019 event and was prized with the award for the most ordered dish on UberEats in the entire ASIA-PACIFIC Region! If that is not reason enough to try out this famous hot dog, then we are not sure what it will take to convince you. Move over pizzas and burgers, there’s a new king in town!

Best Places To Find: We absolutely do not mind screaming the name again! Johny’s Hot Dog, Chappan Dukaan

Summing Up

Now that you have imagined these flavor-packed street foods in your mouth, it is actually time to turn them into reality. It is not every day you get to consume renowned street food in Indore, dubbed to be the unofficial food capital of Madhya Pradesh. So, gear up to enter the Indore food arena with the only ammunition you need, your taste buds!


What Is The Famous Street Food Of Indore?

Some of the most famous street foods in Indore are Mawa Batti, Khopra Patties, Garadu, Poha Jalebi, and Bhutte ki Kees. Apart from these, the city has a multitude of palatable food options that you just cannot miss out on!

What Is Famous Sweet In Indore?

Indore is well-renowned for its diamond-shaped Kaju Katli and the richer version of Gulab Jamun – Mawa Batti which are perfect delicacies for Diwali celebrations.

Which Sweet Is Famous In Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh is quite famous for its sweet-tooth triggering Mawa Bati. You will have to try it out in this state to experience its true taste.

What Language Is Spoken In Indore?

The official language spoken in the city of Indore is Hindi.

Which Cities Have The Best Street Food In India?

Some of the cities with the best street foods in the country are Indore, Kolkata, Amritsar, Delhi, and Lucknow.

What Is Indore So Famous For?

Indore is very well known for its rapid industrialization as well as its hold over a very war and friendly culture. Moreover, the magnificent temples, the extensive cotton industry, and the street food are some things that attract a lot of visitors.

Is Indore Safe At Night?

Absolutely. In fact, there are a few processions that happen at night exclusively and visitors are recommended to experience them.

Where Is Khau Galli In Indore?

The biggest khau galli in Indore is located in Sarafa Bazaar.