Srinagar Travel Guide

A city that looks like a state of art and offers you some of the best views in the entire world, Srinagar is a dream of a place to visit, cherish and experience. From comforting snow-covered streets to the beauty of mountains appealing to your conscience, Srinagar has everything serene in one place.

If you are finally going to live your Bollywood dreams by being in nature’s finest city, we are here so you can do it right. There is so much in the stunning Srinagar that if you do not plan wisely, you might end up missing the things you shouldn't. That’s why we have covered everything you will need, read on so that you have a plan and can start making your bookings! 

History And Culture Of Srinagar 

Serene Srinagar is known as the summer capital of Kashmir, situated around the breathtaking Jhelum river. It is a significant river as it is a tributary of 3 beautiful lakes namely Indus, Dal, and Anchar. You will find that the Jhelum river is also present in many movies that revolve around the history of Kashmir and Srinagar. It is very much possible that the water of this river has witnessed historical phenomenons of the city way more than books recorded. 

Historical records tell us that the Mauryan empire was the earliest ruler who had a strong influence on the city. Another interesting aspect of the past of Srinagar is that Buddhism was an important part of the culture and lifestyle of the place. It was King Ashoka who embraced and introduced Buddhism to the Kashmir valley. He was ruling Srinagar at the time and Buddhism changed his entire point of view hence he and the king after him, Kushana contributed largely to the popularity of Buddhism across the country. 

Before the Mughals took over, Buddhism and Hinduism were the two major philosophical traditions practiced by the people of Srinagar. You can still see those influences present in their contemporary arts and culture. 

You will truly be absorbed by the enormous beauty and culture of Srinagar that is emitted through its kind people, delicious food, artistic paintings, and crafts. The folks of Srinagar are some of the kindest people and while you are there, you should definitely check out the stunning local clothing known as phiran and gurgabi. We are sure you will lose yourself in the intricate motifs and embroidery of the outfits. You will also find the Kashmiri pashmina shawl which is globally known and is synonymous with luxury. You will be delighted to experience the different kinds of adorable languages spoken in the city. Though the locals can easily communicate in Hindi and English, you will also find them speaking Kashmiri, Dogri, and Urdu.

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Srinagar Travel Guide

How To Get To Srinagar

Getting To Srinagar By Air

It is very convenient to reach Srinagar by air because the city has its own airport. The Srinagar airport is an international airport which is also known as Sheikh ul Alam Airport. Many domestic and international flights run from the airport and the airport is just located 12 km outside the main city. Once you land, you can easily get a private taxi or cab that will take you to the main city. If you have made pre-bookings, many hotels offer airport pick and drop services so you can also avail of those.  

Getting To Srinagar By Rail

For many travelers, journeys are as important as the destination and Srinagar wins in that department. If you enjoy train journeys that take you through some of the most stunning news, consider boarding a train for the summer capital of Kashmir. The main city of Srinagar doesn't have a railway station of its own but Udhampur and Jammu Tawi are the nearest railway stations. 

Once you reach Udhampur, you will need to hit the road to reach Srinagar which will take you around 5 hours via NH 44. The distance between Udhampur and Srinagar is around 186 kilometers. If you take a train to reach Jammu station, Srinagar is around 266 km which will take you around 7 hours to cover by a cab or taxi. 

Getting To Srinagar By Road 

The road journey is the most popular way among travelers to reach Srinagar. You can easily get to Srinagar through your private vehicle as the city has a well-connected road network to many major Indian cities. If you want to save money on your travel, getting to Srinagar through buses will be your best bet. JKSRTC buses are pretty popular in and around Srinagar which will be your best budget picks. 

Many private, public, and deluxe buses have services and operators in Srinagar so you can easily book them from your city. If your city doesn't have direct buses to Srinagar you can reach Chandigarh or Delhi from where you will easily find buses going to Srinagar frequently. You might also find many shared cab services offering to take you to Srinagar and it will offer you a comfortable ride under budget.

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Best Time To Travel To Srinagar

Everyone wants to experience the best of a place and with a city as stunning as Srinagar, it becomes absolutely important that you plan your trip at the right time. During winters, Srinagar is heavenly gorgeous but because of the freezing temperatures, you might not be able to step out and explore as much as you’d like. 

The general range of the winter temperature will be between 2 to 10 degrees celsius between November to February. It is the perfect time for winter activities like skiing! You will have to ensure you’re packing mufflers, warm jackets, gloves, and other woolen clothes to stay warm. 

If you don’t want to deal with freezing temperatures, you can also visit Srinagar during the monsoons (June to September). The climate will be pleasantly cool with no harsh sun and it rarely rains. However, March is the month in which the city receives a little more precipitation. All in all, anytime between April to October is great for temperate cool climatic conditions and to experience the breathing taking scenery of Srinagar.

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Srinagar Travel Guide

Getting Around Srinagar


It will be unfair and even heavenly criminal to talk about getting around Srinagar without mentioning the magnificent shikaras. If you are on a romantic trip, know that a shikara ride with your beloved in Srinagar is the epitome of romance. When traveling in the old parts of Srinagar, there is no better way than getting on a shikara through which you will experience the best of Dal lake. 

You can easily get the government-approved rate card for these rides near the gorgeous Dal lake. The shikaras are run by the locals so you will be able to get a true essence of the beauty of Srinagar. These boat rides will take you to the popular parts of Srinagar and who knows you might come back with multiple unheard tales of the valley. 


Srinagar is a tourist favorite and hence has a pretty decent public transport system to make the life of locals and visitors easy. Getting a local bus can be one of the cheapest ways to get around Srinagar and they are functional from 4 am to 8 pm so you will be pretty sorted. These are government-run buses hence are very reasonably priced and have a decent frequency. If you are traveling in a group and want a private bus, even those are easily available in Srinagar but the rates might be slightly expensive. 


Srinagar has no uber or Ola services available but you can hire private or government taxis. You can either book them online or hire one directly from the airport. The government taxis have fixed rates. With private taxis, there is a huge possibility that you will have to haggle for the price. Go for the one that suits your budget and be smart on settling on a quotation while finalizing your booking. 


Autos are the most convenient transport to take you around the town. They are easily available in the city and are not too expensive too. We will suggest you talk to locals or your hotel staff about the prices of the autos and bargain accordingly. 

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Go Check Out


Sonmarg, also known as Sonamarg, used to be a gateway that connected Kashmir and China through the Silk Road. It is a hill station that is located at just 80 km from Srinagar so you can certainly visit it for good one or two days. Sona means gold and when the snow falls in Sonmarg, the streets appear like they are covered in white gold, hence, living up to its name. Sonmarg is a must-visit place if you enjoy a place that can offer you history with the most mind “numbing” aesthetics (yeah we are making snow puns here). Whenever Srinagar feels overwhelming during the tourist season, Sonmarg might become your saving grace that will stay in your memories because of its amazing views, clear snow, and calm mountains.

Dal Lake

Dal lake is known as the Jewel in the crown of Kashmir and trusts us there is nothing dull about Dal Lake. It is a must-visit place in Srinagar and we are pretty sure you must have heard its name in your existence. Dal Lake is the second biggest lake in Kashmir and has been a tourist favorite for years. 

Not only Dal Lake can be a setting for some of the most amazing Instagram pictures but it is also the most important source for water plant harvesting and commercial fishing in Srinagar, so, beauty with a purpose. Dal lake is surrounded by some of the finest gardens made in the Mughal era and you will also witness stunning Shikaras and hotels. Keep a complete day free if you are visiting Dal Lake because trust us, you will have a lot to take in, like the famous Shalimar Bagh. 

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

Apart from the Dal lake and being a budget-friendly honeymoon destination for couples who can not afford the Maldives, Srinagar is also famous for its wonderful Tulip gardens. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden is the largest Tulip garden in entire Asia and will offer you an experience of a lifetime. 

The tulip garden is named after the late Indra Gandi who was the third prime minister of the country and is still considered one of the most prominent political figures. The garden is spread over a whopping 30 hectares in the Zabarwan range so know that you will be waking a lot. We will advise you to wear comfortable clothing and keep snacks and water handy while visiting the garden so you can have the energy to get the pictures you need to flaunt your vacation pictures.

Srinagar Travel Guide


How Can I Plan A Trip To Srinagar?

You can plan a trip by sorting your vacation dates, finalizing your budget, and with correct research. It will not be too difficult once you know when you want to go and what is the purpose of this trip. A romantic trip will look a lot different than a work trip so plan accordingly. If you struggle with planning, you can always take help from a travel company and read articles online.

How Can I Go To Gulmarg From Srinagar?

Gulmarg is one stunning place near Srinagar that one certainly should visit and it is pretty accessible too. To reach Gulmarg from Srinagar, you can easily get private taxis, local, and even private buses. Gulmarg is 51 km away from Srinagar and you will local buses from Srinagar that will take you to Tanmarg road.

Is Uber Available In Srinagar?

No, ubers are not yet functional in Srinagar. Not just Uber but even Ola is not in the city so your best bet can be the government and private taxis. 

How Much Does A Trip To Srinagar Cost?

The cost of your trip depends upon various factors and the time, duration and accommodations affect the most of it. For a week-long budget-friendly trip where you travel through local buses and avoid luxury stays, you might have to shell out 12,000 rupees per person. 

How Can I Spend 4 Days In Srinagar?

Srinagar has plenty to offer and even if you choose to stay there for a week, you will not run out of places to explore and admire. Four days is just good enough time to easily cover the popular sites while also being able to enjoy the beauty of nature in peace. You can visit main tourist sites like the Tulip Gardens, Dal lakes, Sonmarg, and Gulmarg. 

What Language Is Spoken In Srinagar?

The primary language spoken in Srinagar is Kashmiri; apart from that, Hindi, English, Urdu, and Dogri are other languages widely understood in the city.

How Far Is Srinagar Airport From The City?

The Srinagar Airport is approximately 11 kms from the Srinagar City.

How Far Is Srinagar From Ladakh?

Srinagar is 422 km from Ladakh by road.


  • Region
    Northern India
  • Places To See
    Sonmarg, Dal Lake, Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden
  • Best Time To Visit
    April to October
  • What's The Weather Like?
    Winters in Srinagar are extremely cold but are a good time to experience the snowfall. To escape the frigid temperatures, you can visit the city during the monsoons as it rarely rains and the climate is temperate. Summers are the much preferred season to visit Srinagar because the weather is pleasant and suitable for sightseeing.
  • Food You Must Try
    Rogan Josh, Matschgand, Modur Pulav, Shab Daig
  • Languages
    Kashmiri, Dogri, Urdu, Hindi, English
  • Ola / Uber
  • Airport
  • Trains
  • Buses