Skiing In Manali

Skiing is the graceful glide from the top of a hill, and Manali has two stunning snow-capped mountains to do just that. This hill station, a treasure wrapped in a white covering of snow throughout the winter, is one of the greatest places to ski. 

Balancing on two thin boards and driving yourself over the snow-covered hill curves with two ski sticks definitely gets your heart pumping. The thrill of rushing air on your face, while everything closes in as you go downhill, is one you'll never forget. Let us help you figure out how you can set off for this new adventure of your life in Manali.

How To Reach Manali

Manali is a spot that is on everyone's bucket list. This is well known, and reaching its calm beauty is rather easy.

By Air

If you can’t wait to make a snow angel on the hills of Manali, you can travel by air. The Bhuntar airport is just about 50 km away and flights are accessible from all major cities. We advise you to book a taxi well in advance as the random rates upon arrival can be confusing and taxing.

By Train

While Manali doesn't have a railway station, you still can enjoy the laid-back journey on the train by getting down to its nearest one. Jogindernagar railway station is just about 163 km from Manali making it the closest.

By Road

Nothing beats a road trip and one to Manali will certainly bring you endless mountains, valleys, lakes, and more along the way. With the rising popularity of Manali, there are multiple Volvo buses readily available to take you from Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, and Ambala. You can even hire a private or shared taxi if buses are not your cup of tea.

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Skiing In Manali

Best Time To Experience Skiing In Manali

The winter in Manali starts in October with temperatures dropping down to 1°C but it starts snowing in December. Towards the end of December, you can see snowflakes claiming the whole of Manali in no time. This takeover is evident till mid-March and you can plan your skiing adventure right in between these months.

You will have far-fetched mountains and valleys completely drenched in heavy snow with trees unaware of where their roots disappeared to. Make sure you carry proper winter attire to sustain the cold blow here. Keep in mind that this is a prime time for visiting this hill station so make your reservations in advance.

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Skiing In Manali

Best Ski Operators In Manali

Having this beautiful landscape as their hometown, many families have taken it upon themselves to be the service providers here. Be it the resort owners, or restaurant owners, everyone is from this small town making sure you have the best of your time. Among these are some ski operators who have taken proper training to ensure you only take good memories back. The best ski operators among them are,

Activity Manali: Being a part of High Adventure Tours, Activity Manali has been organizing and managing skiing activities for about 27 years now. They arrange skiing activities at both Solang Valley and Rohtang Valley. All the ski equipment is provided by them, you just need to wear proper sportswear and be physically fit.

You can opt for their one-hour session where you’ll be accompanied and guided by their instructor. They also have a one-week course for skiing if that is what interests you. The price for the one-hour session ranges from INR 400 to 500 per person. On the other hand, the course for the same will cost you INR 18,000 and you get a certificate at the completion. The course includes your stay on a share basis, meals, instructor, equipment, and ski dress.

Himalayan Mount Adventures: Himalayan Mount Adventures is another ski operator who has been entertaining adventure enthusiasts for 26 years. They are recommended by many resorts and hotels across Manali. You can stay in their resorts and hotels as well while learning to ski. The equipment for skiing is all readily available and you’re provided with a certified instructor.

The duration of one ski session is 4-5 hours and costs INR 1,000. If that doesn’t do it for you, opt for their one-week course. Since they also have accommodation options, they merge it with skiing and give it to you as a package. This will cost you around INR 21,00 and if you already have plans for the stay, the course alone will cost you INR 10,500.

Himalayan Yeti Adventure: Himalayan Yeti Adventure was born in 2010 by a group of four locals who invite you to enjoy the adventure sports that Manali offers. They’ve taken training from the Mountaineering Institutes in India and have gained a strong foothold in attracting tourists. You can get all ski equipment from them and choose from their customized events and courses straight off their website.

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Skiing In Manali

Essential Information For Skiing In Manali

Things To Remember While Going Skiing

  • To keep your head safe during the fall, you should wear a robust helmet.
  • To enjoy the skiing experience to the core, wearing the right shoes is a must.
  • To avoid contracting a cold, wear heavy socks and gloves.
  • Use the appropriate equipment for the activity.
  • Do not rush the learning process.
  • Don't be concerned if you fall. You can always give it another shot.
  • Before going skiing, make sure to dress in layers. Wear no loose clothing
  • Hire your snowsuit and other equipment from a qualified guide.
  • If you have tinted goggles, bring them with you on your skiing trip to keep the glare from the blindingly white snow from hurting your eyes.

Here are some tips that might help you conquer any skiing terrain:

  • Prevent stiff postures by flexing your muscles, knees, and hips. Moreover, don't overtighten your footwear.
  • To anticipate the turn, angle your body towards the start of it.
  • Hold your arms slightly wide and extend them in front to keep your body stable when you speed and lean while turning.

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Summing Up

Okay, now we’re sure you’re an expert on the topic of skiing in Manali. But that doesn't mean you skip the actual experience altogether. Manali has numerous ski slopes for beginners to advanced skiers, beautiful views of different peaks (Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Indrasan), passes like Rohtang, and large Kullu Valley and Hamta Valley. We urge you to start shopping for winter and book your tickets and get ready to tick this adventure off your list.


Can We Do Skiing In Manali?

Yes, skiing near Manali is quite safe since the activities take place in a regulated atmosphere. You will be skiing at the famed Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass.

How Much Does Manali Ropeway Cost?

Any minor between the ages of 5 and 10 will be eligible for the baby tickets. Each youngster over the age of ten is considered an adult and must pay the full price and the ropeway in Manali costs INR 500 per adult.

How To Ski In Manali?

Skiing at its best can be found in Manali's high-altitude regions of Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley. There are many operators you can get the equipment from and learn from as well.

How Much Does It Cost To Ski In Solang Valley?

Skiing in Solang Valley will cost you around INR 400 to INR 500.

What Is The Age Limit For Skiing In Manali?

Anyone above the age of 12 can do skiing in Manali.

When Ice Fall In Manali?

In Manali, snowfall occurs from December to February.

Is Skiing Available In Solang Valley?

Yes, skiing is available in Solang Valley. It has become a popular ski resort in India due to its location and proclivity for significant snowfall.

How Much Is The Skiing Course In Manali?

The course charge for an Indian citizen is approximately INR 10500/-, while the fee for a foreigner is around INR 33,600/-.