Skiing in Auli Uttarakhand

Skiing in Auli, Uttarakhand

Glide into your next adventure by experiencing skiing in Auli, Uttarakhand. Situated in the Himalayan range of Chamoli district, Auli is a destination of choice for many winter sports enthusiasts. Especially skiing. The great thing is that the slopes of Auli are pretty inclusive. Doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a first timer, there are many snowy slopes which will keep your adrenaline flowing.

The hill station being situated high up at 9200 feet also makes for great views while gliding. What is even more reassuring is that Uttarakhand Government also helps ensure skiing is accessible for everyone and the standards are maintained. There are many skiing resorts and even schools in Auli. This just makes the lives of every skiing enthusiast much easier. So let’s get into some essential information which will help you plan your adventure.

How to reach Auli?

By Air – If you wish to take a flight, the nearest airport to Auli is situated in Dehradun. From Jolly Grant Airport, you will have to get a bus or a cab. Auli is around 185 kms away from the airport.

By Rail – Once again, Dehradun is definitely the nearest railway station, which is about 151 kms away. From there, another short trip on the mountain roads would await.

By Road –There are many buses available to get to Auli. There’s the option of cabs and private vehicles too. However, we would suggest you avoid driving yourself all the way to Auli. Unless you have a lot of experience in driving on the mountain roads.

Best time to experience Skiing in Auli?

Goes without saying that it will be during the winter months. Particularly when the region starts experiencing snowfall. So, mid November to March would be a good time to visit Auli for skiing. More specifically though, January is considered as the best month because of the magnitude of snowfall Auli receives. Do keep in mind that a lot of people visit Auli in these months so it’s better to plan your trip in advance.

Another thing you should know is that skiing is best done before 2 pm in the afternoon. Even more so for beginners. From noon onwards, when the sun gets stronger, the snow gets harder. These conditions are not favourable or safe for skiing. Especially for beginners. So our suggestion would be to experience skiing in the morning between 8:30 am and 1:00 pm.

How to learn Skiing in Auli?

There are many skiing schools and private tour operators who offer packages to learn the activity. You could also book a course with GMVN, which is an initiative by the Government of Uttarakhand. They are definitely reliable and pretty good. The course duration can differ.
Here are some of the general courses.

Skiing for Beginners – 6-7 days

These courses include lessons with experienced skiing instructors, skiing equipment and safety equipment. (Accomodation and food are also often included in the course)

Price – This could literally be anywhere between 15,000 and 30,000 INR depending on your age group, locality, nationality and the institution you’re booking from. It could also be a lot more than that depending on the specific package you book.

Intermediate level Skiing course – 14 days

Inclusions in the course would often be the same as the one for beginner’s. The only difference would be the kind of lessons and techniques you will be learning.

Price – The lowest price would be around 30,000 INR but it could go as high as 60,000 INR. Depending on the variables we mentioned above.

You can check with the school for a proper certification course. Some institutions don’t provide a certification for the 7 days course. So do confirm before booking. We understand that you might not have the time or the money to go for these courses. But that can also be worked out. You could choose to learn skiing on a day-by-day basis. That way, you won’t have to commit for the duration of your stay and can enjoy some flexibility too.

Honestly, there are countless players in the market right now. And most will be able to customise everything for you so you need not worry. You will easily get your healthy dose of thrill, amidst mountains that are insanely chill. They will also tell you about the things that you need to carry and everything that they will provide. You could still check out GMVN, Wild Himalayan or Auli Skiing as they are some of the reputed ones.

Essential information for Skiing in Auli

The roads from Joshimath to Auli are sometimes not accessible during winters. Especially when the region experiences significant snowfall. But there’s a cool way you can get over this problem. Quite literally.

Cable Car – You can take a cable car which covers a distance of 4 kms. This fun aerial ride is supposed to be the longest cable car journey in all of Asia. Note that it starts at 9 am and the last cable car for the day is at 4:20 pm (not kidding). The price is 750 rupees to and fro which has a validity of 3 days. The sight of alpine forests, patches of barren muddy lands and snow covered peaks really makes the ride all the more uplifting.

Ski chair airlift – Don’t confuse this with the Cable Car. This is more like sitting on a suspended chair. If you’re not scared of heights, you will love this. If you are scared of heights, this probably might help you get over your fear. The distance of the Ski chair airlift is much shorter than that of the Cable Car. Just 800 meters to be precise. It costs INR 300 per head and is also valid for 3 days. This is only accessible for GMVN Ski Resort.

Skiing Lift (Standing) – There is also a ski lift which costs upto 100 INR per trip. This is only for those who are skiing down the slope and need to get back on the top. Depending on your course and your package, this might be covered.

Slopes – The slopes are all categorized on their difficulty levels. There are 4 such skiing slopes in Auli.

The White Slope (Number 10) – This is suited for beginners and has a length of 900 meters.

The Blue Slope (Number 8) – This one is also suited for beginners and has a length of 800 meters.

The Temple Slope – This one is meant for intermediates 400 Meters.

The Composite Slope-  This is Auli’s famous slope which has a length of 3.1 KM. It has various elements to it but is suited for beginners too after if they follow their training.

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