5 Romantic Getaways Around Delhi

5 Romantic Getaways Around Delhi

The Taj Mahal is certainly accepted as the ultimate symbol of love, but what if you want something a little more special, a little more private, a little offbeat, or simply something different? Now that travel restrictions are slowly becoming more flexible, star-crossed lovers can finally make some plans to spend some time with each other.

But before you go for the popular tourist haunts, go through our list of romantic getaways around Delhi and pick a location from here. Don’t just depend on a sunrise or sunset to set the mood, pick someplace romantic and secluded, and truly make it a getaway to remember.

Romantic Getaways Around Delhi

Kanatal, Uttarakhand

Perched at a height of 2,580 meters above sea level, boasting deep valleys, lush green forests, mist-shrouded Himalayan mountains, and unbeatable sunrises, Kanatal is as romantic a hill station as you can find. Located 45 km away from Mussoorie, Kanatal often goes overlooked by the tourists that flock to Mussoorie, making it an offbeat romantic getaway around Delhi. Since it is off the beaten path, you and your beloved will have the gorgeous views all to yourself without having to worry too much about social distancing.

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If you want to get your hearts racing, try some of the adventure activities up for grabs like rappelling and valley crossing. There are also several hike trails that weave their way through the hills, and since you can also go trekking here, you can push that worry to the back of your mind and lose yourselves amidst nature. If you want some excitement when it comes to accommodation, book a homestay to experience the hospitality of the locals, or opt to camp out beneath the stars.

Getting To Kanatal

Rishikesh (75 km) and Dehradun (85 km) are the nearest railway stations to Kanatal, and both share good connectivity with other major cities via rail. Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport is also the nearest airport and has frequent flights from major cities including Delhi. Kanatal is well connected by road to other major cities in Uttarakhand like Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Dehradun, and Haridwar. It is 319 km and about a nine-hour drive away from Delhi.

Nahan, Himachal Pradesh

Safe up in its secluded location away from the prying eyes of tourists, Nahan is a little hamlet in the hills. Nahan was once the capital of the princely state of Sirmaur during the British rule of India, but as the years went by it was slowly forgotten. While places like Manali, Shimla, and Dalhousie have tourists flocking to them throughout the year, Nahan remains relatively off the beaten path. The only time it sees an increased number of tourists is when the pilgrims come to pay their respects at its temples.

Romantic Getaways Around Delhi

Nahan is like Kanatal without the adventurous side and is perfect for couples who just want some peaceful, uninterrupted time together away from the urban rush. There may not be much in terms of things to do apart from admiring the Renuka Lake and the Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, but the views are guaranteed to be so breathtaking that you won’t want to do much else.  Unadulterated and serene, you and your partner will only have the trees and the hills for company as you rekindle your love on this romantic getaway.

Getting To Nahan

Due to its secluded location, Nahan doesn’t have any direct connectivity via air or rail to major cities in India. Instead, passengers arriving by train can alight at Ambala (69 km away) or Chandigarh (79 km away). From here you can easily board a bus or private taxi to take you to Nahan. The closest airports are the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun and the Chandigarh Airport, both within 3.5 hours of the town. It can also be reached by road since it is connected well to the other major cities in Himachal Pradesh. Nahan is 248 km away from Delhi and can be reached with a 5.5 to 6-hour drive.

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Rewalsar, Himachal Pradesh

Untouched by commercialization and frequented only by those who know of its existence, Rewalsar is a hidden gem in the heart of Himachal. Simplicity abounds when it comes to accommodation options, but the views look like something out of a movie. Rewalsar may not have top-notch resorts, but this is what gives it its beauty. This destination is perfect for couples who are in love with the hills and mountain ranges, who can swap a weekend of pampered luxury for the simple pleasures of life.

Locally, Rewalsar is also known as Trisangam (Three Holy Communities); its biggest attraction is its lake, on the banks of which rest three Hindu temples, a Sikh gurudwara, and three Buddhist monasteries. The weather is pleasant and cold year-round, and thanks to the Buddhist presence, local food involves eating piping hot momos and thukpa. With full bellies and fuller hearts, Rewalsar is a romantic getaway around Delhi that can truly be appreciated and enjoyed by a few.

Getting To Rewalsar

Remember that Rewalsar is not your definition of ‘tourist attraction’, and like the best things in life, it takes a little effort to get to Rewalsar in order to appreciate its bounties. Bhuntar in the Kullu district has the nearest airport to Rewalsar, 75 km away. The nearest train stations are in Kalka (84 km) and Chandigarh (99 km).

To get to Rewalsar by road, head to Mandi, which is well connected to major highways and cities. Rewalsar is 24 km away from Mandi. You can also catch buses from Chandigarh to Dehra, from where Rewalsar is a three-hour drive away. It is 424 km away from Delhi, and it takes a 10-hour drive to get there.

Mandawa, Rajasthan

A convenient 6-hour drive away from Delhi, head to Mandawa for a weekend filled with the pampering of a royal standard. A small town in the culturally rich Rajasthan, Mandawa lies in the heart of the Shekhawat region. Its forts and havelis tell a tale of years gone by; it was fortified in the 18th century and wealthy merchant families settled here, building extravagant and colorful havelis. The families moved out, and today, Mandawa is an off-beat romantic getaway near Delhi with these stunning havelis converted into hotels.

The rooms of these havelis are a sight to behold, with each as unique as the next, featuring different themes and colors. Of course, the big attraction here is the grand 18th-century Mandawa Fort, but we have a feeling that the royal treatment of the haveli-turned-hotels will keep you hovering around the haveli itself.

Getting To Mandawa

Jaipur is the nearest major airport (151 km) and can be reached with a three-hour drive. Jhunjhunu is the nearest railhead, connected to cities like Jaipur and Delhi by train. Mandawa is also well connected by road, and buses ply frequently to major cities in the region.

Romantic Getaways Around Delhi

Alwar, Rajasthan

Home to museums, a gorgeous lake, and some delicious local food, Rajasthan’s Alwar is the last addition to our list of romantic getaways around Delhi. While Alwar has a smattering of resorts and hotels, it also has an accommodation option that Rajasthan is famous for: heritage fort/palace hotels. An upgrade to the haveli-style royalty of Mandawa, staying in one of these will leave you and your beloved feeling like true kings and queens for the weekend.

Romantic Getaways Around Delhi

Surrounded by vegetation and greenery, Alwar was one of the kingdoms under the erstwhile Rajput dynasty. It is a bit off the beaten path, which means fewer strangers to shy away and socially distance yourselves from. The best part? It is a convenient 3.5-hour drive away from Delhi. If you and your other half are foodies, make sure you grab a bit of some local deliciousness in the form of gatte ki sabzi, sohan halwa, and mirch vada.

Getting To Alwar

Jaipur is the nearest airport to Alwar around 162 km away. Comparatively, it is easier to reach Alwar by train since it has its own railway station. Direct trains run from Delhi and other major cities in the region. It is also well connected by road since it is on the route when traveling from Delhi to Rajasthan, and state buses ply between Alwar and the surrounding areas.


Where Can Couples Go In Delhi?

Lodhi Garden: This historical spot near Khan Market can also double up as a romantic place for couples in Delhi. Just sitting on the lawns or a dinner in The Garden Restaurant could be just what you need.

Delhi Haat: Want to walk around in the city and also indulge in shopping? Consider visiting Delhi Haat for a fun date!

Parthasarathy Rocks: Few things may be as romantic as gazing upon a sunset with your significant other. You can do just that at the Parthasarathy Rocks in the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus.

Where Should I Go For A 2 Day Trip Near Delhi?

If you’re intending to visit the hill stations, consider going to offbeat places like Nahan in Himachal Pradesh or Pangot in Uttarakhand.

For those who want to experience the royalty of Rajasthan, Neemrana and Jaipur are great places to visit too!

How Far Is Auli From Delhi?

The skiing destination of Auli is about 388 km away from Delhi. The trip would take you over 10 hours.

Is Oyo Safe For Unmarried Couples In Delhi?

Yes, Oyo is safe for unmarried couples in Delhi and there’s no law that prohibits unmarried couples from checking into a hotel. You need to be over 18 years old and must produce a valid ID card.

Which Is Better Auli Or Manali?

Auli is primarily a skiing destination that also doubles up as a pretty secluded place for couples seeking a quieter getaway, while Manali is a bustling city that offers multiple adventure activities. Depending on what you want, you could choose either!

Is Kasauli Worth Visiting?

If you seek a rather quiet town full of colonial architecture that’s also full of hiking trails to soothe your urge for adventure, make sure that you visit Kasauli!

Is It Better To Book With Hotel Directly?

If you’re a frequent traveler, booking directly with a hotel would be really advantageous if you’re planning on being a part of the hotel’s loyalty programs. Communicating directly with the hotel means you can have an experience more customized to your preferences, which may not be the case otherwise.

On the other hand, booking through third-party apps/websites would help you compare the prices of many different hotels, filter out places based on your budget and preferences, and also find better deals. So based on what want, you can choose either.

Where Do Tourists Stay In Delhi?

It depends on the type of tourist you are and the budget you have. Check out the best hotels in Delhi that suit your preference from Unstumbled’s curated list!