Roadway Travel Between Delhi And Jaipur To Reduce To Mere 2 Hours Via Electric Cable Highway

Being stuck in Delhi’s annoying traffic, have you randomly thought of visiting the Pink City of India but eventually dropped the idea because of the long and tiring travel?  Well, you can do it because now Jaipur will be just 2 hours away by road.

Minister of Road Transport & Highways of India, Nitin Gadkari hinted at the Central Government’s plan to introduce an electric cable highway between Delhi and Jaipur. This would reduce the 306 km drive which usually takes about 6 to 7 hours, to just 2 hours. He claimed that the fares would be 30% lower than the fares of a diesel bus without compromising on the comfort of the passengers.

Photo Credits: Pexels

An electric highway or E-highway is an energy-efficient option where overhead power lines are used to provide electricity to vehicles moving on the road. After laying the foundation stone for the project, work began on 3 different junctions on NH-8. The overall time taken to complete the work has also been reduced to 15 months instead of 30, as said by the minister.

With the electric cable highway project becoming functional, it will greatly reduce the travel time of a regular passenger, marking it as a momentous event for India.