Rajasthan To Develop Ramgarh Crater As Their New Geo-Tourism Destination

After the Lunar Crater in Maharashtra and the Dhala Crater in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan is set to make Ramgarh Crater its new geo-tourism destination. Ramgarh Crater was formed about 600 million years ago by a meteor impact and was discovered in 1869. Located near Ramgarh in Rajasthan Baran district, Ramgarh Crater is also known as Ramgarh Astrobleme and Ramgarh Structure and has a diameter of 3.5 km. The entire site will be developed as a tourist attraction at INR 57.22 crore, and construction has already begun. According to the authorities, this involves beautifying the crater lake, infrastructural development, and other landscape designs surrounding the site.

The Tourism Department is building a high-quality road, an information center, a knowledge center, and a café, said the authorities. They've also proposed developing gardens and green space, constructing a ghat, building an entrance gate and signs, and installing drip irrigation. "In the coming days, the Ramgarh crater will emerge as a favorite tourist destination in the country, with the department moving forward to promote geology tourism," stated Tourism Department Director Rashmi Sharma. She added that the Ramgarh crater represents the harmony of geology, archaeology, and history. The Forest Department has also declared this area as a reserve conservation area. As per the authorities, the Tourism, Forestry, and Public Works ministries will be collaborating to enhance this region. The Rajasthan Tourism Department anticipates 30,000 to 40,000 people visiting the site each year after the proposal is executed, according to authorities.