Pushkar Camel Fair: A Guide

What comes to mind when you think of Rajasthan? The golden deserts,  intricately designed architecture, colorful traditional outfits, and the meek gigantic camels? Well, the Pushkar Camel Fair is one of the best events to witness all these glories of Rajasthan altogether.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Rajasthan, then make sure you plan it around the time of the fair so you don’t miss out on witnessing this grand fair. With various folk dance and music performances, cultural events, and quirky competitions, this fair is not just about trading livestock. To help you cover all the interesting aspects of the Pushkar Camel Fair, we have come up with the ultimate guide.

Pushkar Camel Fair

How Did The Pushkar Camel Fair Come Into Being?

Originally, the concept of Pushkar Camel Fair did not even exist. The initial idea was to just invite traders of livestock like camels, cattle, and goats during the Karthik Purnima Festival to Pushkar. Eventually, over time it was turned into a full-fledged extravagant fair by adding several colorful programs to the trading event. Pushkar Camel Fair has now become a major tourist attraction, attracting thousands of tourists every year. So, visiting Rajasthan and missing out on this fair would give you major FOMO!

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When Is The Pushkar Camel Fair Held?

The Pushkar Camel Fair is held during the Karthik month of the Hindu astrological calendar, which as per the Gregorian calendar falls between late October and early November. Spread over a period of 5 to 8 days, this fair begins with the month of Karthik and ends on Kartik Purnima (an auspicious full-moon day). But, the spirit of this enthralling fair is so high that the traders start bringing in their camels and cattle five days ahead of the official start date of the fair.

How To Reach Pushkar Camel Fair?

By Air

Located 130 km away from the city, is the Jaipur International Airport which is the nearest airport to Pushkar. The airport is well-connected to all major domestic and international airports, so connectivity won’t be a pain. From the Jaipur airport, you can take local buses or taxis to reach Pushkar.

By Train

If you’re traveling by train, the nearest railway station to Pushkar is the Ajmer train station. It only takes about 30 minutes to reach Pushkar from Ajmer railway station which is well-connected to most cities in Rajasthan.

By Road

Well connected to national highways, Pushkar can be easily accessed by cars or buses. However, it’s only best to avoid long-distance travel by arriving at a major railway station or airport like Delhi and taking a bus to Ajmer. From Ajmer, you can then take a bus or taxi to Pushkar.


Getting Around Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar is a small town dotted with many gorgeous places of interest, the best way to get around this town is to walk. Traveling in a vehicle locally wouldn’t make sense since you would have to stop and park frequently. But since most of the tourist attractions are pretty close to one another, walking is your best bet to explore the wonders of the Pushkar Camel Fair.

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Things To Do At The Pushkar Camel Fair

  1. Check out the Pushkar lake
  2. Catch a glimpse of livestock trading
  3. Witness and take part in the cultural activities and competitions
  4. Have fun at the fair
  5. Try adventure sports (camel safari, hot-air balloon ride)
  6. Hog on local delicacies
  7. Shop at Shilpgram bazaar

Check Out The Pushkar Lake

The fair is held on the banks of the mesmerizing Pushkar lake which is known to be a sacred place among the Hindus. Legend has it that it was Lord Brahma who created the land of Pushkar, and hence the people here mainly worship Brahma. Hence, the lake too is considered holy and bathing in it is believed to heal ailments and diseases. So, when you visit the Pushkar Camel fair you can witness people bathing at this lake as a ritual. The chaos of the Pushkar Camel fair against the calm and serene lake is truly indescribable. While you’re at this fair you can also pay a visit to the famous Brahma temple just 5 mins away from the lake.

Catch A Glimpse Of Livestock Trading

During the fair, the sand dunes of Pushkar are studded with over hundreds of camels. Traders from various places come with their camels and livestock to trade at this fair. It is a sight unlike any other place in the world. A livestock trading event turned into a lively fair, where there’s no calm way of trading livestock. Here, every trade takes place with utmost pomp and show with many other cultural programs running in the backdrop.

Camel Fair

Witness And Be A Part Of The Cultural Events And Competitions

Coming to the most exciting part of the fair is the fun activities and quirky competitions. Some of the activities held include kabaddi, tug of war, football and cricket matches, langri taang (one-legged race), and the marathon.

Other than the many common activities, Pushkar Camel Fair is lined up with several competitions pretty bizarre ones such as the mustache competition where the man with the best-groomed mustache wins. There’s also the Turban tying competition which is pretty fun to watch. Another camel dance competition that crowds gather to watch in shock is the camel beauty contest where the camels are shaved and dolled up and made to dance at times.

Have Fun At The Fair

Along with the chaos of the trade and competitions, there is also the amazing carnival. From mind-blowing magic tricks to beautiful dance and music performances, you can see it all. Other than these forms of entertainment, you can also have fun at the hoop-throwing stalls or go for a Ferris wheel ride. Even kids can delve into various rides like creaking boat rides or the bouncy balloon castles. With several amazing rides, acts, and performances happening at the fair, you will definitely not be struck by boredom!

Try Adventure Sports

Another thing to make it to this list is the thrilling and insane adventure sports. Some of these sports include horse riding, paramotoring, quad biking, and many others. You have got to try the camel safari here, where you get to take a ride in the endless deserts of Rajasthan. Having a chilled drink on a sunny afternoon on a camel ride in Pushkar would be an unforgettable experience. Apart from this, you can also try other sports like a hot-air balloon ride, to get the ultimate adrenaline and to relish the overall view of the Pushkar Camel Fair from above.

Hog On Local Delicacies

Did you have fun if you didn’t try some Rajasthani delicacies at the Pushkar fair? The answer will always be “no”! A wide range of cuisines awaits you at the carnival and you must try all the lakeside cafés for snacks. Samosa, crispy hot kachori, falafel, and tongue-tickling dal bhati churma are some of the best dishes to try out.

Shop At Shilpgram Bazaar

Not just Pushkar, but all of Rajasthan is known for its artistic art and craftwork. Each piece of handicraft will make you want to get more of it. And the best way to get your hands on some of these great pieces of handicraft is to visit the Shilpgram Bazaar. At this bazaar, you’ll find gorgeous traditional footwear, bead necklaces, various types of earrings, apparel, ornaments, paintings, and other products. So don’t forget to take out some time to appreciate the work of the local artisans and buy some fabulous souvenirs and gifts at home.

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Things To Keep In Mind At The Pushkar Camel Fair

  • It is recommended to book a camel safari after reaching the fair, rather than booking it online as you’ll get to know the local prices and take a decision by comparing them.
  • Some locals tend to take advantage of tourists at the fair, especially at Pushkar lake. Priests tend to give blessings and then force you to pay them in return. So, be aware of that when you go.
  • Book your accommodation well in advance because it is possible that all accommodation options could be sold out. Or rates could be hiked up if you book at the last moment.


Why Is The Pushkar Fair Celebrated?

Originally the Pushkar Camel fair was initiated with the idea of inviting traders from all over, for livestock trading. Later, to add more color to this event it was turned into a full-fledged carnival.

Where Is The Pushkar Camel Fair Held?

The Pushkar Camel fair is held in the small town of Pushkar, located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Every year lakhs of people come to Pushkar to witness this 5 to 8 day long festival.

What Happens At Pushkar Camel Fair?

At the fair, apart from the trading of camels, cattle, and other animals, there are various interesting events that take place. You can get to take part or just enjoy various quirky competitions like the mustache competition, turban tying competition, camel beauty competition, and many others. Apart from these, you can also have fun at the fair and relish some local delicacies.

Is Pushkar Camel Fair Worth Visiting?

Absolutely. You can go anywhere in the world, but you won’t get to witness a livestock trading turned carnival as extravagant as the Pushkar Camel fair.

What Is Pushkar Famous For?

Pushkar is mainly famous for its annual Pushkar Camel Fair. Apart from this, it is also a city that houses many stunning temples, ancient palaces of kings and queens, and colorful markets. Some of the popular tourist attractions are the holy Pushkar Lake, Brahma temple, Savitri Mata temple, Pushkar Bazaar, and Man Mahal.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Pushkar?

During the winter months of October to March, Pushkar enjoys cool and pleasant weather. So, if you wish to avoid the summer heat, this is the best time to visit Pushkar and thoroughly enjoy sightseeing.

Which Is The World’s Largest Camel Fair?

Without any doubt, the Pushkar camel fair is the largest camel fair in the world. It does not just celebrate the importance of camels in the lives of the Rajasthani folks, but also the colorful traditions and rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

Which Animals Are Traded At The Pushkar Fair?

The name gives away the main animal that’s traded at the fair - Camels. Other than camels cattle, goats, sheep, and horses are some of the animals traded at the Pushkar fair.

  • Region
    North-Western India
  • Type of Experience
    Cultural Experience
  • Best Time To Visit
    Between late October and early November.