Pub Crawl In Delhi

Going On A Pub Crawl In Delhi

There are very few places that can keep up with the pace and energetic lifestyle of Delhi. And one of the best ways of experiencing that is by soaking yourself in the city’s nightlife.

While there are many amazing pubs and bars all across the city, Connaught Place and Hauz Khas are the two party towns within Delhi. If you want to get your spirits up high, these two places are where you must go for a pub crawl in Delhi. With so many bars to choose from, fun music, a lively crowd, and the best of ambience will be a staple in most of them. Here are a few of our personal favorites to experience a hell of a pub crawl in Delhi.'

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Connaught Place

Do you also feel like alcohol is more effective and enjoyable when it’s cheap? If so, you can count on Cafe MRP in CP to set the tone for your bar crawl in the area. They have a variety of drinks to choose from and often have live screenings too. Their rooftop area is also pretty chill to sip on a few drinks and groove to the music. Imported beers like Hoegaarden are much cheaper than most places. You can start your tipsy tales from MRP by having a couple of drinks and then move on to Odeon Social.

No pub crawl in Delhi is ever complete without visiting one of the Socials. Like most of them, Odeon Social is no different. There will always be a mix of Punjabi, Bollywood, and English music. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can try one of their Banarasi Patiala shots or simply have one of their interesting cocktail options. Don’t worry though, they also have draft beers and every other staple drink apart from some fancy imported brands. Do try one of their fusion experimental starters.

Next stop: My Bar. One of the best places in Delhi to enjoy some cheap thrills. We’re talking about inexpensive alcohol alright? Here you can get a pint of beer for as cheap as INR 105. Or if you’re looking for something stronger but just as cheap, the Old Monk will service you well starting at just INR 109 for 30 ml of love. You can even find fancier drinks like Glenfiddich, cocktails such as Whiskey Sour, and a wide range of other domestic and imported drinks alike.

End the night on an absolute high by visiting Tamasha. They have an amazing variety of drinks and cocktails to choose from. The prices aren’t cheap but they are not too expensive either. A pint of beer starts from INR 185 onwards. But they have a fantastic collection of those super fancy wines too if that’s your thing. Dance the night away at Tamasha which has a great reputation of being a party place.

Although Tamasha doesn’t have a dance floor, nobody’s going to stop you from busting a move after a few drinks. Just don’t turn into pukey pukerson!

Our honorable mentions here would be Lord of the Drinks and Farzi Cafe for sure. The former for its cool medieval decor and the energetic Bollywood and EDM nights. And the latter for its classy ambience and live music setup.

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Hauz Khas Village

One of our favorite pub crawl trails in Hauz Khas Village is Raasta Cafe – Summerhouse – Hauz Khas Social. You start your drunken expeditions at Raasta Cafe in Green Park. They have a great selection of single malts so you’ll most likely find your brand of scotch whiskey. Our Unstumbled recommendation would be to order one of their bongtails while you chill at their rooftop area. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to experience reggae music that is often played at the cafe.

Now that you’ve had a couple of bongtails in your system, let’s take the party to Summerhouse Cafe. You’ll always find a really classy crowd here and the place is one for sophisticated partygoers. Weekends here have a knack of getting everyone as pumped up as possible. They have a reputation for playing some of the coolest music and even though they don’t have a massive dance floor, the dedicated section makes it seem like the entire cafe has turned into one. You’ll definitely love their interesting collection of wines, single malts, and the intriguing cocktails they serve.

A pub crawl here would be incomplete without visiting the ever so lively Hauz Khas Social. Here you can totally take the party to newer heights. Their DJs are always reliable to make you bust a move or two. You can choose from their list of Loaded Goti Sodas, LIITs, or any of your preferred drinks because they have a great variety and serve all kinds of drinks. The best part is that they also have the tastiest of snacks and bar nibbles to take care of your stomach and help you sustain.

While all these bars are close to each other, not all of them are a quick walk away from each other, So here’s another one for those who prefer the easy option of a quick walk from one place to the other when bar hopping. Imperfecto – Matchbox – Fork You

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We start the trail at Imperfecto, where drinks cost a little more than usual, but the loud music and the hip vibes totally make it worth your while. They have a good food menu too but that’s again a little on the expensive side, so you can skip the food when bar hopping and stick to a couple of drinks. Our suggestion would be to stick to the blended whiskey section or depending on your preference, the vodka/rum/liqueur options. Or you could just have a shot or two and go all guns blazing. But if you’re a lightweight, maybe go easy.

Matchbox is hands-down one of the most charming bars in the area if not in all of Delhi. The place is tiny yet full of life and good vibes. They have a good list of drinks for anyone to choose from and the prices aren’t too expensive either. Matchbox also has some really good starters to go with your drinks. While the dishes aren’t too exotic, they’re simple yet well done. Make sure you’ve worn your dancing shoes on your visit here because the DJ will definitely get you in the mood.

Now that you’ve finally had a few drinks in you and got yourself in the mood, it’s time to Fork You. Easily one of the best party places in Hauz Khas, Fork You is always energetic with its loud music and enthusiastic party animals who visit the place. Apart from the regular cocktail options, they also have their signature cocktails which are definitely worth trying. And then if you feel like getting forked up before you call it a night, go for their exotic shots. While you’re at it, don’t forget to try their burgers and steaks. You can thank us later.

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What Is The Point Of A Pub Crawl?

Pub crawling means you’re visiting many pubs and bars in one night itself. The point is to make merry and meet different people!

How Many Pubs Are There In Delhi?

If you’re planning on going pub crawling in Delhi, you’d be spoiled for choice! There are about 300 pubs in Delhi.

How Many Pubs Are In A Pub Crawl?

There’s no hard and fast rule on how many pubs you must visit in a pub crawl, but 5 or 6 is a good number!

Where Can I Go For Night In Delhi?

When it comes to going out at night, Delhi has a lot of options:

  • Pubs- If a pub crawl in Delhi is what you have in mind, make sure you hop in Cafe MRP, Odeon Social, and Tamasha in Connaught Place; or you could visit Imperfecto and Fork You in Hauz Khas!
  • Jama Masjid - If you’re craving some succulent non-vegetarian food, then you have to visit Jama Masjid!
  • India Gate - The iconic India Gate makes for a magnificent sight in daylight, but the charm is enhanced when the structure is lit up at night.

Which City Has Highest Pubs In India?

Bengaluru has the highest number of pubs in India. There are over a thousand of them, making for a partygoer’s delight!

Is Delhi Safe At Night?

Delhi does have an unfortunate reputation of being relatively unsafe, especially for women. But as female travelers, you can avoid danger by steering clear of desolate spots and if you want a cab, hire one from a reputable company.

Is Chandni Chowk Safe At Night?

Chandni Chowk may not be the safest place to visit at night, especially the desolate spots. We recommend that you visit in the daytime.

Which City In India Has Best Night Life?

Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Goa are among the best place to enjoy the nightlife in India.

What Is Famous In Chandni Chowk?

Chandni Chowk is a street in Old Delhi where you can indulge in a shopping spree! Whether you want silver jewelry (that’s where it got its name from), perfumes, and cameras, you’ll get practically everything. 

And once you’re tired from all the shopping, you can just stop by in the many street food stalls here!

What Is Famous In Delhi To Buy?

Those who love souvenirs would love Delhi, as it has a lot of fancy stuff you could take home. Some of them are silver artifacts, embroidered bags, lac bangles, zari dresses, and spices.

  • Region
    North India
  • Type Of Experience
    Nightlife (Culinary & Cultural)
  • Best Time To Visit
    Weekends (Thursday nights can be fun too)
  • Bars You Must Visit
    Cafe MRP, Odeon Social, My Bar, Raasta Cafe, Summerhouse Cafe, Hauz Khas Social, Imperfecto, Matchbox
  • How Much Will It Cost Me?
    INR 1500 - INR 4000
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