Popular Khau Gallis In Mumbai That Every Foodie Must Try Out

From beaches to Bollywood, Mumbai has it all! This city of dreams takes everything seriously which includes the dreamers and food. Khau Galis literally translates to “treat lane” and if there’s a heaven for foodies, trust us, this is it! 

In these khau gallis, you’ll find literally everything related to delicious food. From the world-famous vada pav to lip-smacking pav bhaji. Read on to know our picks of some of the most popular khau gallis in Mumbai that every foodie must try out.

8 Popular Khau Gallis In Mumbai

  1. Carter Road Khau Galli
  2. SNDT To Cross Maidan Khau Galli
  3. Princess Street Khau Galli
  4. Kharghar Khau Galli
  5. Mulund Khau Galli
  6. Mohammad Ali Road Khau Galli
  7. Tardeo Khau Galli
  8. CSMT Khau Galli

1.Carter Road Khau Galli

The beach gives you good vibes while the delicious food satisfies your pangs of hunger. That’s why Carter Road Khau Galli is at the top of our list for all the right reasons. Carter Road Khau Galli is different than other khau galis of Mumbai because you get a young crowd, an insane variety of food, and breathtaking Bandra magic. 

From the shawarmas to the delicious desserts, you’ll not run out of options to eat. And you know the fun part? Your account balance will also take a breath of fresh air because the rates are oh so affordable!

Must Visit Eateries: Icecream factory, Shahi Darbar, Carter's Blue, The J

Address: Hanuman Nagar, Pali Hill.

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2. SNDT To Cross Maidan Khau Galli

SNDT is a famous women’s university and this khau galli is minutes away from here. It’s located at the lane that connects the college to cross maidan. As you must’ve guessed, this khau galli is immensely popular among college students. 

Because of its closeness to Churchgate station, it’s also a popular evening hangout spot for many office goers and travelers alike. You’ll find a great variety of chinese dishes, pav bhaji, juices, chaats, chicken lollypops, all at pretty affordable rates. 

Must Visit Eateries: Lalit Bhel Center, Hans Ras Juice Center, Lenin Pav Bhaji Center

Address: Near SNDT Women's University in Churchaget.

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Popular Khau Gallis In Mumbai That Every Foodie Must Try Out

3. Princess Street Khau Galli

This khau galli is a blessing for the shopaholics roaming the lanes of Crawford and Mangaldas Market. Once your heart is satisfied with all the street shopping and your stomach starts to make demands, head to Princess Street. 

The variety of refreshments, street food, and flavors will not only help to satiate your hunger but will also energize you for your next round of shopping. Definitely check out their chaats, sweets, milkshakes, and ice creams.

Must Visit Eateries: Chandu Halwai, Parsi Dairy Farm, Kitchen Garden

Address: Near Marine Lines station, Zaveri Bazaar and Mangaldas Market are the main landmarks. 

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4. Kharghar Khau Galli

If you assumed that all the goodness resides only in the south part of Bombay, let Kharghar prove you wrong. This khau galli is located in Navi Mumbai and you name a delicacy and the chances are that you'll find it here. From Litti Chokhaand superior shawarma, they've it all to please your tastebuds. 

If you’re a momo lover, this will be your momo heaven because they’re especially known for their momo preparation and variety. There are easily over 100+ food options here so brace yourself for a food coma.

Must Visit Eateries: Kharghar Fry Corner, Little China Fast Food, Darjeeling Sikkim Momos

Address: 23R9+867, Vighnahar Complex, Sector 12, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

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Popular Khau Gallis In Mumbai That Every Foodie Must Try Out

5. Mulund Khau Galli

Mulund Khau Gali can show you the spirit of Mumbai. You’ll see the workers, students, and officials sitting and devouring the delicacies. You’ll find many delicious snacks under 100 rupees and your stomach might get full but the variety won’t stop. 

Masala vada pav, cheesy khichdi, bhelpuri, and golas are some of the most loved dishes at the Mulund Khau Galli which you must check out.

Must Visit Eateries: Bliss Veg Restro, The Icecream Factory, Akshay Food Plaza

Address: Mg Road, Mulund west.

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6. Mohammad Ali Road Khau Galli

This is a meaty pick for all meat lovers. Mohammad Ali Road Khau Galli has everything you can comprehend about chicken and meat. Trust us, you’ll get overwhelmed with the lip-smacking flavors and aromas the second you’ll enter this lane. 

It’s located right adjacent to the Minara Masjid and trust us, if you happen to visit this lane during the month of Ramzan, you’ll witness a crowd like no other. If you’re a fan of tikkas, kebabs, and all the smoky Mughlai goodness, definitely go there with an empty stomach and loose pocket! 

Must Visit Eateries: Noor Mohammadi Restaurant, Bademiyaan, Suleman Usman Bakery

Address: 39, Ibrahim Merchant road, Mumbadevi area

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Popular Khau Gallis In Mumbai That Every Foodie Must Try Out

7. Tardeo Khau Galli

Tardeo Khau Galli has something for every kind of foodie out there. This is another treat lane that happens to be located at the heart of South Bombay. As we said, Mumbai takes its history and food very seriously and this is one place where you’ll witness the best of both worlds. Especially known for their vada pav but not restricted to it, you’ll also find options of thalis, rolls, shawarmas, and kebabs to name a few.

Must Visit Eateries: Mamaji’s Grill And Pizza, Sardar’s Pav Bhaji, Hotel Sai Gomantak Restaurant

Address: Tardeo road, Janata Nagar

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8. CSMT Khau Galli

Whether it’s a weekend exploration or you’re visiting the city of dreams, once you’re done admiring the historical charm of the city and hunger hits, head to CSMT khau galli. This lane is located just next to the historical landmark of CSMT station so it’ll be extremely accessible. 

One of the most famous pav bhaji stalls, Canon Pav bhaji is also located here so you should definitely check it out. Other than the famous pav bhaji, you’ll also find various street foods from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Punjab. So, definitely check it out for all the affordable food, history, and more.

Must Visit Eateries: Canon Pav Bhaji, Kala Khatta Cold Drink House, Aram Vada Pao

Address: 212/A, Vitthaldas Thackersey Marg, New Marine Lines

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Popular Khau Gallis In Mumbai That Every Foodie Must Try Out

Summing Up

These popular khau gallis in Mumbai can definitely become your one-stop destination for any kind of food craving. We’re sure you are already craving to eat and explore these treat lanes. So, head out, get a rickshaw or train and treat yourself to delicious food. 


What Is Famous In Mumbai In Eating?

Mumbai is known for its street food. Vada pav, samosa pav, pav bhaji, misal pav, poha, batata vada are some of the most famous foods in Mumbai.

What Is Famous Sweet In Mumbai?

Puran poli, shrikhand, modak and shira are some of the most famous sweets in Mumbai. 

Is Visiting Mumbai Worth It?

Mumbai is known as the City of Dreams and it's no exaggeration! It’s definitely a worth-visiting city that’ll offer you the best of art, beauty, history, glamor, food, and people. 

Which Is The Best Month To Visit Mumbai?

October to February are the best months to visit Mumbai. Like many Indian cities, Mumbai doesn't face harsh winters so the climate will be pleasantly perfect for exploring. 

What Is The National Food Of India?

India is a diverse country with one of the most vibrant food cultures. It’s not possible to have a national food but you'll be surprised to know that Khichdi was almost declared our national food but later, the idea was rejected by the government.

Is Vada Pav Good For Health?

As much as we’d like to believe that vada pav is good for health, it actually isn’t. This delicious snack can definitely satisfy your palette but it does your body more harm than good. Vada pav generally is made from bread and deep-fried potatoes which isn't the healthiest combination, to say the least. If consumed frequently, can lead to high cholesterol but its a good snack for days you’re cheating your diet.

What Is Special In Mumbai?

Mumbai is a special city in itself that is filled with gorgeous places. Mumbai is one of the rare cities where you can experience the vintage old-world charm while also witnessing the peak of modernism. From history, cinema, theatre, and art to food, nightlife, and glamor, Mumbai has everything for you.

Why Is Mumbai Famous For Tourism?

Mumbai is one of the most famous Indian cities and its historical buildings and aesthetic charm can be considered the biggest factors. Other than the landmark buildings, tourists visit the city of dreams to explore charming beaches, glamorous Bollywood mystics, and some of the best nightlife.