Planning An Ooty To Munnar Road Trip Under INR 15K

Embarking on a road trip can be the best way to explore the hidden treasures of nature. When it comes to scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes, few destinations can rival the charm of the Ooty-to-Munnar route in southern India. If you’re worried about breaking your bank balance, fret not, as this road trip is going to cost you less than INR 15k. So pack your sense of adventure, and let's dive into planning an unforgettable road trip from Ooty to Munnar.

Ooty To Munnar Through Palladam - 243 km

Route: Ooty - Coonoor - Mettupalayam - Annur - Palladam - Udumalpet - Marayoor - Munnar

Before setting off on your road trip, it's important to consider the best time to visit. The months from October to February offer pleasant weather with cool temperatures and clear skies. This road trip covers around 243 km and takes around 7-8 hours to complete. If you calculate the fuel amount accordingly, the petrol price will cost you roughly INR 1,700 to INR 1,968.

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Begin your road trip from the enchanting hill station of Ooty, famous for its lush tea gardens, scenic viewpoints, and colonial architecture. Take a leisurely drive through the winding roads, surrounded by rolling hills.

Where To Stop By In Ooty:

Doddabetta Peak

Doddabetta Peak is the highest peak in the Nilgiri mountain range. Standing at an impressive altitude of 8,650 ft, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, tea plantations, and distant blue mountains. The entrance fee here is as minimal as INR 6 for adults.


As you leave Ooty, head towards Coonoor, another charming hill station nestled amidst the Nilgiri Mountains. Coonoor is known for its tea gardens, verdant valleys, and pleasant weather.

Where To Stop By In Coonoor:

Sim's Park

A beautifully landscaped botanical garden, Sim's Park is known for its rare and exotic plant species. Take a leisurely stroll amidst the colorful blooms and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

Dolphin's Nose

Dolphin's Nose is known for its panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and tea estates. Perched on a cliff edge, the viewpoint resembles the shape of a dolphin's nose, offering you a breathtaking vantage point to admire the natural beauty of the Nilgiri Hills.

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Highfield Tea Factory

This factory is a renowned tea estate nestled in the enchanting Nilgiri hills of southern India. Known for its exquisite range of teas, visitors can witness the tea-making process, explore lush tea gardens, and indulge in a flavorful tea-tasting experience.


Continue your journey towards Mettupalayam, a bustling town located at the foothills of the Nilgiris. Known as the gateway to the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, Mettupalayam offers a glimpse into the region's colonial past. While it may be tempting to board the toy train, the time constraints of the day trip require moving forward. Yet, make a mental note to return and explore this charming town in the future.


As you leave Mettupalayam, you'll pass through Annur, a small town renowned for its serene ambience. This rural landscape offers a peaceful respite from the busy city life. Take a moment to soak in the tranquility of the surrounding countryside and enjoy the simplicity of village life.


Continuing on your road trip, you'll reach Palladam, a historical town with cultural significance. Palladam is known for its textile industry, especially cotton sarees, and dhotis. Explore the local markets, interact with weavers, and get a glimpse into the traditional textile-making process. Don't forget to pick up some exquisite handwoven textiles as souvenirs.

Udumalpet - Marayoor

As you head towards Munnar, you'll pass through Udumalpet, a small town surrounded by lush green fields and coconut groves. Enjoy the scenic countryside views before reaching Marayoor, a pretty village famous for its sandalwood forests, sugarcane fields, and ancient dolmens.

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Where To Stop By In Udumalpet - Marayoor:

Thirumoorthy Hills And Falls

Nestled amidst lush green forests, Thirumoorthy Hills is home to a serene temple and a majestic waterfall. Enjoy the peaceful ambience and take a dip in the natural pool formed by the cascading waters.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

A haven for nature enthusiasts, the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its diverse flora and fauna. Embark on a short safari or hiking expedition to catch glimpses of elephants, langurs, and the rare grizzled giant squirrel.

Lakkam Waterfalls

This beautiful cascading waterfall is located in the dense forests of Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala. Surrounded by lush greenery, the waterfall offers a serene and refreshing atmosphere, making it a popular tourist destination for nature lovers and adventurers.


Finally, continue your journey towards Munnar, your ultimate destination. As you approach Munnar, the landscape transforms into a paradise of tea plantations, misty mountains, and cascading waterfalls. Take your time to enjoy the beauty of this hill station and prepare for the adventures that lie ahead.

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Summing Up

A road trip from Ooty to Munnar is a remarkable journey that showcases the natural beauty of southern India. From cascading waterfalls to mist-covered valleys, every turn reveals a new marvel to behold. So, gather your fellow travelers, hit the road, and let the magic of this enchanting route unfold before your eyes. As said always, it's not just the destination but the journey itself that makes road trips like this truly extraordinary.


Is It Good To Go To Ooty In July?

Yes, July is a beautiful month with sunlight and a few sprinkles in Ooty.

Is It Safe To Visit Ooty During Monsoon?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe to visit Ooty during monsoon season.

Which Month Is Best For Tourists In Ooty?

March to June are the best months for tourists to visit Ooty.

What Is Ooty Famously Known As?

Ooty is famously known as the “Queen of the Nilgiris” and also the “Queen of Hill Stations.”

What Is The Climate In Ooty In July?

July is ideal for those who enjoy the rain and prefer to avoid crowds. The maximum morning temperature in Ooty is 19°C, while the lowest night temperature is about 12°C.

How Many Days Are Required For A Trip To Ooty?

Ooty is a gorgeous and modest place that takes around three days to explore and swing by all of the key attractions.

Is Munnar Good For Couples?

Munnar has been one the favorite destinations for honeymooners for its dreamy hills and valleys. The cool temperature makes you want to cuddle up and enjoy each other’s company. You can also take advantage of honeymoon packages offered by multiple hospitality centers in Munnar.

Are 2 Days Enough For Munnar?

It’s the perfect weekend getaway destination where you can relax and unwind and get one with nature’s beauty. So yes, you can plan a minication of 2 days to this serene hill station and visit the popular tourist attractions.