Planning A Bangalore To Wayanad Road Trip Under 15K

Whether you live in Bangalore or just visiting, it’s quite likely that you may have a yearning to get back in the lap of nature. This is when the idea of a road trip begins to take shape. If so, why not plan a Bangalore to Wayanad road trip? Known for its verdant landscapes, misty hills, and rich biodiversity, this hill station in Kerala promises an escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore.

In this blog, we’ll bring you the best routes to reach Wayanad and the places you can stop by on the way. No matter which route you choose, each one has a national park where you can enjoy stunning wildlife. So if you’re ready to take this journey, keep reading.

Bangalore To Wayanad Through Bandipur

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Route: Bangalore - Channapatna - Malavalli - Somnathpur - Gundlupet - Bandipur - Wayanad

You can take this road if you're an early bird or if the person driving is one, as the road through Bandipur National Park forest closes at 9 p.m. This route covers a distance of around 300 km via NH 275 and NH7 66 which takes about 7 hours.

If our maths is right, it would take approximately INR 2,200 worth of fuel to reach Wayanad. The real treasures of a road trip are the places you can pause to take in the beauty of the place, right?

Places To Stop By

Chennakeshava Temple

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Once you reach Somnathpur, you can’t help but make a stop at the Chennakeshava Temple – the intricate Gopuram or entrance gate is sure to draw you in. Literally translating to ‘Handsome Keshava’, this temple of Lord Vishnu is a fine example of Hoysala workmanship. If the outside was captivating, the craftsmanship inside is all the more so. Whether you’re a history or architecture enthusiast, the 1000-year old temple makes for a visit en route to Wayanad.

Himavad Gopalaswamy Temple

Just as you leave the civilization of Gundlupet, consider taking a short detour to the Gopalaswamy Hills right on the fringes of the Bandipur National Park. Here, your next stop should be Himavad Gopalaswamy Temple, which is at the highest peak in Bandipur National Park. We insist you make time and visit this spot to not miss out on the stunning views from the temple. On most days, the area around the temple is shrouded by mist, making for an experience that you’ll remember for quite some time.

Bandipur National Park

As you approach Bandipur National Park, keep your camera ready to capture some candid shots of wild animals walking right next to you. If you’re really, really lucky, you might be able to catch a glimpse of a tiger here! One tip would be to drive slowly and take in the lush green forest on both sides of your car.

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Bangalore To Wayanad Through Mysore

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Route: Bangalore - Channapatna - Srirangapatna - Mysore - Kartikulam - Kaithakkal - Wayanad

This is the route that most people prefer to take to reach Wayanad from Bangalore. It takes about 7 hours, as you’ll be covering the distance of 303 km via NH 275. If you believe in the saying "The journey is always better than the destination", then this is the route for you.

It’s got gardens, historical and heritage places, dams, waterfalls, and more. If you’ll be visiting all the places, keep in mind that the journey can take two days to complete. The amount of fuel you’ll need for this route will be the same as for the previous route.

Places To Stop By

Heritage Winery

The first stop, and the closest to Bangalore, is Heritage Winery in Channapatna. If you enjoy wine and want to know more about how it’s made, head over here. The wine tasting and tour cost INR 250. If you'd like to stomp some grapes, you can do so for INR 500 and have a great time.

Barachukki And Gaganachukki Falls

If you’re traveling in the monsoon and have some time on your hands, you should take a little detour and head to Barachukki and Gaganachukki Falls. It’s located near Shivanasamudra in Mandya. They’ll give you the vibe of Niagara Falls in India, which you should definitely consider visiting.

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Gol Gumbaz

Gol Gumbaz is an excellent example of Islamic architecture. It’s a mausoleum erected by Tipu Sultan at Srirangapatna as a memorial to his father, Hyder Ali. Later on, his and his family members' graves were added to it too.


Visiting this city makes for an experience in itself; there are many sites in Mysore to explore, ranging from Amba Vilas Palace to Brindavan Gardens. If you've got a sweet tooth, you can grab some Mysore Pak on the way. There are some really good restaurants here that you can stop by to relish the local cuisine.

Nagarhole National Park

If you’re really into wildlife and still want to take this route instead of the Bandipur one, take a slight detour and visit Nagarhole National Park. It’s home to Bengal tigers, leopards, and the largest herd of Asiatic elephants in the world.

Banasura Sagar Dam

If you and your friends are adventure junkies, you’re in for a treat. Banasura Sagar Dam is not only a sight to behold, but you can also engage in thrilling activities here. The entry fee is INR 40, and the parking fee is INR 10. The activities here are coracle rides, ziplining, shuttle rides, and speed boating. The prices for these activities range from INR 25 to INR 1,000.

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Bangalore To Wayanad Through Kanakapura

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Route: Bangalore - Kanakapura - Sathanur - Malavalli - Kartikulam - Kaithakal

This is the second-most popular route taken by travelers after the Mysore route. It requires around 350 km of road travel and will take you about 7-8 hours to reach Wayanad. You’ll need a little more fuel to cover this route, and it’ll cost you INR 2,550, but the sights along the way are worth the money.

Places To Stop By

Chunchi Falls

Chunchi Falls is a short distance from Kanakapura. It falls from a height of around 50 feet into a tiny pool via many tiers. Surrounded by naturally created rock formations, it’s a perfect spot for swimming, playing, and relaxing in the water.

Mudumalai National Park

As we promised earlier, this route has a national park as well where you get to enjoy the wildlife of Karnataka in the best way possible. Mudumalai National Park is home to a plethora of fauna and flora and is quite popular for bird watching.

Sulthan Bathery

Located in Wayanad, you can visit the historic town of Sulthan Bathery. The town gets its name from Tipu Sultan, who used the Jain temple here as a battery to store ammunition during his military campaigns. Steeped in history and surrounded by lush greenery, this place offers a perfect blend of heritage and natural beauty.

Edakkal Caves

A visit to Edakkal Caves is a voyage into our forgotten history. It's located 10 km from Sulthan Bathery and has gifted historians vital information about our forefathers' lives and customs. The caves are two natural rock structures said to have been formed by a major break in a massive rock. The carvings on the interior are exquisite.

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Summing Up

After what you’ve just read, we’re sure you can’t wait to pack your bags, fuel up your car, and head out on this thrilling road trip from Bangalore to Wayanad. While Wayanad, with its verdant hills and rolling tea and coffee plantations will have your heart, the journey and the stops you make along the way will make this a road trip worth remembering.


Is It Easy To Drive From Bangalore To Wayanad?

Yes, driving from Bangalore to Wayanad is relatively easy and enjoyable. The route is well-connected, and the roads are in good condition, making it a pleasant road trip with scenic views along the way.

Does Wayanad Have Hairpin Bends?

The lush ghats on the way to Wayanad include nine hairpin turns. Each hairpin curve marks the start of a new adventure.

Is Bangalore To Wayanad Road Hilly?

It takes roughly 6-7 hours to cross the distance as much of the trail runs through steep terrain where you can't go fast.

Which Month Is Best For Wayanad Trip?

The ideal time to visit Wayanad is between October and May. Temperatures can drop by up to 10°C from December to February.

Is 2 Days Enough For Wayanad?

Yes, 2 days are enough to cover all the beautiful places in Wayanad.

Can I Carry Alcohol From Bangalore To Wayanad?

It is advised not to carry alcohol from other states to Wayanad, as there will be border checks and your bottles are likely to be confiscated.

Which Is The Most Beautiful Village In Wayanad?

Vythiri is among the most beautiful villages in Wayanad. It is well-known for its spice farms and tribal communities. It is a popular tourist destination for adventure sports and trekking.

What Are The Main Food Items In Wayanad?

Puttu and beef fry, fish moilee, appam and stew, and Kaattu Soup are among the main food items in Wayanad.