Plan Your Perfect Trip With This Pahalgam Travel Guide!

Whenever you plan your next trip to balance all the time you put in for work, we’ve got your destination ready! Pack your bags and prepare to travel North to Pahalgam. Why? Well, why not?

Nestled close to Anantnag District, Pahalgam is a treat for all of those in need of a break from daily life. The hill station is over 2,700 meters above sea level, making it the perfect escape from the burning sun.

To stay true to our word about letting your soul rest from the daily stress, we’ve even come up with a complete Pahalgam travel guide for you! Now, all you have to do is book your tickets and have the time of your life. 

History And Culture Of Pahalgam

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Pahalgam has stood the test of time. The earliest record of its existence in archaeology is from the Neolithic Age when civilization was found in Srinagar, Bomai, and Pahalgam. For a very long time, Pahalgam was home to nomadic herdsmen. They mainly used the lands for cattle grazing; making it the ‘Valley of Shepherds’.

Until 1346 CE, the Hindu kings ruled all of Pahalgam before Shams-Ud-Din conquered the land. Almost two centuries later in 1586, Akbar invaded Pahalgam and it fell under the Mughal Empire. The century after that, Pahalgam became a part of the Afghan Durrani Empire, with Ahmad Shah Durrani becoming its ruler. In the early 19th century, the ruler was Ranjit Singh, only for the British to control it a few decades later.

After bouncing from one ruler to another, it finally gained its independence and also became a part of independent India.

Pahalgam is a beautiful amalgamation between the Mughal and Kashmiri cultures. The influence is very evident in its indigenous cuisine, handicrafts, folk dance, and festivals. There’s even the annual Tulip Festival in April, an amazing opportunity to learn about the culture. Once you get to know the people of Pahalgam, you’ll be welcomed by them with an open heart and some really delicious food!

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Mythology And Pahalgam

Pahalgam is so picturesque that even the Gods were taken aback by its beauty. That’s right! According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva wanted to tell his wife, Parvati, the secret behind his immortality. He wished to do so in a secluded place with no one to eavesdrop. Lord Shiva chose to reveal the important information in Amarnath Cave. Along the way, they decided to leave behind Nandi, the guardian and deity of Mount Kailasa. The village where Nandi stayed was named Bailgaon which later came to be known as Pahalgam; making the land of Pahalgam the first stop in people’s trip to the Amarnath Yatra. 

Best Season To Visit Pahalgam

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April To June

Summers in Pahalgam are a very pleasing contrast between the warm sun and the breezy air. It feels like a hug from nature itself, and aren’t we all a tad bit touch-starved? April to June in Pahalgam is the busiest season of the year. All the tourists fly to the hill station for peaceful evenings and panoramic strolls. The temperature during this time ranges from 11°C to 25°C. 

The weather couldn’t be any more perfect for day trips and simple picnics. It also makes for the perfect time to walk through forests to Baisaran - also known as Mini Switzerland. Even the sky is clear, making the visibility excellent and your Instagram feed perfectly aesthetic. 

Don’t be fooled by the warm temperature, though. The temperature often drops during nighttime. and you wouldn’t want to be chilly in a cozy climate, would you? So, pack your comfy warm clothes too!

July To September

During monsoons, Pahalgam becomes one of those pictures you come across online that make you let out a dreamy sigh. The gentle showers breathe life into the lush meadows, making it an absolute heaven. The temperature during this period is from 18°C to 30°C. The rains breathe back life into Pahalgam. 

July to September in Pahalgam also brings an entirely different crowd of tourists to Pahalgam. The Amarnath Yatra is in full flow during this season. So, pilgrims are a pretty common sight. Those who love a good adrenaline rush also fly to the hill station. At the Chandanwari Trek, you’ll see throngs of people walking the difficult walk to make it to the calm sanctuary.

During the monsoon, the entire valley is covered in flowers of every hue imaginable, and you can even go berry picking!

October To February

The winters are your perfect excuse to wear all your hoodies! Not one, but you’ll probably need two to keep away the cold. Because let’s be honest, we’re not Elsa. The cold does bother us. The temperature drops down to 1°C to 12°C.

There’ll be more than 5-8 feet of snow in the woods. You can make a total attempt at making your own Olaf even! Because of the extensive snow, remember to bring your best woolens and boots! (Can be boots with fur too). The entire region appears breathtakingly lovely.

Some of Pahalgam's favorite winter sports include skiing, sledding, and rafting, so try your hand at all of them! 

How To Get To Pahalgam?

By Air

Srinagar Airport is your best bet when you’re flying to Pahalgam. The airport is at a distance of about 88.6 km away from your holiday destination. All the major city flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Leh are connected to the Srinagar Airport. Once you’ve landed (and picked up your bags), you can book a cab to start your journey to Pahalgam.

By Train

For those who love the idea of passing by villages and landscapes on a train as a movie experience, this one’s for you! The nearest railways to Pahalgam are Jammu Tawi and Udhampur. Jammu Tawi station is connected to other significant railways of the country such as Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Kolkata, Chennai, Rishikesh, and Kanyakumari. So, most of the tourists prefer Jammu Tawi over Udhampur. While Udhampur is around 217 kilometers away, Jammu Tawi station is about 285 kilometers away. When you arrive at any one of the stations, you can take a taxi or a bus to the hill station. 

By Road

Every vacation always calls for a road trip! Where else will you use your special travel playlist? There are taxis available from Anantnag (the third-largest city of Jammu and Kashmir) that can take you to the hill station in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Aside from that, there are buses available from Anantnag, Jammu, and Srinagar to get there.

How To Get Around In Pahalgam?

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Taxis and buses (costing roughly INR 50) are the best ways to get around Pahalgam. If you’re in need of local transport, you can hire SUVs to travel around because taxis from Srinagar and Jammu, as well as private automobiles (from other states), are not permitted for local touring in Pahalgam.

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Sights To Visit Around Pahalgam

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Betaab Valley

The Lidder River's Betaab Valley is a beautiful stretch of emerald green carpet broken up by a river and snow-capped mountains in the background. It’s surrounded by a dense forest of deodar and pine trees and is sprinkled with vibrant flowers. The valley also acts as a base camp for trekkers and is a wonderful site to begin further mountain exploration. The film Betaab, starring Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh, was shot here. As a result, the valley was named after the popular film. Maybe you can re-enact some scenes when you visit!

Aru Valley

Yes. Pahalgam has a lot of valleys for you to visit. But every experience will be a different one, we can assure you of that! Aru Valley is a popular destination located around 12 km from Pahalgam. The land serves as a base camp for trekking to Kolahoi Glacier and Tarsar Lake.

It’s a favorite destination for those who are feeling adventurous. There’s skiing and heli-skiing - some of the activities that have attracted a lot of tourists. Let’s not even get started about the mesmerizing meadows and mountains!


Chandanwari is well-known for being the starting point for the famed Shri Amarnath Yatra, which happens usually from June to August. It’s located about 16 km from Pahalgam at an elevation of 2,895 meters. If you’re in search of finding the meaning of life, you might find it at Chandanwari! You’ll even get beautiful sightseeing opportunities because it’s bordered by snow-capped mountains during winters, and during summers you’ll be stunned by the glaciers in the Lidder River.

Grab Your Souvenirs

Kashmiri handicrafts, shawls, and dry fruits all are proper authentic Pahalgam gifts! If you have an upset friend or relative, you can totally try to melt things with these souvenirs. 

Summing Up

With this Pahalgam travel guide, you’re all set to explore this beautiful town. Perfect weather, fresh air, verdant meadows, snow-covered mountains…what’s not to love here? Visiting the place can be a great way to reboot yourself before going back to the daily grind.


What Is Pahalgam Famous For?

Pahalgam holds a lot of significance as it’s the starting point of the Amarnath Yatra. Apart from that, it’s known for its picturesque views and a long list of beautiful valleys.

Why Is Pahalgam Called Mini Switzerland?

Pahalgam isn’t known as Mini Switzerland. However, Baisaran Valley that is located 5 km from Pahalgam, is known as 'Mini Switzerland' because of its large, dreamy hilltops that are also present in Switzerland.

Where To See Snow In Pahalgam?

Kolahoi Glacier is the best place in Pahalgam where you can witness the snow. It’s known for being a hanging glacier and gives an impeccable view of the snow-capped mountains. 

Can We Go To Baisaran By Car?

There is no road access to Baisaran Valley; you must walk around 5 kilometers from Pahalgam to reach it.

Which Waterfall Is Frozen Near Pahalgam?

The Drung Waterfall is a prominent tourist destination in the Tangmarg tehsil of Gulmarg, Baramulla. It’s 129 km from Pahalgam but an absolute must-visit! It’s a gushing waterfall nestled among gorgeous mountains that freeze entirely throughout the winter due to the intense cold.

What Is The Coldest Month In Pahalgam?

January is the coldest month with the temperature averaging -8°C.

Is It Safe To Travel To Pahalgam At Night?

While traveling in Pahalgam is completely safe at night, it’s advised against traveling long distances in the dark as it can get really foggy at times.