12 Places To Go Stargazing In India! Get Starstruck!

The infinite sky above us is a constant reminder of infinite possibilities and mysteries. We tend to get so lost in our mundane existence that at times we forget to look up and admire the sky. We understand that it can get difficult to witness stars in today's fast-paced city life but worry not!

Whether you are a science enthusiast who loves to admire the galaxy or someone who simply finds peace looking at them, India has plenty of options for you. Here are our top picks of 12 places to go stargazing in India. So, just apply for that leave and head to any of these for a starstruck experience.

12 Places To Go Stargazing In India

  1. Rann Of Kutch
  2. Spiti Valley
  3. Hanle
  4. Coorg
  5. Katao
  6. Jaisalmer
  7. Sonmarg
  8. Sambhar Lake
  9. Binsar
  10. Matheran
  11. Neil Island
  12. Kodaikanal

1. Rann Of Kutch, Gujarat

The Rann Of Kutch is great for many reasons. From its vast beauty, and rich culture to majestic properties, it truly is a paradise. It will be especially ideal for space enthusiasts looking to witness stars with their naked eye or someone with a telescope wanting to know more about the galaxy. There are many astrophotographers and space enthusiasts who visit Kutch frequently, so if you fall under the same category, you might get to meet like-minded individuals. 

It is a place that not only spoils you with natural beauty but will also offer you to experience a one-of-a-kind light phenomenon here. The Ghosts Lights phenomenon is also known as Chir Bhatti which refers to the fires appearing without an obvious reason. Trust us when we say that it is a visual delight to experience and something that will be inked in your memory forever! 

White sand against a sky full of stars is truly a combination straight out of dreams and you will get to live it for real. There are many properties and resorts which can also curate the stargazing experience for you. So, if you are looking for a date idea, nothing can be ideal than a romantic dinner under the stars. 

Ideal Time To Visit: October to February 

Places To Go Stargazing In India

2. Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

There is no doubt that the state of Himachal Pradesh offers some of the best scenic beauty in the country. While we are talking about natural beauty, stars obviously make it to the list and there are stunning star clusters waiting to be witnessed by you in Spiti Valley. The destination is a pretty popular tourist attraction and one big reason is the fresh crisp air and clear skies.

It is a perfect place for stargazing and soaking in the beauty of Mother Nature. When you’re here, you should head to Kibber town which is located at a 14000 feet height and is known as one of the most ideal places for stargazing in the idea. If you are a rider who loves stars as much as your bike, you will be pleased to know that Kibber is the highest motorable town in the world. Go ahead, and add Spiti Valley to your bucket list for stargazing in India.

Ideal Time To Visit: May To October 

3. Hanle, Ladakh 

Ladakh is the country’s gem when it comes to stunning places and clear skies. The absence of pollution, landscape, and abundance of fresh air make it a perfect destination for stargazing. Among the many places to see in Ladakh, you must particularly plan a visit to Hanle. It is a small village located in Ladakh at an altitude of 4,500 meters and is one of the best places for stargazing in the region. 

For the love of clear skies and science, the government of India also has an Indian Astronomical Observatory set up at Hanle. It is the second-highest optical telescope in the world and the atmosphere will complement the vibe impeccably. So if you want to experience the Milky Way in all its glory, Hanle will help you do that. 

Other than Hanle, you can also visit Pangong Lake in Ladakh. Pangong is a stunning lake where you can see the Milky Way reflecting in the clear water of the lake. If you are considering staying in Ladakh for a long time, you can also head to Nubra Village which is another perfect place to stargaze amidst the stunning mountains. 

Ideal Time To Visit: June To August 

4. Coorg, Karnataka

Imagine lush greenery, hammocks, rare birds, and peaceful calm; we are trying to sum up the majestic Karnataka in a few words but its beauty is indescribable. Coorg is one loved place and is preferred by many travelers when they plan their trip to Karnataka. The rich culture, beautiful gardens, and multiple mountains are some of the prime reasons that attract tourists. 

If you don't know that already, Coorg is also one of the places in India where you can make your stargazing dream come true. Mountains and stars are best friends so head to Tadiandamol here and you will find plenty of perfect stargazing spots. Coorg is a paradise where your days will be filled with admiring clear waterfalls and coffee aromas while your nights will be star-struck, quite a perfect vacation if you ask us.

Ideal Time To Visit: November to February 

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5. Katao, Sikkim

The Northeast part still remains the overlooked gem of India waiting to be explored. Not only is it culturally rich but it is also extremely scenic and affordable. If you are looking for an offbeat place for stargazing in Sikkim, Katao is a must-visit. Just a heads up though that Katao is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

The reason is that Katao is located at an altitude of around 15,000 feet and getting here can be a strenuous journey. It is a difficult place to travel to but the view from here is so worth it. If you are an adventurer up for a challenge to see a sky full of stars, take this opportunity to explore Katao. 

Extreme weather condition is the biggest reason why not many people can visit Katao but this has also made it into an offbeat exclusive place. This is one of the places where you will the sky is close to you and almost touching you because of the high altitude. It is a perfect camping site for risk lovers, so just make sure to prepare well for the destination.

Ideal Time To Visit: October To June

6. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 

Rajasthan and its beauty extend way beyond its forts, history, and lakes. One of the most popular places on our list, Jaisalmer is the best place to go stargazing in India. Jaisalmer is a standout pick from this list because it breaks the notion that you can only see the best stars from the mountain peaks.

As you must be familiar that Jaisalmer is a vast desert but do not let it make you think it is all dust and heat. The setting here acts as a mystical landscape for a perfect stargazing experience. If you feel bored with all the mountain destinations and want to skip the high altitude, just head to Jaisalmer where you can camp, enjoy a safari, and spend a night stargazing under the sky. 

The cold nights in the desert while you take in the most impeccable view of the stars will definitely be a story you will be telling for years. If you ask us, this truly will be an experience like no other. Just ignore the sand dunes during the scorching summers and you shall be fine!

Ideal Time To Visit: October To March.

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7. Sonmarg, Kashmir 

Kashmir is rightly called ‘Heaven on Earth’ and come on, heaven will have the most spectacular stars. Among the many locations scattered in the region for stargazing, Sonmarg is your best bet. It is a pretty popular area whose name literally means ‘Meadow Of Gold’. Sonmarg is also located at an altitude of 2,800 meters above sea level, which makes it an ideal place for stargazing.

Places To Go Stargazing In India

Astronomers and astrophiles across the world visit the destination to admire the milky way and dissect its infinite possibilities. The region is also popular for camping and trekking. All in all the enchanting views of Sonmarg will have you thanking your stars for being here.

Ideal Time To Visit: April To June

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8. Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan

Sambhar lake is located just at a distance of 64 km from Ajmer city in Rajasthan. The lake is India’s biggest saltwater lake. Many photographers, nature lovers, astrophiles, and travelers visit the lake to catch a glimpse of nature’s superior gems. You will also see many migrated birds who visit the lake and that only adds to its beauty. 

It is also one of the most famous places for stargazing in India because the view of stars from here is unlike any other. You can easily spend the whole night looking at and admiring the stars while the lake surrounded by Aravali Mountains adds magic to the already dreamy night

Ideal Time To Visit: November To March

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Places To Go Stargazing In India

9. Binsar, Uttarakhand

We all crave the peace of mountains in our usual chaotic lives. You might not be able to quit your job and settle in the mountains but a trip can definitely help for some time. Uttarakhand is a great place to feed your soul and Binsar is one hidden gem waiting for you. Binsar will give you superior views of the Himalayas.

On clear days, you will be able to witness famous peaks such as Kedarnath, Panchchuli, Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi, and Nanda Kot. If you do not want to go to the commercial and popular places but rather want something cozy and unique, Binsar will be perfect for you. You could also visit Binsar Wildlife sanctuary which has over 200 types of tress, and various birds and is especially rich in flora and fauna. 

You can enter the sanctuary by getting the 24-hour pass and trust us, you will not want to leave. You can plan your whole day experiencing the natural wonders in the sanctuary and end your night admiring the stars. It will be one of the most peaceful and serene experiences for you while it’ll be just you, your people, and a sky full of stars.

Ideal Time To Visit: October To March 

10. Matheran, Maharashtra 

Matheran is a hill station in Maharashtra and another great option for stargazing in India. It is a go-to place for Mumbai city folks looking for the luxury of a peaceful night under the stars. To an extent this location is touristy but it does have its corners of unspoiled natural beauty.

When you’re here, definitely head to Echo Point which is a popular place for stargazing. You can also plan your stay around it. There are many resorts and hotels that can arrange a perfect stargazing experience for you. If you are visiting with your gang, you can simply rent a homestay and spend the nights stargazing amidst the stunning landscape of Matheran.

Ideal Time To Visit: October To May.

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11. Neil Island, Andaman And Nicobar 

The Andaman and Nicobar islands offer unmatched beauty for all kinds of travelers. If you crave a unique experience where there are beaches, stars, and nature with no interruptions, this is the place for you. Neil Island in Andaman and Nicobar is a stunning place for people who love stargazing. The clear blue water of the beach and a sky full of stars is an experience you can truly enjoy in this paradise. 

You will be able to experience the various shades of sky spreading across the island. From the clear blue sky in the morning to majestic blue during the evening and later turning into a starry sky, every moment will be a sight to behold. The way to reach the island is as quaint and beautiful as the destination itself. We will suggest you carry a telescope because trust us, you will want to have that complete experience of looking at the supreme Milky Way.

Ideal Time To Visit: October To February 

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12. Kodaikanal, Karnataka 

The south region of the country deserves to be appreciated a lot more. From its lip-smacking food to jaw-dropping beauty, it has everything one needs. With the aroma of coffee tea plantations, the lush green surroundings, the lofty mountains, and the air to rejuvenate your lungs, Kodaikanal has it all. 

Other than being a treat for sore eyes, it also is a perfect place for stargazing. No surprise here because clean air and high mountains definitely make for an ideal stargazing experience. The view of the mountains and stars while you breathe in the fresh air is best experienced at the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’. Kodaikanal also has amazing resorts and homestays that can help you have the best stargazing experience, so do check them out. 

Ideal Time To Visit: November To February

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Summing Up

We are certain that our list will help you fulfill your vision of having a dreamy night under a sky full of stars. A small trip to any of these destinations will be magical as the clusters of stars work their magic of calming the mind. So go, visit these places to go stargazing in India and come back healed or rejuvenated.


Where Is The Clearest Sky In India?

India has plenty of places where you can witness clear sky. Simply head to the mountains and voila! You will get a beautiful clear sky. Spiti Valley, Pangong Lake, Sonmarg, Coorg, and Kodaikanal are some of the best places to admire a clear sky amidst the mountains. 

Where I Can Watch Milky Way In India?

Luckily for all the space enthusiasts, Milky Way is beautiful from India. Visit Pangong Lake in Ladakh and you will witness the most stunning sight of the Milky Way. Nubra Valley, Ooty, and Karnataka are also great places to witness the beauty of the Milky Way in India. 

Can Your Stargaze In Mumbai?

There are many hill stations away from Mumbai that are great for stargazing. Mahuli, Bhandardara, and Pawna Lake are a few of the top choices.

What Time Is Best For Stargazing?

The best time for stargazing is when the sun is about to set just below the horizon, that is the perfect time. Also, the moon shouldn't be too bright, this make for a better stargazing.

What Equipment Is Used For Stargazing? 

To see a detailed stargazing the tools used are telescope and binoculars.

What Color Are Cool Stars?

The color of the cool stars is red.

Which Type Of Star Is The Brightest?

The brightest star in sky is Alpha Centauri, it is one of the closest stars.

Who Named The Stars?

The person who named the stars is Johann Bayer.