5 Places To Go Glamping Near Delhi

Capital city, rich history, heritage and cultural sites, Parliament House and Rashtrapati Bhavan, explosive street food scene, and now glamping… Delhi truly is an experiential city. While the city proper doesn’t leave much space or scope for glamping sites, there are several fantastic places to go glamping around Delhi for that perfect, memorable glamping experience.

Read up about places to go glamping near Delhi.

5 Places To Go Glamping Near Delhi

  1. Rurban Resort, Ghaziabad
  2. HushNest, Gurgaon
  3. Utsav Camp, Rajasthan
  4. The Kasbah Resort, Sonipat
  5. Agra Camps & Resort

Rurban Resort, Ghaziabad

Located near Delhi NCR, Rurban Resort has exquisite options for people who want to go nomadic in style. They do have eco mud cottages on offer, but they also have luxury tents, and we have our eyes and heart set on them. The luxury tents at Rurban Resort are pitched with sturdy canvas sheets, and are large and spacious. Each tent covers 512 sq ft and has 180 sq ft of a personal lawn where you can stretch those legs in the grass.

The interiors of the tent are designed with Indian patterns, and the tents are air conditioned. You have a short patio that leads into the living room, and a bedroom with an attached washroom. The tents also have a queen size bed and a television, as well as a tea and coffee maker. There’s a bar available on demand, as is a bonfire. Wake up to a gorgeous sunrise, take a dip in the pool, and while away the time at Rurban Resort.

Rurban Resort is an hour away from the city of Delhi.

Average rates for one night: ₹6,800

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Places To Go Glamping Near Delhi

HushNest, Gurgaon

Picture this: you’re on a hammock gently swinging back and forth, the sky is filled with the colors of dusk, the soft glow of lights sets the mood, falling on the dreamcatchers and boho decor around you. There’s no noise except for the wind in the trees and the music playing. Sounds like a dream? Simply head to HushNest in Gurgaon, and thank us later.

The property is tucked away among the Aravalli ranges, on a private farmstay. Surrounded by dim ball lights, fairy lights, and boho decor, you’ll step into a Pinterest-worthy world and forget all about the work-from-home hassles.

HushNest has two white tents or ‘nests’, aptly named Hakuna and Matata to denote the exact vibe that the place gives off. Each nest has queen size beds and poufs with comfortable seating, alongside amenities like board games and books, a solar torch, flooring and of course, plenty of lights, decor and macrame hangings.

Each tent has a diameter of 15 ft, designed to be aesthetic and comfortable. You have common washroom facilities, but  there’s only two tents and the washrooms are well maintained, so you don’t have much to worry about.

Average rates for one night: ₹3,000

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Utsav Camp, Rajasthan

Who would imagine that a different world lies a mere five-hour drive away from Delhi! But indeed it does, and it isn’t just any world. Utsav Camp has a difference, as their whole focus is on slowing down the pace of life, immersing guests into nature and being mindful about sustainability. It is surrounded by the lush greenery of the Aravalli landscape and is immersive in every sense of the word.

The tents cover 900 sq ft, so you know the spaciousness will be effortless. Each tent has a private covered porch with cots so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery without the sun beating down upon you. The tents are also air conditioned to save you from the stifling heat. Attached to the tents are private bathrooms with double sinks and a solar-powered water heater. While here, make sure you try some yoga and meditation, or find your peace by tramping through the hills along a hiking trail.

After a long day of adventuring, head to the rooftop pool for a cooling dip, and end the day under the sunset enjoying a meal and a drink at their rooftop lounge and bar area. But take note: there’s no Wi-Fi, which shouldn’t be surprising since Utsav Camp truly intends to make guests forget all about the Internet and social media as they revel in the beauty of nature.

Average rates for one night: ₹8,100

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Places To Go Glamping Near Delhi

The Kasbah Resort, Sonipat

Two hours away from Delhi and in the state of Haryana lies The Kasbah Resort, echoing the grandeur of the Mughal era. There’s 19 luxurious tents identical in style, each of which are set and pitched on raised concrete platforms. Each tent is constructed taking inspiration from Mughal traveling tents, with rooms that are separated from each other by cotton drapes. The tents have sturdy frames with even sturdier canvas stretched across them, and the interior walls and ceiling are draped in fine cotton for the room to be as cool as possible.

Each tent measures 392 sq ft and the center of the tent has a soaring canopy reaching six meters in height. The center features an oversized daybed ideal for lounging, while the bedrooms have a king size bed and a writing desk. There’s also a dressing room with closet space and such vanities, while the attached bathroom has hair dryers and hot water showers. The furniture is made of old hardwood, echoing the grandeur of a bygone era, and all tents have air conditioning.

Average rates for one night: ₹4,000

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Agra Camps & Resort

Located four hours away from Delhi and conveniently located near the Taj Mahal, Agra Camps & Resort has spacious glamping tents for its guests. Though it is open to anyone and everyone from across India, Agra Camps & Resort is the best option for people looking to get an early visit to the Taj yet spend their night in an interesting way.

Your tent is pitched on an elevated platform, and the inside walls are draped with sheets that have printed patterns, soothing to the eyes. Each tent has flooring and carpeting, alongside a large double bed. Bedside tables and lamps rest on either side, and there are also openings for windows. Rooms also have a couch both inside and outside to laze away on, and there’s sockets to charge your phones. There are also comfortable chairs placed on the lawns, and you enjoy your meals in the large dining area.

Average rates for one night: ₹2,600

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Places To Go Glamping Near Delhi


How Much Does Glamping Cost?

How much you pay to go glamping depends on the duration of your stay, the location, the site you pick etc. Average costs can be around ₹2.5-3K per night while the more expensive glamping sites can cross ₹7,000 and even ₹10,000, especially in places like Rajasthan.

What's The Difference Between Camping And Glamping?

Glamping is camping without the effort and with a whole lot of ‘glamor’. You have to pitch your own tent, prepare a meal over a bonfire and sleep in a sleeping bag when camping. Glamping has pre-pitched tents with modern amenities like electricity, beds or air mattresses, flooring, air conditioning, and attached toilets.

Why Is Glamping So Popular?

Glamping gives you all the fun of camping without any of the effort and hardwork! Your tents are pre-pitched, and you have the comforts of several modern amenities that camping doesn’t have like electricity, attached bathrooms, and mattresses.

Is There Money In Glamping?

When done right, glamping can make you a fair bit of money. But it is an investment that needs time and dedication; glamping tents are expensive, and the setup requires a lot of maintenance.

Do Glamping Sites Have Electricity?

Not all glamping sites have electricity. At the least, they will have battery-operated devices.

Are Glamping Tents Warm?

Glamping tents are made with thicker sheets so as to be more secure, and this makes them warm. Sites in high altitude regions that see snow or low temperatures may also have internal heating like heaters or fireplaces. Some glamping sites near Delhi and in Rajasthan have heaters for the cold winters.

What Is In A Glamping Tent?

A glamping tent is pre-pitched, sometimes on elevated plinths or platforms, and contains a bed or air mattresses and other modern amenities. This can include flooring, electricity, lounge chairs, lamps, attached toilets, air conditioning, TVs and decorative touches.

Are There Luxury Tents In Delhi?

There aren’t too many luxury tents or glamping sites in Delhi, and few are exclusively for glamping. However, as listed above, there are several options around Delhi where you can experience a luxury tent.