5 Places To Go Glamping In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state of riches galore, be it the riches of its heritage, of royal bloodlines still alive, of culture and cuisine or of topography. There’s forts and palaces to visit, a city of lakes and a city of sand dunes, and overall makes for a fantastic holiday. And now, you can choose to experience Rajasthan like never before, what with several budget and uber luxury glamping options popping up.

Read up about 5 places to go glamping in Rajasthan.

5 Places To Go Glamping In Rajasthan

  1. Aman-i-Khas, Ranthambore
  2. Orchard Tents & Tranquility, Pushkar
  3. Ummaid Bagh Resort, Bundi
  4. Exotic Luxury Camps, Jaisalmer
  5. Sujan Jawai, Bisalpur

Aman-i-Khas, Ranthambore

Aman-i-Khas echoes the might and luxury of the Mughals, giving you the perfect glamping experience to accompany your foray into the Ranthambore National Park. The campsite is right on the threshold of the park, covering 10 acres and with ten luxurious and spacious tents. Venturing into the Ranthambore National Park has rarely ever been matched with such luxury. Each air conditioned tent is 1,162 sq ft in measure, and is built with inspiration from the Mughal tents of old.

Spacious would be an understatement; each tent contains king size or twin beds, an oversized daybed for those afternoon siestas and lazy lounging sessions, a dining area, bathing area, twin vanity dressing areas and a sun deck to spot birds. The bedroom, living room and bathrooms are all separated by thick white cotton drapes, and there’s a chest cooler so your drinks can beat the heat as well. Needless to say, there’s Wi-Fi available.

When you’re not making the most of the bathtub in the tent, you’ll be off on your daily jeep safari to try and get a glimpse of the ever-elusive tiger. You’ll be assigned a personal butler, i.e. a batman, to accompany you into the jungle and give you a true insider’s perspective of the wildlife that thrives there. Rest assured, you’ll forget all about the one from Gotham before long. Head off to the spa for massage therapy or take a few laps in the pool, then feast on the ravishing meals in the Dining Tent, both Indian and Western, all prepared from the organically grown produce.

Remember, you’re bound to see tons of wildlife on your safari, but tigers are frustratingly elusive. Luckily, Aman-i-Khas and their fantastic service will remain a treat nevertheless. Missing the orange and yellow striped cat can be disappointing, but the orange-yellow glow of the campfire at night will rekindle your love and respect for these big cats and their ruggedly beautiful home.

Average rates for one night: ₹10,000

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places to go glamping in Rajasthan

Orchard Tents & Tranquility, Pushkar

The offbeat town of Pushkar rests on the fringe of the mighty Thar Desert, and is a site most frequented by pilgrims each year. Orchid Tents & Tranquility is an oasis of luxury in the town, giving guests a truly memorable experience of glamping in Rajasthan. The property gets its name from the orchards that flourish here. There’s 15 luxurious tents, each one air conditioned, covering 590 sq ft each.

Walking into the tent, you have a bedroom, living space and dressing area, each separated from the other by luscious silk sheets. Bathrooms have hairdryers, as well as hot and cold water running 24/7. When heading out, you step onto the porch. Daydream as you swing on the hammocks, break a sweat playing a game of badminton or take a guess at the growing vegetables in the organic garden.

The grounds are vast and well-maintained by the local villagers who take great care to use organic and eco-friendly means to nurture it. The property is located near the large ground where the Pushkar Camel Fair is held each year, and you get a free camel cart service to take you into the city. Orchard operates from September to March every year, so make sure you call to check if they’re accepting bookings.

Average rates for one night: ₹5,000

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Ummaid Bagh Resort, Bundi

The Ummaid Bagh Resort has a history as rich as that of Rajasthan’s, and was seen as something with value right from its inception. It was first gifted by Shreeji Ummaid Singhji to his sons in the year 1796, after which it became a royal rest house. It was converted into a camping site that retained all its royalty by Maharaja Rajendra Singhji, the present owner of the property. Under his watchful eye, the 15 luxurious tents at Ummaid Bagh will guarantee a glamping experience like no other.

The resort is located on the banks of the Jai Sagar Lake, and surrounded by mountains on the other three sides. Yet, it is a mere 2 kms from the city of Bundi. The tents are air conditioned and pitched on concrete bases, with a verandah from which you can admire the view. Each tent has comfortable beds and has attached bathrooms. The site has green, well manicured lawns with trees to shade you from the sun, and is a particular delight in the months of winter. This is when flocks of migratory birds drop into the region, making it a bird watcher’s paradise.

Average rates for one night: ₹4,400

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Exotic Luxury Camps, Jaisalmer

Ask anyone, and they’ll all tell you that a trip to Jaisalmer is incomplete without experiencing the desert, whether it is with a camel ride or an overnight camp. If the latter is on your mind and you’d like to do it in style, Exotic Luxury Camps is the one for you. After all, it has the words ‘exotic’ and ‘luxury’ in its name, so you know you’re in for a treat. This Jaisalmer desert camp is located near the city and gives you seclusion with a generous helping of luxury.

The camp has 26 deluxe luxury tents with antique furniture and blue decorated walls, each one spacious and with unique yet comfortable stone beds. Of these 26, 10 are air conditioned. The AC tents have king sized beds, as do 13 of the 16 non-AC tents. Every tent has an attached washroom that also has geysers to make sure you can take a hot shower in the cold of the desert night. Every tent uses premium white linen and towels.

As the sun sets on the golden sands and evening approaches, you go off on an inclusive 45-minute camel ride to see the desert and explore its beauties, post which you can clap along to the traditional Rajasthani folk performances around a bonfire. The camp is at a slight distance from the main road that leads to Jaisalmer, and the absence of light pollution makes for a clear canopy of stars overhead. Wake up the next morning to one of the most beautiful sunrises you will ever witness.

Average rates for one night: ₹4,900

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places to go glamping in Rajasthan

Sujan Jawai, Bisalpur

Rajasthan’s stellar diversity is one of its most fascinating features, and it is reflected even in the range of glamping options. At the top end of the budget range lies Sujan Jawai; the rates may scare you at first glance, but the fright will soon be forgotten once you see what is on offer. For one, Sujan Jawai is located right in the middle of Rajasthan’s rugged wilderness, where leopards roam among rocky outcrops of granite and the sun sets behind open stretches of land rather than sand dunes or buildings. It’s in this stretch of land that Sujan Jawai’s tents stand out with their opulence.

On the one hand you have the Royal Tented Suite: it has no rival when it comes to both privacy and views, and has a private jeep for you to truly go exploring the wild and go on game drives. The suite covers 2,244 sq ft, and has a massive bed that matches up fair and square with the amount of spaciousness you have. The tents also have a dedicated sitting area and a verandah deck, alongside a luxurious private bathroom. Fancy a dip? Hop into your private heated pool, and enjoy sumptuous meals in your private dining area. Each tent is assigned a private butler to cater to every need, including laundry services.

Sujan Jawai can also be experienced by families traveling together by opting for the Family Tented Suite. A spacious connecting suite, the Family Tent has two bedrooms and is located in a quiet corner of the camp. It gives the entire family privacy from the other guests, and the connecting suits ensure you also get privacy from each other when you need it. This tent covers 2,325 sq ft, and also has the sitting areas and verandah decks that the Royal Tented Suite has.

Apart from these two catered tents, you also have luxury tents that come at cheaper rates. Meals are enjoyed in the Dining Tent, or can also be enjoyed in unique and secluded locations where candle flame takes over from the setting sun to light up your evening. Among other excursions is the Rabari walk, led by the Rabari tribes people who have walked these lands for years. Sujan Jawai is a seasonable camp that is open from September 20th - April 30th, annually.

Average rates for one night: Starting from ₹70,000

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places to go glamping in Rajasthan


What's The Difference Between Camping And Glamping?

Glamping is camping without the effort. You have to pitch your own tent and prepare a meal over a bonfire in camping, and sleep in a sleeping bag. Glamping has pre-pitched tents with modern amenities like electricity, beds or air mattresses, flooring, air conditioning, and attached toilets.

How Much Does A Glamping Tent Cost?

You’ll have to spend over ₹20,000 if you want to purchase a glamping tent. Staying in a tent is cheaper and comes to around ₹3,000 per person, but this varies greatly depending on the site you choose.

How Much Does It Cost To Glamp?

How much you pay to go glamping depends on several factors like the duration of your stay, the location, etc. Average costs per night can be around ₹2.5-3K while the more expensive glamping sites can cross ₹7,000 and ₹10,000.

Do Glamping Tents Have Toilets?

No, not all glamping tents will have attached toilets. If the glampers are required to use a common WC, it will be clean and well-maintained, mostly restricted to the glampers and no one else.

Do Glamping Sites Have Electricity?

Not all glamping sites have electricity, though most do. At the least, they will have battery-operated devices.

Are Glamping Tents Warm?

Glamping tents are made with thicker sheets to be more secure, and this makes them warm. Sites in high altitude regions that see snow or low temperatures may also have internal heating like heaters or fireplaces.

What Is In A Glamping Tent?

A glamping tent is pre-pitched, and contains a bed or air mattresses and other modern amenities that regular camping doesn’t have. This can include flooring, electricity, lounge chairs, lamps, attached toilets, air conditioning/fans and decorative touches.

Are There Luxury Tents In Rajasthan?

Yes, there are several luxury tent camping sites in Rajasthan, each in different locations with different offerings. These also go by the term ‘glamping sites’.

Can You Go Desert Glamping In Rajasthan?

Yes, Rajasthan has several options for people who want to go desert glamping, of which we’ve featured the excellent Exotic Luxury Camps of Jaisalmer.