5 Places To Go Glamping In Himachal Pradesh

When we see pictures of people camping up on the snow-covered Himalayas, we sigh with longing, wishing we could too. But, why can’t we? The misconception is that you need to be an avid camper to set up camp on the cliffs of the Himalayas. Now, even the most nature-averse person can appreciate natural beauty without having to get their hands dirty. This is all thanks to glamping, or glamorous camping, that takes away all the hard-work and effort of camping.

Glamping has increasingly become popular in India, which means there’s plenty of options available if you want to go glamping in Himachal Pradesh. Read up on our guide to glamping in Himachal Pradesh.

5 Places To Go Glamping In Himachal Pradesh

  1. GlampEco, Manali
  2. Shivirama, Bir
  3. Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp, Narkanda
  4. North Deodar Camps, Kasol
  5. Suryavilas by Niraamaya Retreats, Gandhi Gram

GlampEco, Manali

GlampEco at Manali offers you a glamping experience like never before. After all, how often do you get to be surrounded by nature while staying in the comforts of a Geodesic Dome? A geodesic dome is a sphere-like structure built with a network of triangles based on the shape of a geodesic polyhedron. Most notably, it is built of sheer material; the domes at GlampEco have sturdy tent sheets drawn over them except for one side, which is where you get uninterrupted panoramic views of the gorgeous hills and vales of Himachal.

The domes are perched at a height of over 2,600 meters, and each has a breathtaking view of the Dhauladhar ranges and the Manali valley. Each dome tent has a room heater, soft and comfortable mattresses, blankets and duvets, Wi-Fi, electric kettles, and a few other self-indulgent amenities. Most importantly, there are attached bathrooms with running hot water so bath time doesn’t have to be an unpleasant, chilly affair! You’ll also find small pieces of aesthetic furnishings like tiny bedside drawers, lamps and woven wall-hangings. Fresh, piping hot gourmet meals only make the experience more enjoyable.

Wake up feeling cozy and well-rested to an unforgettable sunrise, and then head off on curated day hikes, mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding sessions! Indulge your inner wanderlust by exploring the trails nearby, and discovering tiny streams bubbling along. Drop by the Hamta village, and greet the old local couple running the Kalzang Dhaba, the closest shop to the campsite. The best part? Your location is offbeat, yet is easily accessible, and is a mere 12 kms from Manali.

Rate: Starting from ₹9,999 per night

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Places To Go Glamping In Himachal Pradesh

Shivirama, Bir

Nestled in the verdant hills of Bir in Himachal Pradesh, Shivirama is a luxury campsite and a glamping retreat like no other. You’re right amongst the full might of the hills and the mountainous terrain, enjoying it all from the warmth and shelter of your Swiss tents. Each tent has soft and comfortable king-sized beds, with attached bathrooms. Plus, every tent gives you unparalleled views of the towering hills.

Active travelers and adventure seekers will appreciate all that Shivirama has to offer the most. There’s a wide variety of activities for you to choose from and enjoy, the most notable of which is paragliding. After all, the views as you soar high amongst the clouds will be one you can never compare to. You can also go trekking amongst the hills, rock climbing, mountain biking and fishing. After a long, fun and tiring day, enjoy your freshly prepared meals at the dining area, and indulge in a barbeque as the sun sets over the ranges.

Rate: Starting from ₹2,800 per night

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Places To Go Glamping In Himachal Pradesh

Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp, Narkanda

Nestled in the hills of Shimla lies the Wild Himalaya Glamping Camp, and indeed, it shows you the wild, pure side of the mountains. Your tents have comfy mattresses that ensure you’re sleeping above the cold, hard ground, warm among comforters. You also have free Wi-Fi, and the free parking works great for people with their own vehicles.

The camp itself is near Lake Tanujubber, so you can head there when your inner wanderlust calls out to you. Every tent has a balcony, a kitchen with a dishwasher and a toaster, and a private bathroom. There’s also a nifty seating and dining area, and an on-site cafe. Wild Himalayas is located such that they prove to be a great base for travelers looking to continue onward, and who need accommodation for the night.

So instead of opting for a basic stay, opt for a glamping experience and truly make your trip one to remember.

Rate: Starting from approximately ₹2,100 per night

North Deodar Camps, Kasol

North Deodar Camps is located in Kullu’s hamlet of Kasol, and is yet another great option for those looking to go glamping in Himachal Pradesh. There’s free private parking, so hop into your cars and have a safe road trip. North Deodar has luxurious Swiss cottage tents, with soft, clean linen and an attached washroom.

Wake up and head to the sun terrace to catch the sunrise, or simply enjoy the view from your tent itself. The views promise to be stunning, as you’ll see the morning sun’s rays hit the deodar and pine forest, glinting off the Parvati river winding its way through. After you’ve gotten those amazing photographs, gorge on some piping hot breakfast, and head off to seize the day.

Guests can go cycling along the trails, walk along the banks of the Parvati, or simply stroll around admiring the untouched beauty of nature. There’s an on-site restaurant serving Indian cuisine to deal with those hunger pangs after a day of enjoyment. Light a bonfire to end your day under the stars. The best part? North Deodar is pet-friendly, so your furry friends can come along the trip as well!

Rate: Starting from approximately ₹3,300 per night

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Places To Go Glamping In Himachal Pradesh

Suryavilas by Niraamaya Retreats, Gandhi Gram

While Niraamaya Resorts has a hotel tucked away in the mountains, they also provide glamping for the adventurous travelers who want more than a hotel room and less than a rugged camp. The site is a mere three-hour drive from Chandigarh, and yet it feels like stepping into another world.

Every tent is marvelously spacious, and is equipped with an attached washroom, a television, a mini-fridge, a comfy double bed and a tea/coffee maker so you can sip on a hot beverage while enjoying the views. Once you feel like venturing outside, try some adventure activities like the Burma Bridge or hanging planks, head off on a trek, or stick around to play some badminton or table tennis. As dusk nears and your energy runs out, drop by the mini-theater and end the day with some hot dinner.

Rate: Starting from approximately ₹6,800 per night


What Is The Cost Of Glamping?

The cost of glamping depends on several factors like how long you plan to stay and which site you opt for. On an average, glamping can cost you around ₹2.5 - 3K a night, while the more expensive glamping sites can cross ₹7,000.

Can I Camp Anywhere In Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh has scores of campsites and camp organizers, and is one of the few places where you’re promised a stellar view no matter where you camp. However, we recommend taking prior permission from the local district authorities and setting up camp near another campsite in case of emergencies.

How Do I Get To Glampeco?

GlampEco is 14 kms away from Manali’s Mall Road. When coming by public transportation, you’ll be able to get as far as Prini village, 10 kms away. From there, you can hike up to the site or arrange for a personal cab to drop you off. You’ll be going down a private road leading to the AD Hydro Project, and turning off at curve 33 on the right side of the road. There’s a 50 meter walk down a steep track downhill, after which you reach the site. You can also ring up the campsite itself so they can help you with arrangements.

Why Is Glamping So Popular?

Glamping gives you all the fun and excitement of camping without any of the messiness and effort. Your tents are pre-pitched, often with electricity, and you have the comforts of several modern amenities that camping doesn’t have.

Is There Money In Glamping?

When done right, glamping can make you quite a pretty penny. But it is an investment that needs time and dedication, as glamping tents are expensive, and the setup requires a lot of maintenance.

Do Glamping Tents Have Toilets?

Not all glamping tents will have attached toilets or bathrooms. However, most often the ones that don’t will have a common WC that is well maintained and cleaned regularly, to be shared only by a few glampers.

Does Glamping Have Electricity?

Several sites not only have electricity, but also have fans or air conditioners in the tents, along with charging points and Wi-Fi. While not all will have electricity, they ought to have battery-operated devices at the least.

Are Glamping Tents Warm?

Glamping tents usually have thicker sheets to be more secure, and in some cases have walls. This makes them warm. Sites that are in cooler areas can even have internal warming devices like a fireplace or a heater.

What Is Needed For Glamping?

Unlike with camping, glamping takes care of a lot of your needs for you. Carry a pair of socks for the night, a few games, and a portable charger just in case you don’t have charging ports. In some cases you may need to take your own comforters or duvets. In the light of the coronavirus, it is advisable to take your own bed linen so as to be as safe as possible.