5 Places To Go Glamping Around Pune

Pune has loads of attractive features that make it an interesting city to visit, whether it is the Maratha history or the growing food and nightlife scene. And now, people have an option of exploring the surrounding regions to discover the places to go glamping around Pune. Pune is surrounded by hills with streams, rivers and lakes interspersing the land, so you can even pick your glamping site based on where it’s located.

Read on for the places to go glamping around Pune to plan your trip.

5 Places To Go Glamping Around Pune

  1. CampMax, Lake Kalote
  2. Glamp Everest, Pawna
  3. The Triangle Glamping, Pimpri
  4. Moonstone Hammock, Pawna
  5. Camp Temgarh Resort, Mulshi

CampMax, Lake Kalote

Glamping is all about getting out among nature without any of the messiness. But CampMax takes it to the next level with their glamping options. Located on the banks of Lake Kalote in Khopoli and surrounded by the mighty Sahyadris, the campsite is spread out across 4,500 sq ft. The tents are all weather proof and built atop a 20x20 foot wooden platform. Visiting in the monsoon? You get to enjoy the rain as much as you want before you retreat to dry quarters.

The tents have air beds that keep you warm and safe from nature’s many creepy crawlies. Each tent has a private attached wooden toilet, equipped with a commode and a faucet. There’s tons of activities to do, from kayaking, ziplining, fishing to waterfall treks. Not one for this kind of fun? There’s plenty of badminton, table tennis and a few board games as well. As evening comes around, gather around for a barbeque and make memories around a bonfire.

But this isn’t all. CampMax also has an option for guests to reside, quite literally, among nature. You can choose to stay in a tent atop a 20x20 foot floating platform in the lake. Kayaks will be tied up next to your platform. You’ll have a BBQ unit and a campfire pit; surrounded by the lake on all sides, you can truly have a memorable experience under a canopy of stars. CampMax is a mere two-hour drive from Pune.

Average rates for one night: ₹2,400

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Glamp Everest, Pawna

Luxurious tents, comfy beds and tons of soft cushions, fairy lights and a private patio… Glamp Everest is a glamping experience right out of Pinterest. It excels when it comes to aesthetics, while also fulfilling every practical need. Glamp Everest is located on the banks of the serene Pawna Lake, giving you unparalleled sunrises and sunsets.

Their tents are white with fabric buntings, and the bo-ho macramé hangings truly set the mood. Each tent has comfortable mattresses and small bedside tables, complete with aesthetic lamps and decor. And of course, fairy lights! There’s lights around your tent as well as around your camp area: bulb strings and Chinese lamps emit warm glows, lighting up the area around and the patio furniture, while the bonfire does the rest. The tents are marvelously close to a waterfall, making breakfast a fun affair.

Glamp Everest can also take care of any other requests you may have, whether it’s stargazing, trekking or a barbeque. The property also has free parking, so a road trip from Pune is more than possible. 

Average rates for one night: ₹3,000

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The Triangle Glamping, Pimpri

The Triangle Glamping is a glamping farm in Pimpri Chinchwad with delightful triangle-shaped tents. Each tent is luxurious, and comes with comfortable mattresses, blankets and pillows, so you can wave goodbye to sleeping bags. While away the time with games like badminton, cricket and carrom, and head for a walk to the farms to get a firsthand look at the fresh produce being grown.

Gather around your private bonfire as the evening sets in and the sun goes down. Enjoy a barbeque and walk around your private lawn to watch the stars, hitting the sack for a good night’s rest. The next morning, you wake up to an uninterrupted sunrise and a delicious spread of breakfast. If you want a little more luxury, opt to stay in the glamping triangle tent that has its very own mini private pool!

Average rates for one night: ₹1,600

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Moonstone Hammock, Pawna

Moonstone Hammock is steadily becoming a big player in the glamping game, and thus far, they’ve scored well. Their site at Pawna sits right beside the Pawna Lake, mirroring the sky above it. Boho decor sets the vibes, and fairy lights give you those perfect glamping feels. Far from the noise and glaring lights of the urban jungle, the campfire and barbeque will make you forget all about the work-from-home stress that has become second nature.

The boho aesthetic spills over into the glamping tents, each with a stellar view of the lake in front of them. The tents are waterproof and study, equipped with a queen-sized bed and comforters. Warm lamps flood the tent with light, and table fans keep you cool through the night. Each tent also has charging points. Once there, head to the Hippie Cafe and try to win at a board game or two. Saturday night will have a live band to serenade you, while Fridays and Sundays have movie screenings under the canopy of the stars. A mere two hours away from Pune, glamping doesn’t get much better than this.

Average rates for one night: ₹2,300

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Camp Temgarh Resort, Mulshi

Fairy lights sure help set the mood, but you know things are getting serious when nature’s fairy lights show up! And no, we’re not talking about stars. At Camp Temgarh Resort, you can actually spot the twinkling of fireflies as they light up the night, all within the comforts of your luxury tent. This nature retreat is a mere 30 kms (1.5 hours) away from Pune, and is tucked above the clouds on a hillock.

The resort does offer premium cottages, but don’t let that distract you from their glamping tents. You have an entire Swiss tent to yourself, with a seating area and a cooler as well. You’ll be anything but cramped as space is in heaps, within your tent and also outside of it. Here, the crowd is that of wildflowers, the noise is the wind in the trees, the chaos is the flowing river and the morning alarm is the cry of birds. While away the day exploring the hills and streams, and as evening approaches, gather around the gazebo and hook up the projector to watch a movie. Once dusk falls, the bonfire beckons, and with it a delicious barbeque.

Average rates for one night: ₹5,500

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What's The Difference Between Camping And Glamping?

Camping takes a lot more effort and usually involves setting up your own tent, preparing a meal for the night and sleeping in sleeping bags. Glamping has pre-pitched tents with modern amenities like electricity, beds or air mattresses, flooring and carpeting, air conditioning, and attached toilets.

How Much Does A Glamping Tent Cost?

You’ll have to spend over ₹20,000 to purchase a glamping tent. Staying in a tent is cheaper, coming to around ₹3,000 per person.

Are Glamping Tents Warm?

Glamping tents usually are made with thicker sheets to be more secure, making them warm. Sites in high altitude regions that see snow or low temperatures may also have internal heating like heaters or fireplaces.

Can You Make Money From Glamping?

Yes, setting up a glamping site can be a lucrative business, but only when done right. You will need time and money to dedicate, and the site will require high maintenance.

Do Glamping Sites Have Electricity?

Not all glamping sites may have electricity as a norm, though most do. At the least, they will have battery-operated devices if they don’t have electricity.

Do Glamping Tents Have Toilets?

Not all tents will have attached private toilets. If the glampers are required to use a common WC, it will be clean and well-maintained. This is to match with the standard for glamping. It will also mostly be restricted to the glampers and no one else.

Who Invented Glamping?

Though a seemingly recent trend, glamping is said to have been invented in the 16th century by Earl Atholl of Scotland. He prepared a luxurious tent with every amenity and decoration for the visiting King James V and his mother, creating the first ever glamping experience.

Why Is Glamping So Popular?

Imagine camping, but without the effort of pitching a tent, the struggle to cook a measly meal over a bonfire and the uncomfortable sleeping bag. Instead you have a pre-pitched tent, warm meals, beds or air mattresses, lamps and attached toilets!

Is Glamping A Real Word?

Yes, "glamping" is a real word and was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016. It is a portmanteau of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’.